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Who were your friends from r/teenagers from a while ago?

Way too many people to straight up list. I mean you can ask me old people and I'll tell ya.

do honesty hour again

I mean ok

Post a fit

a fit of what


of what

Likers get a brutally honest, feeling demolishing TBH?


likers get tbh?


pap mouth

uh no

How tall are you?


I like your face. Do you want to go out?

Who r u

Would you like to throw in some mini churros for fifty cents more today?

Its pay day so why not... Churros for everybody!!

What's something you've never told anyone before?

No idea. I'm pretty open.

What do you like in your burritos?

White rice, steak and cheese please. Just a water cup thank you.

Tacos or burritos? This is vital, there are a lot of lives at stake here, so answer seriously.

Burritos for sure. I can never manage to fill a taco to the point where it fills me up. I always need multiple tacos but typically one decent burrito will suffice for me.

She's also naked and her skin is the texture of ball sacks

The texture of ballsacks.... I feel like that may contradict the whole "hot" part.

Funniest person here?

I don't know most of the people yet :\

Would you have a hot girl roommate who walked like the grudge at all times?

If she's hot I mean why not

are you still scared of boobs

Boobs r pretty cewl

What's your favorite color? p.s. post fit means to post a pic of your outfit. I didn't ask but for future reference, ya know.

Thank you for that haha

I like blue but my favorite shade changes a lot

post fit


Happy valentines day!

Chris C

Thanks man <3

Happy valentines day bb, don't fuck up tomorrow



Happy Valentine's Day <3

Thank you <3

how often do you ask questions anonymously? #juicy

Not very often.. Why?

LOL like i would ever write that


I mean you just did so

Matt I just wanted to admit that you are so much cooler than I could ever dream of being... -Kyla



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