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what are the best memories that you wont forget?

How I met my girlfriend.

Who do you really miss ?

My girlfriend. All day, everyday.

Are u attach?

Yesss. Overly attached to Ayu Rdxn.

How do you know Sabrye ? and be honest is he contacting fitry

Sabrye is a good friend of my mine & we live nearby, contacting fitry? Idk? I guess no? Cause sabrye is always with his brother, nabeel.

But they have open house, why you never go?

Ohh i see, idk when they planning to make another raya outing, what? Seriously? Siape nye open house? & how you know all this? Haha!

Saw korang nya gambar at one of your friends fb.

Gmbr last year is it? Gmbr ape? & ni siape?

Tak jalan with your ex sec friends?

I don't know, cause they didnt say anything plus i think they dont have my number, why?

You jalan raya ngan siape?

With the normal friends, like fir, wak & the rest, ni siape? But we're going out again next week.

If you were a scientist, what would you invent?

I would invent a time travel machine.

Describe @_indeception

a good friend but more like a brother to me even if we only know for few months, but like people stay the years doesnt matters, tapi satu hati sati jiwe!

Who is your favorite teacher?

my secondary school teacher, Mr Khiu and Mr Ang

What's one of your favorite 'little things' to enjoy in life?

hmm, i dont even know one, hahahaha!

Do you have phobias?

of course i do.

How much of a shopper are you?

idk even know

Who do you love the most other than your family?

of course my friends.

Mary wants you

how do you know she wants me?

Hii Kamal... ;) I have a crush on you ... :) But i'm a guy... :( I dont know if u are straight or bisex.. Hmmm.. :(

im sorry but im straight ;)

Currently what are you doin ? Working?

waiting for ns, 17 more days.

You're handsome , im sure lots of girls wants you.

aww, no la, im not, actually i dont even know if theres any at all.

What relation you have with indah?


Describe bibi @chxmxl hehe

Hahaha, i really do miss talking to you! Hahaha, idk how to describe you, hahaha, but what i do know is that you're really fun to be with, we should hang out soon okay? ;) hahaha

Yoyo describe @iraaxestelle

I dont know how to describe you fully, cause we're not close, but i can i say, you're really friendly. Do talk if we have the chance okay? ;)

Describe @ika_fuentes ❤️❤️

Loving, funny and really fun to be around with! hahaha!

Xbox or PlayStation?



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