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You know, Swalots are really interesting and awesome. If you think so too, just send me a message on Serebii Forums: Shiny Swalot is the name. I love talking about Swalots! Ow and SWALOT!!!!!!
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Its too bad the newer Patrick is much more dumb.  Easter Munchies
newer Patrick?
Ok then.
How much of a shopper are you?
Happy Easter!  Easter Munchies
What's the first Pokemon game you played?
Twinkle, twinkle, patrick star, and i made myself a sandwich.  Easter Munchies
Yes, hes a genius
I think I am going to turn of the anonymous question
What sound drives you crazy?
the sound of silence ((yes this refers to that particular song by Simon and Garfunkel))
Yeppety yep yep.  Easter Munchies
Pointy, Pointy Pointy....
I like my poem better
like 4 like?  yuiki yaya
Ehm, no?
What picture comes to your mind when you hear word "fun"?
a picture of fun
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A poem by Patrick Star: Roses are blue, violets are red, I have to go to the bathroom.  Easter Munchies
I know that, its from his song right?
That poem is cheesy.  Easter Munchies
It was made by me-esy
Uhhh... You know, just never mind.
Just kidding, you know :P
I thought you asked who that was? =/  Fancy Creepy Pikachu
What is your most unusual nighttime or morning ritual?
Falling asleep while I want to study
Rhyming is effort. I'm going to stop now. (That wasn't meeeeee)  Easter Munchies
Lets finish with a poem:
It's a beautiful day
Spring is in the air
It's almost the first of May
So get out if you dare
Run through the grass, speed through the forest
Be too far to turn back home
But be sure to be back before August
Because everybody knows
you can't get lost, even when the progression slows
All roads lead to Rome
who this are?
What’s something you should throw away, but can’t?
((Don't say it, Don't say it...))
My account
((**** I did say it))