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Shiny Swalot @Shiny_Swalot
Shiny Swalot @Shiny_Swalot
The Stomach of a Swalot
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:(  Nopon
Who has been the most important person in your life?
That guy who created Nintendo and stuff, duh
:V  Nopon
True.  Nopon
Lets try it!
Yeah. xD  Nopon
Its impossible, almost impossible
I don't know, I just like how it looks. :V  Nopon
It seems like the mouth is making an impossible angle
:V  Nopon
Ehm, what does it mean?
What is in the center of the world?
The core, duh
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:V  Nopon
:V ?
What makes someone powerful?
Shiny Swalot Powerz
Oh nooooo!  Nopon
It even doesn't say who it is in the link :O
I don't know who that one was though...  Nopon
We'll never know then I guess...
When you can justify a lie?
When I tell myself this question isn't poo
Yeah, I know. :p  Nopon
Yours was some other kind of person
That was the main character in Inazuma Eleven, Endou Mamoru
:v  Nopon
Gewoon kijken :P
Ja?  Nopon
Ach ja... xD  Nopon
hiermee bedoel je dat de series toch nooit gaat kijken ?
oh! nu snap ik het!  Nopon
Ah, weer een deel van het verhaal verrraden :P
"HET IS EEN ROBE! >A<" :p  Nopon
''Ik wist niet dat je kwaad werd!'' Bert & Ernie
Vraag me a wat ze zouden zeggen. :S  Nopon
''Coole cape bro'' :P
WAT?! O_O De enige Pegasus die ik ken zijn de Pegasus Knights van Fire Emblem.  Nopon
Je hebt ook een hissatsu Tri-Pegasus