Jack Wright @JackWright886
Jack Wright @JackWright886
Football is my life So is Geordie shore So are girls And food
just do it
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If nothing's going in my don't you just say
I just did
Tidy bhut
Kkk bruhhh
I heard you fingered and licked Lowri gwyther oit
How many hours do you sleep at night?
How is it a secret
Nothing's going on
What do you like to cook?
Who you getting on or was getting on
What holiday gift would make you really happy?
Should guys wear a beard and what kind?
You don't wear a beard you dull cunt, it's not clothing
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Have you ever played tennis?
What makes you cry?
Losing on FIFA
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What do you like to have for breakfast?
If you could be immortal, would you choose to be?
Who is your favorite sports icon (past or present)?
Stevie g
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You need to shoe your body more on snapchat
Just 4 u
How long have you lived in your current home?
What did the last text message you sent say?
Shag me
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told you she would hurt you
Only thing is it don't hurt
Who has the biggest bum in year 10??
Kelly ann probs or Caitlin Tuffin
Girls your closest to from Bargoed?
Not really close to any of them
Prettiest girl in year 9-10-11
Which country do you want to visit?
Who will u always care about
Who is your style role model?
Dun have 1
she will just hurt you again
Hmm, pop up n