Shelby @ShelbyPowell
Shelby @ShelbyPowell
Newbury Park
Well if your on my ask fm then you already know me if not why the fuck are you on my ask?
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do what you want i don't care.
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Do you miss anyone right now?
yes someone really close to me but aint in a gd place with him
What is it you most dislike?
fake people
Should we read a lot of books?
What's the worst movie ever?
american hustle
If you had wings, where would you fly?
to the Caribbean
If you could meet a famous person, whom would you like to meet?
nicki minaj
What inspires you?
this woman
What inspires you?
What is the funniest GIF ever?
What is the funniest GIF ever?
What cannot be forgiven?
What's your favorite thing about where you live?
de facts its not full of bait people
Could you live without a computer?
What do you think about more than anything else?
Swer this hemerson guy,he don't deserve gissela she deserve bbetter
yes she does deserve better cause of what he does and how he plays her and that but oh well im leaving them to be with each other not my place to be involved in
Bitch he asked you to leave him alone your keep begging u ugly he never liked u or been with you sorry
like fuck off seriously why you gotta start shit now has my name popped up on hes ask no has my name popped up on gisela fuck no now fuck off and stop causing problems i dont talk to them no more i told hemerso when he says hhes ghosting cause gisela buggin him i told him well she cant be bugging you dat much if shes ur dp nd in ur name now leave me alone thats what i said now fuck off with ur drama
Bitch nothing make us think you're with hemerson he don't like you &he not wit you stop seeling urself dreams he been withgisella for bare long now you have no chance he wit my girl :)
erm since when have i said im with him never the only time i said it was when he told me too and i aint even talking to him no more i told him time ago to leave me alone and just focus on gisela so move off my ask fm tryin to cause trouble kmt aint bout dat life
What’s the best thing to do after a long and hard day?
smoke a splif and sleep
What kind of transportation do you use most often?
bus or car
What drink do you prefer when you’re thirsty?
When was the last time you screamed?
When amina tickled me
What are you listening to right now?
rather be-clean bandit
Hey xx  cassiiee cream
What is your zodiac sign?
What's your opinion about the death penalty?
if u get it den u did some thing rong
What sport do you do?
kick boxing trampolining football basketball rounders
What do you do if you can’t sleep at night?
30 second dance party or smoke