What inspires you?

My family. (:

On a scale of 1 to 10 how “cool” are you?

Pshhhh, 11 :D Am i a cool kid now?

Best music service? Pandora, Soundcloud or Spotify?

Pandora and soundcloud

- Nina Dobrev

#SXSW #TheFinalGirls 13.03.15

or what if the originals cast fled new orleans and they went to mystic falls Brian cam dude Em Sea Teng


i can imagine the originals and tvd crossovers lol caroline and niklaus matt and rebeckah tyler and little wolf united again frya marcellous hope devina jackson josh and adian encounters tvd crew the first time Brian cam dude Em Sea Teng

Haha, i read tweets a lot about the ships and the most are this :D xx

do you think fraya is fraya or do you think she is deliah and do you think tatia will return as the new villian Brian cam dude Em Sea Teng

Well about Tatia, if the producer want Tatia she'll :D:D

what do you think about the current storyline for the originals Brian cam dude Em Sea Teng

I really enjoy while watching The Originals, and you?

i am good just on the pc lol Brian cam dude Em Sea Teng

:) Glad about ya

- Nina Dobrev

#TheFinalGirls is out tomorrow! I hope you like it! (:

What female celebrity do you wish was your sister?

Angelina Jolie, she's amazing person :).

What can’t be bought with money?

Love, friends, family.

i am good what are you up to Brian cam dude Em Sea Teng

:) I talk with my friends and ya?

Are you ready?

Maybe :D

Have you ever tried to be vegetarian?

Nahh. This isn't for me. I love the animals, but i love meat too.

just relaxing and watching tv



Hey :)

thank you Nina <3 so what are you doing

You're welcome ♥, nothing what about ya?

almost 17

Nice, i wish you a nice b-day, full of positive emotions. :3

glad for you Im so happy because so 8 days of my birthday

Awh! Nicee, how old are you?

i love you :3 <3 how are you

Ly too ♥ Fine and ya?

hey Nina Bulgaria Fans Loves You

Heey Tedi! Awhh, i ♥ Bulgaria too :3 Kisses !

i am good what are you up to Brian cam dude Em Sea Teng

Glad for ya :) Hanging out with friends and ya?


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