Farid Abbas @FaridAbbas
Yallaa Beenaaa :D
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If you could perfectly speak any 3 languages what would it be?
1- italian
2- spanish
can you check our page we hope you like it =)
what page :D
If you were a teacher, what subject would you like to teach?
politics or i'd prefer to make up a new whole subject about how to influence ppl
Hugs or Kisses?
It's more like .. U asking me .. pooping or pissing :D
Ofc both of them are desired and wanted very bad
I mean kisses and hugs :D
What song makes you feel happy?
Actually it's not a song ...
It's a trance track ...J'ai envie de toi by the living legend AVB ❤️
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How can we save the World from global warming?
By taking off all your clothes
You could save the whole earth :D
If you were going to do karaoke tonight, what song would you sing?
one of these three
1- poets of the fall - kamikaze love
2-alter bridge - in loving memory of
3- john legend - all of me
but wt one exactly i'm going to sing ?!?
Depends on wt i feel or how i feel
Are you more of a dog person or a cat person?
None of them
Imma fucking SAIYAN
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh la2 la2 la2 ana enbahart fe3ln :D
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la2 ba2a ana 3aiza anbaheeer ebhry ya azka a5watk
متأكده ؟!؟ :D
اوك .. هديكي كود و فكري فيه شويه او انتي هتلقطيه على طول
T.M.ROOM 504 :D
لو صعب شويه ... يبقى جزيره فيها نخله في النص بالظبط
هااااا اظن كده انا برنس :D ؟
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msh lazm t3rf hatstfeed eh
مهو انا مسألتش ... ولا ايه ؟!؟
و مش هسأل عشان خلاص عرفت :D
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hya masr kant mebayta 3andk asln alyomen ely fato :D w b3den 7ag f 3enak m3ndksh nazar wla eh ! :P
انا اسف يا فندم .. بس اكيد لو اعرف حضرتك مش هقول حج :D
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alf slama 3leeeek ya kbeeeeeer
الله يسلمك يا حج .. مصر كلها عرفت اليومين اللي فاتوا دول ولا ايه :D
Yala ya 7ywan ya 5ra
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Heya 7asalet enta te3ml kda
اعمل ايه بميتين غباء اهلك ولا اهلك انتي ..
انتو اغبيه ؟!؟
ما في ام كيبورد في كلام يكفي لشرح الموضوع طالما في بني ادم مش فاهم يا بقر
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Your voice ❤️
Heya 7asalet
حصّلت لي ايه بالظبط
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Aktr so2al/as2ela brilliant gatlk hena ?
Msh faker b sra7a .. W lama 7awlt aftkr 7aset eno s3b adwr f 668 so2al !
Bs howa kano kaza so2al odam showaiA .. Aktr mn 8 shohor gayz
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elso2al da be5aleek tfakar f eh ?
Ely ana bgawb 3leh now ?!?
enk sa5ef w tafeh awi :D
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Tell me something about you guy, he likes beign your gay or not?
But U tell me something first .. Is yours bang u in the butt well nd u enjoy it or not ?!?
tell me something about your girl , she listen to trance or not ?
I dont have a girlfriend it would be prefect to me if she listen to trance music
How do you deal with judgy people ?
Depends on their values to me
if they mean a lot to me ill try to correct them.. And i will ! .. If they r not .. If u mean judgy as criticizing me .. All i do is ignore them nd staying out of arguments I don't like to waste energy with someone who doesn't deserve it
Ana l bst3bt mn elbdaya
Nope .. Ana msh shaif ay as2la f3ln
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