Shelby @ShelbyPowell
Shelby @ShelbyPowell
Newbury Park
Well if your on my ask fm then you already know me if not why the fuck are you on my ask?
Twitter: @true_barbz
BB Pin:7F027B5A insta: its_prestige_chick_bitch
Make a gift
do what you want i don't care.
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What's on the top of your birthday wish list?
Anything to do with nicki minaj jheez birthdays soon can't wait gonna b tun up
Why don't animals laugh, smile or cry?
They do its just we can't never tell
why do u call urself black when your skin colour in white?
I don't call my self black I class myself as mixed race
If you were a bird, where would you fly?
1st liker gets 10 likes rest 3 each??
Hahaha no
1st liker gets 15 likes and rest 2?? PLEASE
Is my name bob
What worries you the most?
Losing my mum
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Who has been the most important person in your life?
My mum
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do you have any past relationships you dont regret?
Yh a few
Yeah I'm anon
Fuck off. Den
You want to mingle babes
Do I even know u
You single babes
What is in the center of the world?
Who's bae I'm shelby
I love you bae <3
I ain't ur bae
When you need advice, who do you go to?
My mum
Describe best moment of this summer with one photo!
Dnt hv one all my moments was mistakes
i can still take hemerson away from you if i want
Go ahead just watch other ppl take him away from u
Are. You dealing Hemerson
Fuck off he's never gonna b mine I'm never gonna b he's
Hemerson fcked me yesterday we linked
Good for u bitch
hemerson beat me yesterday
Gd for u bitch
If you had three wishes, what would they be?
Yo kill two ppl no names to meet nicki minajs and August and to see my twin sister nd grandparents again
Who do you like? do you still like hemerson?
Fuck off with he's name
Are you and hermerson together?
Fuck off wif dat name
What makes someone powerful?