✌Jessica Laney✞ @jessicamarieee1
✌Jessica Laney✞ @jessicamarieee1
Names jessica, i'm 16 , i play soccer and i am singlee whattupp, and if you have time follow me:3 http://l3t-yourmindgo.tumblr.com/
you would be cool if you asked me a question (;
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pat doesnt even like you
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Are your sad statuses about pat??
not att alllll.<3
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What single piece of technology makes your life easier?
the oven.
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omg you're gorgeous ! love me !! < 3
thankks but noo.
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whats that song that you played at my brithday party that you were dancing too? :)
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one song for all your exs
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what are you scared of
-being hurt again.
-growing up.
-getting into a car accident.
-losing the people i care about most.
-not making something of myself.
- and letting my thoughts get the best of mee.
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You and pat are perfect<3 I'm jealous.
thankk youu,<3 but i promise you will find a nice boy one day, and dating them and the relationships failing sucks and it hurts but somebody who actually likes you for you will come around just gotta keep your head up(:
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tyler ammons? and you act like you hate me:-o
i don't know him. but he annoys me because he always use to like stare at me and somebody told me he liked me and we never talked before idk.
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What is something you do every single day?
sleep, eat.
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i love her, been there for me sense 7th grade, <3
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What do you dream about?
,y life not being all messy
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ashlee who?
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he's perfect. okay,okay.
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My ex Dustin :p
complete scum for what he did to you.
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Cierra Toler
i fucking love her i feel like were in the same boat, and i will always be here for her she is stunning and deserves nothing but the best.<3
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Marisa heiselt
she is the biggest fucking flirt. all her status are sexual and some of the things she says pisses me off. but other then that i love her.
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do you miss tom
no we dated for four months and he was my first love but i don't miss him.
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loll, my baddd;p I just can't stand people that say that!
it's okay i'm not going anywhere<3
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jacky reyes
i hate how sometimes i'm left out of things and i feel unwanted sometimes and no it's not a jealousy thing. but she's my bestfriend and i loveee herrr.
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Trey j
i fucking hate how he doesn't talk to me anymore.
but hes my nigga.
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she's my dittzy bitch <3 i lovee herr.
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tom berry
i'm a joke to him.
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brittany h.
she makes me angry. but i love her.
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madison fuller
i love her. end of story we are going to become comedians,
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