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When can we fuck?

Well I'll Ask Your Mom For You.

do you smoke

Well No. Circumstances, Depend.

Well you look fcking 23.

Well Excuse Me Then Sir.

Hve you ever rode a horse?

Lol No I Haven't. I Actually Want To.

Aren't you like 23 or something?


What song makes you want to dance?

22 By Taylor Swift.

whats your fav store.

I Don't Have One.

What is your fav show.

Say Yes To The Dress.

I heard that you smelled like dog it true ?

Lol Is This Ham?

Can you sing.

Yes Boo, I Have The Voice Of An Angel.

Dnt u go to arj?

Yes I Do.

Why do you smile so much.

Because I Can My Nigga.

Your smile is so beautiful !


Can you wear makeup tmrw?

You Know I Just Might Love

Date me?

The Answer Will Probably Be No But Who Are You Anyways?

Your rate is a 9.8.

Thanks But I Never Asked For A Rate.

I love to walk behind you.


Can i just carress that ass?


What is your favorite childhood memory?

Being With My GG And Siblings Collecting Fireflies.

What type of underwear do you wear?

Well, Aerie Undies,. But Why?

Do you think Malique cute, cause I think that nigga ugly, and what's that mark on his nose

Lol! I'm Personally Don't Think He's Cute But Someone Somewhere May Think He's Cute... And Jesus! Ask Him. You Obviously Go To Our School.

Did you and my boy banks fuck?


I seen you yesterday. And damn girl that ass is fat!

...Stalk Much...

You're such a whore.

Well No One Seems To Be Complaining.

I used to love you but you crushed me. now i hate you.

Well, It Happens To The Best Of Us Honey.


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