Farid Abbas @FaridAbbas
Farid Abbas @FaridAbbas
i don't even know what to put in a bio Half egyptian half emirati :D
Yallaa Beenaaa :D
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kol sana wenta tyb
W enti tyba
وحشتنى اوى
مش عارف ارد بـ ايه صراحه
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انا بكرهك
و انا مش برهك
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remember that i'll always love u
مفيش الكلام ده
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ya rb mtkonsh za3lan mny
Meen ?!?
where do you see yourself after 5 years ?
5las ya 3m bra7tak w rbna ynawelholk ya 3m
5alas ya3m bra7a ya3m
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Leh hya 7aga 2abe7a :D ?
7aga taba3i .. 22olk leeh 7aga taba3i ?!? :)
مينفعش تقول ليه ؟
3amel eh yad ya curwaty :D
ايه يا ايطالي ... بولفابوريه
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ايه اكتر حاجه نفسك فيها ؟
مينفغش اقول ؛)
hahahaha yastaa !! :D be2aa awe :p
معلش بقى -.-
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:D yaah y abdelsamad :D ana b2ali kter gdn mad5altsh l ask fa 2olt aslm :D
W meeen enta yasta :D
!!!! mesa mesa y ibrahim :D
مسا مسا
اياً كان مين انت :)
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Mmm tyb ya farid
3arf men elly bykalmak ?
Wenta 7iawan awi
ماهو يا حيوان يا كده اختاروا حاجه :D
W7shteni awi
*مسم* وايه كمان :D
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What is (or was) your favorite class in school?
Well .. The three phases of education have a class which is the favorite all the " sport class " but about the middle school " speaking about the subjects and the real shit right now " at that time was history completely invading my whole life .. I been tricking my family and getting some extra books i borrow from a friends and pretending like i'm studying but actually i'm not :D .. The phase of highs school i was obsessed with Bio. And Geo.
mortabet ?
مـوقـــف صــدمــك ولــن تنســــاه ؟؟؟
والله ما فاكر .. مفيش موقف معين جه في بالي و دورت و فكرت و ملقيتش
فا الحمدلله .. هوا اكيد اتصدمت بس انا مش فاكر
فا الحمدلله .. النسيان نعمه
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farid el bane2dm ..y2ol eeh l farid el ensaan :P :D  Beso
ايه يا بيسو .. هيا دي اسئلة يا راجل !!!
يا بسبوستي انت عارف اللي جوايا .. و القلب آآآآء من الاشتياق
oh come on bro the legend said ( feha 7aga 7elwa ) Ops forget about (Feha) she got something special :D
oh come on bro the legend said ( feha 7aga 7elwa ) Ops forget about (Feha) she got something special :D
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so you have to love egypt