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So from reading your Ask, you do believe dragons exited right? Do you think they still do? I love and believe in them too btw.
I believe that there are a lot of creatures that exist in this world that haven't been discovered yet. To answer your question; it's yes and no. Yes, I believe they still exist, but it's probably for the best that humans don't discover them - I believe humans destroy whatever they touch, honestly. They'd be torturing the poor thing and doing so many research on it that it'll die eventually.
And no, because they probably died off like dinosaurs, and the world evolved so it couldn't accommodate their species - which is really sad.
However, I would have loved to get the chance to discover them and learn everything about them, and preserve their kind.
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It was the street team. Are they not part of this fan club? Sorry if I sounded rude earlier.
This fanclub stands on its own. No worries. :-)
Ya it's just that I saw you guys thanking people on Twitter for using /your/ hashtag when we have been using it all along so what's so special about it? It's not like anyone needs to organize it anyway. Aliens just automatically use it when the day comes.
We didn't thank anyone for using "our" hashtag. But I do agree - that's the hashtag Aliens always use when it's their birthday, it's like programmed in us to use it. :D
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What's the best comfort food?
Ice-cream, or fruits. ❤️
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Why do we use the same hashtag to trend for Bill and Tom's birthday every year? Isn't it so over used? lol
Isn't that the standard hashtag used? All the years of being on Twitter, that's probably the only hashtag that we've all been using. It's like a normal thing.
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I really enjoyed reading your answers on the 'Humanoid City' question. :-) And here comes the reason: I've written a story about Humanoid City and the Aliens and I've decided to put 9 of you in the story. And the 9 best answers won! Now it's so, that I've chosen only 6 persons. So 3 more to go!  T0KI0 H0TEL
That's cool. I do story writing/scriptwriting myself! :D
The 6 lucky winners are: ‎@THHungary ‎@sarina_yns ‎@Viola483 ‎@Soph_alien ‎@Lennii_ ‎@skylamarie97 And those who haven't answered yet: HURRY UP ;-)  T0KI0 H0TEL
Finally gotten around to answer it. :-)
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There's a reason why I asked you the last question, guys. And it's pretty cool, to my opinion (the reason!) ;-)  T0KI0 H0TEL
So, it's a rainy day down here. What about you guys? Question of the day: If Humanoid City was an actual place, what would it be like and what role would the boys have there?  T0KI0 H0TEL
I'd want Humanoid City to be a country. The boys would be our leaders/Chiefs. Our national anthem will be Noise. English and German will be our two main languages. We'll all go to a Humanoid Institute, where we'll learn more about the boys, everything there is to be an Alien, we would have music classes to learn to play their songs. I think it'll be nice to have a special training in the academy, where when we graduate, we're entitled to work for the boys, if we want to, but that would be highly exclusive.
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what do you love of yourself?  Lupita
Everything! Especially the fact that I've got the gift of the gab. - this reminds me of the first time I met my stepbrother, I had a poster of TH on my door and the first thing he said was "Who is listening to the German fags?" Guess who blasted Tokio Hotel the whole weekend he was visiting?  Whisper Me ~
YOU DID, GIRL!!! MUAHAHAHA!!! - this reminds me of the first time I met my stepbrother, I had a poster of TH on my door and the first thing he said was "Who is listening to the German fags?" 
Guess who blasted Tokio Hotel the whole weekend he was visiting?
