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How frequently do you talk to distant friends?

Everyday on ask and serebii

Why so? xD

rick astley

I don't have the determination to keep an eye on my sister 24/7/365/mylife

Hey, ziet er nog steeds goed uit! =o


Ik heb nog nul votes, de Piplup van Navarch was ook beter ;)

PAP of the sunset today? Or PAP of the sunset from a previous day!

Lots of determination. >:o (...that's good enough. ;w; )

rick astley

Ah, that is where things go wrong lol ( :P )

Ziet er goed uit! Doet me denken aan die Thwomps van Bowser's Inside Story. Alleen ziet die pleister een beetje vreemd uit...maar voor de rest goed!


Lol, die Twhomps had ik nog nooit gezien ;)

Tja, ben niet de allerbeste in Paint...

Happy 4th of July! What are you doing this weekend?


Then, I believe I am still surviving, yes! (Wait...Newcastle? People actually go to places in England other than London? ;w; )

rick astley

Hurray, can you please tell me how? (It's cheaper and easier to get to by boat from the Netherlands ;) )

Ik denk dat het iets van een uur of twee duurt om zo'n plaatje te maken...?



Dat doe je dan best wel snel vind ik

Is there anything you care less about as you have grown up? What is it?


Ah. Succes alvast!


Komt goed!
Hoe lang heb jij eigenlijk over die van jou gedaan om te maken?

It's World UFO Day! What's the first thing you'd ask an alien?

Are you mad bro?

Hmmm...did I? Or did I not? I don't know! D:

rick astley

Well, she was in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne for the past week (Monday - Thursday)

Die hippopobladieblah, als dat goed is?


Hij is bijna af, ik moet proberen er een pleister op zijn te krijgen in Paint...

Wow, internetmeme gehalte is boven 100% ;)

Helloooo! England is goood! :D

rick astley

Did you survive my sister's wrath?

Ik heb daar nog twee andere van. Laat ik morgen wel zien. :p Oh cool! Mag ik ze misschien? =o


Ben al benieuwd!

Wil je die hippopobladieblah zien? Of bedoel je iets anders

( ) This is the kind of garbage I create with photoshop.


420 No Scope Blaze It ;)

Really Cool BTW, I only make sick Hippopotasses

"...he died. But then he came back and revealed his true identity: God reborn."


10/10 Movie I would watch

Are you back again?

Shiny Swalot


If you could be any OITNB character, who would it be?

OI TNB = Omega Internship Team Nut Bread

I'd be HazelnutWhite!

Is the cake a lie?

Daily Questions


I'm doing good, thanks! Yourself?

rick astley

I am good, thanks

How is England today?

"In the beginning of time..."


''...there was a Swalot''


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