Saif Al Dhaheri
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what school were u in


3ndk kik? 😍😍

Yup.. SaifalDhaheri

ur "closest" is @zar3oni right?

im not gonna deny it, cuz its pretty obvious... but that doesn't mean I'm close with my other friends..... btw who y59k/ch f rab3i.... itdawroon rabi3???

who is ur best friend?

Don't have a "best" friend? but got many close friends, some closer then others

Fav food?dessert?colour?name of a boy/girl? Number?months? Ice-cream flavour?word?


KFC - Cheesecake - Purple - Saif / Asma =))!! - 7 - July - Paraline & Cream - don't have a fav word =))!

How old are you today :'D


16 year old senior LOL!

What would u want your future wife to be like?


Have an amazing personality and be a really caring person! Looks aren't part of the criteria

What is the first thought when you here the word "school"?


Ditching school =)) or playing wirga 24/7

What do you say to people who hate you for nothing?


Fuck them hahahah!

If you could offer a newborn child only one piece of advice, what would it be?


Don't waste your time and money on pathetic things!

What are you missing from your life?


You! Hahahah! Nothing tbh

If you had the chance to go back in time for 24 hours, where and when would you go?


No where! I love my life just as it is!

where are you from?

3maaani =))!! La jks! UAE :)

Places you've travelled?

ill only mention a few... Canada - Switzerland - Makkah - Malaysia - Egypt - Spain :D

AnyBrothers? Sisters?

2 bros 1 sis



Fav sport?

Football !!!

Best guy friends?

there are too many :P

Favourite perfume ?

Estee Lauder - Wood Mystique

What perfume are you wearing today?

Estee Lauder - Wood Mystique

Thoughts about @khamairi?


vitamin c or red bull ?

Red bull

someone u always fight with him !!

Aha :/

best friend ?

Y3arf 3mrah

last person u talked to ?

My Mom <3!