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SarahAlenzi @Swair23
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Do you prefer books or movies?
Miss u <3
What are you busy with today?
Sleeepingg peacefully
كاهو رجاءً ﻻ تحقرين و سوي  Ala'a♡
KAAAK allah ya5th 3dwch
وش بﻻج وين الﻻيكات ي بعدي ♥ ؟
Wain your username shloun baswi likes balla:)
تكفين ابي ﻻيكات ﻻ هنتي ♥
I lOVE YOU. Ya b3ad alou2♡
I love you more yarou7ii
Iphone or black berry?
Cats or dogs?
Whats your dream?
Best Friend?
There's only friends maku best friend:p
ممكن ﻻيكات ﻻهنتي ♥
Do you prefer chicken, beef or pork meat?
Do you prefer to be behind the camera or in front of it?
Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with?
My father
ممكن تعطوها لايكات ‎@juharah ؟
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Where are you at the moment?
Sweet dreams<3
You tooo
فقط من يحبك : س يحبك أكثر بعد كل خلآف ♡
تتميزين بالطاقه الاجابيه وطموحك العالي الهمه انتي فعلاً مميزه الله يوفقك انشالله اتمنى لكي الخير
Thankyooouu wallaah this made my daay:')
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Naymon :(
Laaa ga3doon
La mo alou2 hehehehe
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Sara love u hehehehe
Madre laysh 7astch alou2 bs anyway i love you more:p
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B3dain y3ni I miss u :)
Gmmmm sunshine
Good morning