Nina Dobrev @NinaOfficialx
Nina Dobrev @NinaOfficialx
Heey. It's Nina Dobrev. And i'm here to answer you. Namaste! priv acc twitter: ‎@ninadobrevyo

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Have you ever tried to be vegetarian?
Nahh. This isn't for me. I love the animals, but i love meat too.
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just relaxing and watching tv  Теди
hey  Теди
Hey :)
thank you Nina <3 so what are you doing  Теди
You're welcome ♥, nothing what about ya?
almost 17  Теди
Nice, i wish you a nice b-day, full of positive emotions. :3
glad for you Im so happy because so 8 days of my birthday  Теди
Awh! Nicee, how old are you?
i love you :3 <3 how are you  Теди
Ly too ♥ Fine and ya?
hey Nina Bulgaria Fans Loves You  Теди
Heey Tedi! Awhh, i ♥ Bulgaria too :3 Kisses !
i am good what are you up to  Brian cam dude Em Sea Teng
Glad for ya :) Hanging out with friends and ya?
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how are you  Brian cam dude Em Sea Teng
Fine and ya?
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Oiii Lindaaaa seguindo, segue de volta *-*
Umm, Hey (:
Hey :)
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Hi nina i love you so much <3 <3  ­Refan Reshma
Heey! Ly too ♥♥
hahahah fine x  x
I'm glad for ya :3
miss you  x
Miss ya too, how are ya ? (:
✿Hey Nina✿ Love ya so much!  Sαfαα Μαℓιк ✿ #2K
Heyaa sweetie, love ya too (:
Heya!  Nina Dobrev
Today i'm turing 26! Lol.. :D Thanks for the wishes, and for the anon. gift, love ya so muchhh!!! <3
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Xmas almost here!!  Nina Dobrev
Xmas almost here!!
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If you could have dinner with anyone, who would you choose?
My fans of course! :)
Hi everyone! I'm sorry that i wasn't here, but from today i'll be online, so let's see who still believe in me. :)  Nina Dobrev
- Nina
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shte ima li sezon 6 ?? xoxoxoxo  Estel Georgieva ✔✞
Da :) x
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I hope that we will still have contact ;* love ya ;*  #NB THREEDAYSGRACE :3
We have baby, don't worry, so how are you? Love youu more :********
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I was writing on facebook to you , but you don't have facebook anymore :( I miss you very much ;*  #NB THREEDAYSGRACE :3
yup, i have only page. But we can still talk here and on twitter.. Miss you too <33
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Nina ! you're here. I missed you so much <3  #NB THREEDAYSGRACE :3
Yeah, i miss ya too <333
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How are you babe? <3  Born To Die
Fine and you baby? <333
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