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Yallaa Beenaaa :D
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tell me something about your girl , she listen to trance or not ?
I dont have a girlfriend it would be prefect to me if she listen to trance music
How do you deal with judgy people ?
Depends on their values to me
if they mean a lot to me ill try to correct them.. And i will ! .. If they r not .. If u mean judgy as criticizing me .. All i do is ignore them nd staying out of arguments I don't like to waste energy with someone who doesn't deserve it
Ana l bst3bt mn elbdaya
Nope .. Ana msh shaif ay as2la f3ln
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Gaweb 3asso2al
Feeen howa wla a howa -.-
Mt2rifonash m3ako :D
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Ana asfa bs ba7ebo aktr mnk ?
Howa a d blzbt
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يلا يا بيض
طيزك حمرا :D
قولي حاجة بيض
Fokak soty a7la menha
m3rfsh 7ad soto a7la mnha
Beautiful life ? Who is afraid of 138 ? Nooop
whaaaaaat :D
I can accept that u don't like beautiful life .. But who's afraid of 138 ?!!!!!!
Armin kills on 138 BPM !!
Nd beautiful life is Not that good i know but i told u before armins last album was disappointing .. Try listen to gaia tuvan and sea tides *andy blueman*
Nd ivan mateluna - be my inspiration *soundlift remix*
That breakdown and vocalist <3 just listen to it
Beautiful life ? Who is afraid of 138 ? Nooop
What does it mean to be independent?
It's means u got a real personality
Ppl nowadays copyin each other in everything ... try to be urself .. Just a little bit .. Try to figure out who r u and .. U'll like being the real you coz it comes from inside reflects ur thoughts ..behavior nd many things *one last thing *don't wait for a hand from anyone
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If you were a road sign, what would you say?
Stop cursing
Humming the lights
Humming the lights <3 alone <3 beautiful life <3 sound of the drums nd who's afraid of 138 ?!?
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sakn feen fe fesal yaa ma3lm
Ll mafrod fl tawab2 bs now abbasia
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you owe me more xoxo
More ?!?
I thought we're done :P
Ikr :) .. I gotta a lot to pay :D
But u know wt >>> u deserve it :D
With no more disputes :D
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those moments <3
Seize the moment try to freeze it and own it :)
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What are you listening to right now?
Gaia tuvan - andy blueman remix
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What was the last thing that made you laugh?
A stupid emotion andreja sent it to me when i was chatting with her 20 minutes ago
It's that cat eating donouts
that sticker " cat " made me laugh so hard i don't know y but it's funny :D
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What was your favorite TV show when you were a kid?
Dragon ball
fata7t el wall leh :D ?
Ft7t ll wall leeeh :D
Hahahahahahahaha .. 3la fekra msh mafto7 ela f posts mo3yna ;)
What's one thing that men like more then sex ?
Football or video games with friends
afllt el wall leh ?
Kdh a7sn
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What keeps you going ?
Many things .. My parents .. My brothers nd my dream for sure ... To me..The only drive or fuel is PASSION... If i don't care about anything... I won't be driven to do anything or to be anything ..
Passion about football .. Video games .. Knowledge .. Love .. Future ....etc
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Maho ta2reban l kalam kan m3nah kda bs eshm3na
اولاً الناس اللي بتلعب هاوس مثلاً اكتررر بكتير اوي من الناس اللي بتلعب ترانس بس
اه بتاع الهاوس بيلعب ترانس ممكن و العكس صحيح برضوا .. بس مثلاً بص على اكبر ايفينتش و فيستيقلز .. اغلبها هاوس و كده .. مش عارف ليه اصلا حاسس ان الموضوع ليه دعوه بطريقه او باخرى بالمخدرات :D العيال بتبقى مبسوطه و هيا بتسمع هاوس .. انا بسمع هاوس اه بس حاجات بسيط ..
من الاخر . الايفينتس الكبيره اوي بتكسب منين ؟!؟
بيجيب احسن دي جيز في العالم .. و حالياً بتوع الهاوس منتشرين تصنيف الاحسن 100 عكس زمان
فلووووووس .. العمليه كلها فلوس بس
انا شايف كده