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What's your favorite kind of candy?

Strawberry laces

Who is the one person who let you down the most?

My dad he's never there for me when I need him the most but he's always there for my lil bro when he needs he's help but never for me

Which country do you most want to visit?


Pap of you right now


Dont be fooled that Lisa M person is a fake account

If u say so

So your the famous shelby lol

Lol I ain't famous

ops on kasey and nicole relationship?

Dem two r hella cute so happy for dem two

Who u linking?

Lol Der ain't no one I'm linking in stoke

Why post a fake number lol

Cuz I ain't stupid to give out my real number

wats your number?


Lol was you preeing your ex bh

I follow amina on ask way back when we was friends so I still c her post idiot

So who's this shay person? Is that her new girl?

Idk me nd amina don't speak

How do u know that Lisa M girl ?

I don't know her I just saw some of her answers bout me nd liked dem cuz how she answered was true nd I Hv no problem wif someone asking bout me mine nd aminas rs wasn't no secret everyone knew

Hi Fllowe --> @vin199801 Thanks ! ♥ :)

Ehh noo

hello:) Can u please like 25 of @supportgrande answer and follow her? i will send u 3 gifts, and follow u. when ur done send me done not her thnx :D


Ehh noo

What's one thing most people don't know about you?

I'm actually really smart if put my head down and not get distracted

Do you know shay ?


Any of them

Not all only 3

would you ever go back to your ex?

Which one

If you were to get a tattoo today, what would you get and where would you have it placed?

This rose I drew nd it would b on my ribs

What's one thing you think everyone should do every day?

Are you a lesbian?

No bisexual

Am horny inbox me

Go away

Do you still have feelings for amina?


Gisela n hemerson back together :0

Don't care don't even talk to Hemerson no more I'm just to busy being me and doing my own thing my plans are on track my life is better then it ever has me and my family are close and have no problems and I have no drama and want no drama I just wanna live my life and finish uni


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