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The Stomach of a Swalot
You know, Swalots are really interesting and awesome. If you think so too, just send me a message on Serebii Forums: Shiny Swalot is the name. I love talking about Swalots! Ow and SWALOT!!!!!!
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Why you give me answers...?  Biskit
Why not?
I have a question for you about memory Link, do you know that?
Don't ask me.  Biskit
What shouldn't I ask?
You also have me those answers. :p  Biskit
yeah, why do I do that?
Should I remind you two that I have more likes then you both?  Biskit
I might have even given you those likes!
Forgetting sucks.  Animal Crossdressing
Laugh laugh!  Animal Crossdressing
cry cry?
Reshiram.  Biskit
ok, nice
How far in advance do you prefer to plan?
Life is strange. Do stupid things with it.  Animal Crossdressing
Thats a oneline I ought to remember
I always forget the good things though
Yup! Using a team that had a mayor weakness to his 'son' 's ultimate Pokemon!  Biskit
Zoroark? :P
No, I know you mean Reshiram or Zekrom
I kicked N's, N's Reshiram's, and Ghetsis' butts with ease.  Biskit
you put Ghetsis in his own Cofragrigus?
I'd rather go for Giga Drain, as you can still do damage with that.  Biskit
thats true
on another note, how did your lilligant only playthough go?
Ni hao!  Animal Crossdressing
Ow, i know that from ni hao Kay lan ^^
dont ask me what I do with my life
Can't forget that.  Biskit
Heal Like crazy with Synthesis? If it can learn it. Or Teeter Dance?
Its up to you.  Animal Crossdressing
Ehm, IDK if the world wants to see a real life Shiny Swalot
Isnt that Japanese?  Animal Crossdressing
Sleep Power, Quiver Dance, Petal Dance + Own Tempo =  Biskit
wow, but you miss the most awesome moe on its moveset:
Giga Drain
Nope, i have not.  Animal Crossdressing
do you want to?
("love". Screw English, lets all speak Korean.)  Animal Crossdressing
Konishi wa
It looks so cute,
until it Quiver Dance sweeps you
I really hate Charizard, he's way too overrated... I'm also a fan of the grass starters.  Biskit
they are much more grassy and hugable than a fire Oh, look! I found my new beating bag, for when I get Smash Bros.! ((Gosh darn it, Charizard! D=))  Biskit
Charizard is the most respected starter of gen 1
But not by me
Hairdresser's? Why not have long, free hair that flows in the wind?  Animal Crossdressing
You ain't seen my head once, right?
Woohoo! (I find the word cheesey.)  Animal Crossdressing
Which word?