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what school were u in
3ndk kik? 😍😍
Yup.. SaifalDhaheri
ur "closest" is ‎@zar3oni right?
im not gonna deny it, cuz its pretty obvious... but that doesn't mean I'm close with my other friends..... btw who y59k/ch f rab3i.... itdawroon rabi3???
who is ur best friend?
Don't have a "best" friend? but got many close friends, some closer then others
Fav food?dessert?colour?name of a boy/girl? Number?months? Ice-cream flavour?word?  asma.
KFC - Cheesecake - Purple - Saif / Asma =))!! - 7 - July - Paraline & Cream - don't have a fav word =))!
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How old are you today :'D  asma.
16 year old senior LOL!
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What would u want your future wife to be like?  asma.
Have an amazing personality and be a really caring person! Looks aren't part of the criteria
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What is the first thought when you here the word "school"?  asma.
Ditching school =)) or playing wirga 24/7
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What do you say to people who hate you for nothing?  asma.
Fuck them hahahah!
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If you could offer a newborn child only one piece of advice, what would it be?  asma.
Don't waste your time and money on pathetic things!
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What are you missing from your life?  asma.
You! Hahahah! Nothing tbh
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If you had the chance to go back in time for 24 hours, where and when would you go?  asma.
No where! I love my life just as it is!
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where are you from?
3maaani =))!! La jks! UAE :)
Places you've travelled?
ill only mention a few... Canada - Switzerland - Makkah - Malaysia - Egypt - Spain :D
AnyBrothers? Sisters?
2 bros 1 sis
Fav sport?
Football !!!
Best guy friends?
there are too many :P
Favourite perfume ?
Estee Lauder - Wood Mystique
What perfume are you wearing today?
Estee Lauder - Wood Mystique
Thoughts about ‎@khamairi?
vitamin c or red bull ?
Red bull
someone u always fight with him !!
Aha :/
best friend ?
Y3arf 3mrah
last person u talked to ?
My Mom <3!