Shelby @ShelbyPowell
Shelby @ShelbyPowell
Newbury Park
Well if your on my ask fm then you already know me if not why the fuck are you on my ask?
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Make a gift
do what you want i don't care.
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What is your Song of the week?
anaconda by nicki minaj and hold you down by dj khaled
Revenge will get you nowhere
since wen have i been saying imma get revenge loooooool
What do you think of Silvia?
shes a nice girl
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Why do women live longer than men?
cause we know how to shop nd live nd stay alive men dont dey stupid
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LOOL hurt me? I wasnt wit him wen he cheated lmfao i dont even show love to dem kinda niggas so I just laughed too much drama for nothing its a dumb pic i asked bae to take it dwn she didnt want to so let her do watever &move on -.-  Natasha Shanelle
lool trust me my fuckiing pic i cn do wat i want dont fucking like it dont look at it simple lool and de nigga aint gonna change no matter how much he says he will nd he cld never hurt u lool ur too strong to be hurt haha
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Hemerson only let you take that picture to hurt gisela but now he's with daniela and he loves her
if you niggas say so
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Do you always smile for pictures?
How would you describe your style?
idk lool i change tbh i go from bein a girly girl so being in dresses to bein a tom boy jeans nd trainers
Ops in kasey
in kasey yh loool dont u mean on and tbh i aint got nothing against him just wish he would stop being an asshole
Pap of you and smasha
aint gt any
She cheated on him
and i need to know why
Daniela has a new boyfriend
They are not together anymore
okay i need to know why
What time did you wake up this morning?
Aww thanks baby girl :*&yes he make me so happy &made me a better person so please stop askin bout that guy i dont look back &let me say something shelby it a nice girl to chill wit she funny even my home girls like her aha she my boo ♡ so allow hatin on her once u get to know her she nice  Natasha Shanelle
awwwwh thanks boo
Hemerson didnt deserve gisella and he dont deserve you he a pussy
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Ops on gisella relationship with marius
i aint got nuthing against it tbh i want them to last marius has made her happy and shes changed chillin with her is funny and shes a clam girl so i aint got nuting bad to say
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Your Still Carrying On The Hemerson Shit When You Clearly Know Dani Aint Gonna Leave Hemerson For No One
im not carrying on anything not my fault if i like the pic its my pic its on my phone i fuckn g took it i cant fucking having as my fucking dp on anything now stfu bout dem ppl nd leave der names off my ask kmt
What's the most expensive thing you've ever broken?
Is it scandalous to wear socks with sandals?
who the fuck wear socks with sandals
You don't rate hemerson?
looooool if u say so
Why are you single
Cuz i am
Who do you love
No one
So why the picture if you and him ain't with each other and know he actual doesn't like you :/
None of ur damn buisness init
You and Hermson are going out