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Farid Abbas @FaridAbbas
Farid Abbas @FaridAbbas
i don't even know what to put in a bio Half egyptian half emirati :D
Yallaa Beenaaa :D
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Mmm tyb ya farid
3arf men elly bykalmak ?
Wenta 7iawan awi
ماهو يا حيوان يا كده اختاروا حاجه :D
W7shteni awi
*مسم* وايه كمان :D
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What is (or was) your favorite class in school?
Well .. The three phases of education have a class which is the favorite all the " sport class " but about the middle school " speaking about the subjects and the real shit right now " at that time was history completely invading my whole life .. I been tricking my family and getting some extra books i borrow from a friends and pretending like i'm studying but actually i'm not :D .. The phase of highs school i was obsessed with Bio. And Geo.
mortabet ?
مـوقـــف صــدمــك ولــن تنســــاه ؟؟؟
والله ما فاكر .. مفيش موقف معين جه في بالي و دورت و فكرت و ملقيتش
فا الحمدلله .. هوا اكيد اتصدمت بس انا مش فاكر
فا الحمدلله .. النسيان نعمه
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farid el bane2dm ..y2ol eeh l farid el ensaan :P :D  Beso
ايه يا بيسو .. هيا دي اسئلة يا راجل !!!
يا بسبوستي انت عارف اللي جوايا .. و القلب آآآآء من الاشتياق
oh come on bro the legend said ( feha 7aga 7elwa ) Ops forget about (Feha) she got something special :D
oh come on bro the legend said ( feha 7aga 7elwa ) Ops forget about (Feha) she got something special :D
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so you have to love egypt
do you love OmK ?
MmMm ah
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kool sanaa w ntaa tyb y fariid ^_^ 3eed s3eed 3liik yrab w tb2aa mabsoot kdaa feh :)
Qw enti tybaaa yaraaaab :)
do you love egypt ?
hhhhhhhhhh :D 3laa fkra fe nour bs mafeeesh maya :D ^_^
enta el 3'abi b shakl 3am ya3ny 3omoman azon enha wad7a :S
Ya3m eshta ana msj single :D
bas ana kan 2asdy b shakl 3am mesh enak single or not XPPP
Ya3ni a b shakl 3am -.-
A ll 3'aba2 d :D
walaa yhmaak y fandem :D 3rft enk geet :D hamdela 3laa l slaamaaa :D masr nwaret :D
Enti kdaba
Masr mdalma asln :D
Msh bi7awa2 m3aha yabnti .. Rbna y3deha 3la 5er
bas kaman enta bet7war mesh keda bardo ?
Wshhhhhhhhhh <3
7aga tefar7ak mn el odamk w 7aga teday2k meno ?
Lama yb2a sare7 zft ... W lama yfkr bs fl ta7wer
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single or taken ?
Single :P
l doniaaa helwaaa elhamdolelaaaah ahee w ntaaa :D
Ll 7amdoullah ya karima ... W m3lsh ll safar w kdh w lsa bad2 afo2 nw
hahahaa :D anaa kowisaaa ahoo elhamdoleelaaaaah :D
W a ll dnia ?!?
fariiiidZz :D finak yabne mo5tafyy leeeh kol dh 3shan msh bar5em 3liik :p :D hope to be fine :)
Ya halaaaaaaaaaaa :D
Ezaik ?!?
Wllah zaman 3la ra5amtk ya karam :D
Enti feeen w 3amla a ?!? Inchallah tkoni kwaisa :) ... Ana 7lw ll 7amdoullah
Enti a ?!?
انت بتشوف نفسك كدة ولا لأ عندك الميزة دي ؟؟؟
دي مش ميزه مبدئياً ... البني ادم عمتا بتحب الناس تتكلم معاه و تسأل
فا دي مش ميزه و موجوده عند اي حد ... فالأجابه لأ طبعاً ... محدش بيبعد عن الناس اللي كده
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