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Tbh haven't seen ya in a while! And you're quite attractive

Yeah moving cities and all;) and same goes to you text me sometime 2503197075

What's something you're not very good at but enjoy doing anyway?


What gift would you like to receive on the upcoming holidays?

Skittles and girls


Who are you

you're rude

That's not my role

How fast do you fall in love?

I don't fall I'm not clumsy

top shelf yo



Thanks Jonah

If you could go back in history, who would you like to meet?

Isaac Newton and JFK

Are you still even friends with Rei?

This girl?

Will you play next year?

Maybe if there's a new coach


Wasn't having fun

Do you play mml?

Nope I quit

compliment: you're a babe;)


Know any gr.8 VVS girls?

Does this count

tbh: you're a babe;)


What invention has had the greatest impact on society?


What will you never do?

Zoe Willard

Tbh-your going to the show

Johnny ludvig

They are

Tbh- we've texted like once a really long time ago, Other then that I don't really know you!

I'm a bucket list

Are you going to emmas party friday?

Maybe idk why

who can you can talk to about anything on your mind?

Rei Lor

did you know there's a TBH app? are u on it??

You're dumb

What are you wearing right now?


Who would you like to be?

My partner in crime


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Future prime minister of Canada, I'm good at chess and awesome at the cello