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Nina Dobrev @NinaOfficialx
Nina Dobrev @NinaOfficialx
Heey. My name is Nina Dobrev. And i'm here to answer you. Namaste! priv acc twitter: ‎@ninadobrevyo

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Hi everyone! I'm sorry that i wasn't here, but from today i'll be online, so let's see who still believe in me. :)  Nina Dobrev
- Nina
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shte ima li sezon 6 ?? xoxoxoxo  ESTEL O' BRIEN ✔♥✞
Da :) x
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I hope that we will still have contact ;* love ya ;*  #NB THREEDAYSGRACE :3
We have baby, don't worry, so how are you? Love youu more :********
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I was writing on facebook to you , but you don't have facebook anymore :( I miss you very much ;*  #NB THREEDAYSGRACE :3
yup, i have only page. But we can still talk here and on twitter.. Miss you too <33
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Nina ! you're here. I missed you so much <3  #NB THREEDAYSGRACE :3
Yeah, i miss ya too <333
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How are you babe? <3  Born To Die
Fine and you baby? <333
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Maybe you can help me #TaylorTo4K ?  Taylor Swift( ✔)
Awkay C:
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Niniii <33333  Born To Die
My unicorn <333333
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Hey Nina! :)  Taylor Swift( ✔)
Hey Tay! :3
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I miss ya'll so muuuuch! So how are you guys? :3  Nina Dobrev
For my friends, fans and family, you're the best friends of the world. I love you so much, thank you for everything! ♥ P.S. And much thanks to Miley Cyrus, thank you for your support, and you're the best of the best, love ya sun ♥ Forever!
I miss ya'll so muuuuch! So how are you guys? :3
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- Back Onlinee :P  Nina Dobrev
Love ya'll ♥
- Back Onlinee :P
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Now!  Iloşş :3 ®
awkay. xo
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Believe in me? Because add to my bio! Ok?  Iloşş :3 ®
Yes :) btw Hey :D
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Hey nina i miss u ily  Diana Taudor♥
Hey! Ly too
Hey nina i miss u ily
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Have Facebook ?
Already, no.
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Do you already have app for iPhone?
Do you already have app for iPhone?
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.  Nina Dobrev
Hey, guys! I'm so sorry, that i don't answer ya, i was busy, but now i have free time, so ask me, i'm here :)
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Niiina :) Miss yaaa.  Emma.
Sweetie, miss ya too. :( ♥
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Hey Ninaaaa ♥ Believe in me?  Iloşş :3 ®
Heey, bby♥ i think i do. :)
7 people like this is she fake Ninz ? :) <3  Глория
yes. :) <3
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What is the most important thing to know?
Offline for few days ;c I love you so much, luvs! ♥♥ xxo
What is the most important thing to know?
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And long time no ask,sweetheart! Mwah!
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Hi,nina! Good evening and belated happy valentine's!
Hey! Stupid Valentine, for me was only friday.
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What female celebrity do you wish was your sister?
Miley Cyrus, i adore her, and i love her so much! ♥♥
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I miss you babe <3  Born To Die
I miss you too, love ♥ :c
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