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becccccccca.owen @RebeccaOwen
RSS answers
Opinion on pip?
love him,he's amazing makes me laugh,there for me,top lad!
Ignore the hate babe! You're amazing!!<3  Pip Dan Jones
Awh thankyouu love you!<3
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Ur a FUCKIN BITCH!!!!!!!!!!
opinion on pip j
Amazing personality,good looking,so funnny,my bestie;)love him<3
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hot <3  Otavio Tomas
thank you<3
Ur a bitch get over ur self James fancies Sian not u so fuck off!!!!
Ha.he is a friend so you fuck off!
Hottest lads your year
Joe Davies,James Griffiths, Dan Shaw, Joe Henry, Pip jones, Ryan Hill
Opinion on jimmy dan and niall
Jimmy-he is really nice,makes me laugh have are ups and downs but always sort them out he is good looking and easy to get along with I love him!
Dan-funny lad good looking easy to get along with!
Niall-makes me laugh loads I love him!
Fancy anyone
what form are you in?
Do you miss anyone right now?
Hottest lads you year?
Joe Davies
James griffiths
Dan shaw
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10 xx  James Griffiths
Thanks xx
10-pretty x  David_DiriLL
thank you x
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Compliment-pretty x  David_DiriLL
Thank you x
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Yoyoyo x  David_DiriLL
Hey x
any1 that should of got togetha at sophies ?
How many teeth do you have?
super speedy xxxx
Awh who's this?x
looks, 10 personality, dont know? 9, pop up x
Thank you okkk x
Do you prefer to call or text?
text..sometimes call..
Me: gorgeousicklegirly Liv: gorgeous Xxxx
Thanks you beautifulssss..xxxxxxx
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Boys your year you would get with
Not sure..