Yasmin @ImYasmineMusic
Yasmin @ImYasmineMusic
GOD I got cheesy uname i made agessssssss ago and i can't change it! Hate tbh gtg lmao just ignore

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Apa merek baju favoritmu?
TopShop yayyy🙋
Kamu ingin tinggal di kota mana?
Dimana aja boleeh
Di manakah kamu dilahirkan?
Apa penemuan terbaik sepanjang masa?
nemuin nasi di piring pas makan -,-
Sudahkah kamu punya aplikasi Ask.fm untuk iPhone?
Berapa kali sehari kamu makan?
once ... uhmm sometimes twice
why you live?  Naufaldi Rafif Satriya
because this is destiny
Who's your favorite actor?
Liam Hemsworth
If you could buy any car right now, what would you buy?
viska karma and lamborgini reventon
What's your favorite thing to eat for lunch?
fried chicken , sauteed vegetables and other desserts :')
Are you frightened or curious about the future?
curious :)
How do you spend most of your time on the Internet?
Name three things you have never done, but would like to do?
falls from thesky
How often do you go to parties?
never haha #LOLOLOLOL
If you could name a star in the galaxy what would you name it?
What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
picking nose with my thumb #lol
What noise do you hear right now?
Which is the most beautiful place you've ever seen?
Sanur - Bali
Do you like your name?
of course . yes :)
What is the scariest movie you have ever seen?
the women in black
What sound annoys you the most?
a dog
Siapakah selebriti yang ingin kamu temani seharian?
Conor Maynard
Do u love ur bestfriend ?
Yesss ! I love my bestfriend so muchhhhhhhh