pandabae @JereKovamaki
pandabae @JereKovamaki
This is Pandasticality's Official site, im 21yo im about 180cm, i live in Helsinki and i produce music, im highly interested in Japan and its culture, same goes for Korea and fashion, if theres something you wish to know about me simply ask, 1993年に生まれ、11月26日. LOOKBOOK:
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seuratut -> minkälaisesta musiikista pidätte & mihin kiinnitätte ensimmäisenä huomion?  Kia-Erika Klint
rakastan R&B;tä sellasta hidasta sexy shit :D ja sit sit sit heavy 808 bass <3 musiikin kannalta kiinnitän paljon huomiota beattiin ja ylipäätänsä sen designiin, jos se kuullostaa hyvältä ja saa mut märäks tai kanaiholle, roll with it :::D
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Is there anything you care less about as you have grown up? What is it?
Goodnight stranger xo
Tuo mulle :c  Taniiih
Kakkuva? :D
Hey, about to straighten my hair, say bye bye to curls ~ wadap, viel vähän aikaa hereil.
Riisikakkuja! Kamala tylsyys, voitko suositella jotai hyvää sarjaa esim. netflixistä?
En käytä netflixii enää, ainoo syy miks mul oli se aikasemmin oli ku katoin kauhuleffoi ja stand up comedy sielt, en tiiä minkälaisist tv sarjoist tykkäät mut nää oon ite kattony läpi:
Supernatural, The Big Bang Theory, Bones, Nikita, Jericho, Invasion, Hannibal, South Park, Family Guy, Simpsons, Orange Is the new Black, Game Of Thrones, on varmasti muitaki mut ei nyt tuu mieleen, nää oon kattonu läpi, en tiiä onko kaikkien makuu tho :x
Istun keittiös ja keitän riisikakkuja : 3 hieman tylsää, tumblr teasin the fk out of me :/ tekee mielii jotai kakkuu :c mitä sä?
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morning pandui
It's World UFO Day! What's the first thing you'd ask an alien?
i would ask "do you have cheesecake and tortillas in alpha centari" oh and "how many tests would i have to volunteer for in order to have my own personal flying saucer?" cuz come on, who wouldn't want one, u can practically travel anywhere you wish with it :0
eah but you know wouldn't it be just super Awkward if a random stranger would come and start talking dirty to You?
Yes, ofc, goodnight!!
well i dont think ill find anyone quite like a certain panda.. 😫 lonely nights!
Well umm, oookay... Just saying but uuh dirty talking anonymously is like screaming at the tv while watching a horror movie "DONT GO THERE!"
most of us horny af, i dont think i remember what its like anymore, to have someone so close you can hear their pulse n heavy breathing etc, hmm, kinda funny now that i think about it.
well i dont think ill find anyone quite like a certain panda.. 😫 lonely nights!
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B) spank me sempai tease me when im tied down
Im guessing you're not the same ano, you write differently.
uhh u gotta stop talking like that bc now i want to be there for you to spank.. 😫
It's been a really really long time since someone has talked to me like that, i dont know how to respond anymore xD
I'm sure you'll find someone to spank and bite that booty.
U sleepen?
Still up, tumblr teasing me... I wanna spank someone and buy them pizza now, fxxk... XD so tired, been falling asleep all day, whats up 🌊.
U sleepen?
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oh bc youre delicious
I wouldn't know, im not that flexible. XD
now i feel like a terrible person for crushing your healey dream :c but yeah youre just not at all like him!
Im like a boiled potato with some garlic butter and salad.
He's a misogynist and a racist and not a cool dude :I
:c oukai, we'll that character doesn't suit me at all then.
HEALEY bitch noooo!
But he's a good person :c
If you could be any OITNB character, who would it be?
probaply healey :3 he's awesome
oo lemppari kpop live
this, vaikkei ookkaa poppia.
katoks ikinä kpop livei
all the time :3 ku haluun kuulla miltä artistit kuullostaa oikeesti, radio liveist saa parhaimman kuvan mun mielest, but yeah :)
UR SO GORGEUS ;--; selfie please?
Theer juuuu gouuuu
UR SO GORGEUS ;--; selfie please?
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kauniit/komeat seuratut - kertokaa itsestänne asia mistä pidätte ja ette pidä. Selfie olisi plussaa cx  Kia-Erika Klint
Tykkään kehostani jonka eteen oon tehny töitä, en tykkää mun Ajattelutavasta, i think too much :c
kauniit/komeat seuratut - kertokaa itsestänne asia mistä pidätte ja ette pidä. Selfie olisi plussaa cx
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What's your favourite cheesy pick-up line? Have you ever actually used it on someone?
i dont use pick-up lines cuz approaching someone like that feels too cheesy : /
but one that i've heard as a joke before is "Hey baby tykkäätsä parsakaalist?" thought that was pretty funny.
Ootko nykyään itsevarmempi ku ennen?