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English: What do you do when someone criticize TH around you? \ Portuguese: O que vc faz quando alguém critica o TH perto de vc?  Ask aliens
The angel in me would just smile and nod because empty vessels make the most noise. The demon in me would blast their songs on purpose, in hopes of annoying that person. :-)
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awww! that's an alien. yeah? *^*  Infinitytkth
Close! An Alien Robot! It's our family's company mascot. :D ❤️
what is the most special gift you've ever received? (post a pic)  Infinitytkth
I have so many! But recently, it's this plush toy I got for my birthday. Given to me by my favorite uncle, and I love it to death! His name is Volt. ❤️
what is the most special gift you've ever received? (post a pic)
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Good day guys. Sunday (deep sigh)... Question of the day: How many of you believe in true love, love at first sight and that we all have a soulmate? And how many of you are searching/waiting for him/her?  T0KI0 H0TEL
I believe in true love, that's for sure. I don't quite believe in love at first sight, because a lot of people make mistakes because of that. I believe in love at first sight when it comes to materialistic things, like when I see an expensive watch that catches my eye, I do fall in love with it. However, I do believe that we all have a soulmate. Our soulmate may not necessarily be the person we marry, though. It could be a best friend, or in my case, it's a lovely person whom I call my Guardian Angel - he's like a best friend, an uncle, a brother, a protector, and a father to me. ❤️
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Are you born in rich family because since you gave your friend an iPad? My parents don't get me a new iPhone even when I want it so much :((
The iPad was a gift to a very special, close friend; my best friend. Some may think that it's just a friend or just a best friend, but even after graduating and now studying in different universities, we still remain close friends, and we always have each other's backs. He's my best friend, he's gay, and I love him. We're supportive of each other, and to me, that's a sign of a true friend. If he needs a house in a future and I'm a billionaire, I'll buy him any house he wants, even if it costs 10 million. I buy things with the money I earn, not my parents' money. :-)
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Who is the happiest person in the world?
Those who begin their journey by appreciating everything that they have in life, before they go out to achieve and work for what they don't have.
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do you like giving or receiving gifts more? what is the last gift you gave and got?
I like giving. I think it's nice to see the other person being happy and excited over something you gave them. The last gift I gave was my best friend's birthday, and I got him the iPad Air cuz I know he wanted it really badly. The last gift I got was a whole bunch of Victoria's Secret perfume, body wash, body lotion, bags, wallet, and other products from my mom cuz I did well in my exams.
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So... I got this suggestion from an anon, to ask you guys the following: What are you guys jealous of about the people around you and why? I'm wondering why this person suggested this question. But thank you anon, anyway!  T0KI0 H0TEL
Honestly, I'm not jealous of anyone. I think jealousy makes a person bitter deep down inside. And it's not the life I wanna live. :-)
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The evening question is up! What do your parents, friends, boyfriends and/or girlfriends actually think about Tokio Hotel?  T0KI0 H0TEL
Ah, they all love the band. My best friends are Aliens as well, and my parents are very supportive of me supporting them. They've even followed us to their concerts.
If you could witness any historical moment, which one would it be?
It may sound insane, but probably during the era of which dragons and dinosaurs once existed. I think it would have been nice to see what they were like.
Happy weekend everybody! :-) Finally: it's time to relax a bit! Question of the day: Which one of the songs you listen to represents each one of the boys?  T0KI0 H0TEL
Hilf Mir Fliegen reminds me of Bill, Raise Your Hands reminds me of Tom, Reden reminds me of Georg, and Ich Brech Aus reminds me of Gustav. ❤️
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Good day guys! How are you all? The first question of today is: If you had to choose between: being on stage with the boys or meeting them backstage, which one would you choose?  T0KI0 H0TEL
We are good! Super busy, been in back-to-back meetings all day, but I'm feeling pumped up!
Wow. I spend most of my time onstage in front of large crowds, so I think I would go for backstage on this one.
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Goodnight question! If you were about to make a movie with Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav, what kind of a movie would it be and what characters would each of them play? Good night/have a wonderful day, little supporters! And take care of yourselves a little, will you?  T0KI0 H0TEL
I think it would be a mixture of Vampire Academy and The Mortal Instruments. Bill and Tom could be like the Moroi, Georg could be a Dhampir, and Gustav would be a Shadowhunter. ❤️
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Are you enjoying THTV?  Ask aliens
Of course! They should have started it a long time ago.