Louise-Ann @LouiseAnn
Louise-Ann @LouiseAnn
joined this because im so original. acting student.
ask away.
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What is the last thing you forgot?
to think about myself
i like the new look very sophisticated :)
I havent really got a new look aha but thankyou :')
If you could go back in time to talk to yourself, what would you say?
I would have to write a book.
describe yourself in one word?
Do you like being alone?
I hate being alone.
however there is just some times when I want to be
Should guys wear a beard and what kind?
Everyone and anyone should wear what ever they like.
What is your idea of the perfect honeymoon destination?
Harry Potter resort Orlando... or Italy.
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Where would you bury your treasure if you had some?
I cant disclose that information on here publicly.
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If not now, then when?
I would love to know the answer to that... you tell me.
What advice would you give to children today?
Don't change yourself to try and fit in.
Look in the mirror. What do you see?
If you could leave tomorrow with a one-way ticket, where would you go?
I cant even answer that.
There's so many places I want to go.
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are you on what's app still?  Natasha
I have a new number however i've dropped my phone in a toilet... so its off and on working.
I'll get back to you on that one haha
If you had more money than you ever need, would you give it away?
I wouldnt give it away to like a random stranger walking past me in the street, but I would invest and donate money to making the world a better place.
i wrote a song about you http://youtu.be/A5FVBKPqbs0
...Okay 'Ryan Adams'
and errrr one luvs iced gems
free iced gems for you
oh hai der marion y'know what i just thought (someone else probably already said it) but i will miss your blue hair cause you are so teeny you look like a little iced gem
hello, I will miss it too. Little iced gem, aw you
What's wrong with US? I'm alcohollically (<made up a new word) depressed:(
were too old before our time, I haven't been drunk in so long. 18 going on 80.
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I want to cry just thinking about it hahahaha
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I think your obsessed with farm town?
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im secretly Harry potter:|
I love you, that's not a secret.
I like big buts and I can't not lie
you other brothers cant deny
You iz Phinee
you are so smooth
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