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Hey guys. Weekend is almost over. Question of the Day: If you could meet your child right now, and you could give him/her 1 advice, what would you tell him/her?  T0KI0 H0TEL
To follow your dreams, and that I will be there for her/him no matter what. I will always have my child's back, and always do good.
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you've watched the new teaser of LWLYB? what do you think about it? you liked it? /Você assistiu ao teaser de Love who loves you back? o que achou? gostou?  Ask aliens - Pensamentos TH
Love it!
Hello guys! Good saturday! QAY (question about you) Do you have any pets? / Olá pessoal, bom sábado! Vocês tem algum animal de estimação?  Ask aliens - Pensamentos TH
A dog.
RRR vs GGAG vs LWLYB  Ask aliens - Pensamentos TH
Torn between Run, Run, Run, and Love Who Loves You Back.
You will buy the super deluxe album? some of you already bought? / Vocês vão comprar o super deluxe de Kings of Suburbia? alguem aqui já comprou na pré venda?  Ask aliens - Pensamentos TH
Already bought!
Tokio Hotel week lol what day of the week you expect more? and why? / Qual dia da semana vocês esperam mais? e por que ?  Ask aliens - Pensamentos TH
Tokio Hotel TV! Nice to see their little adventures every week!
Which is the cutest? Pumba or Buddy? why ? /Qual é o mais fofo? Pumba ou Buddy? e por que ? (falando sobre os cães de Bill e Georg)  Ask aliens - Pensamentos TH
Both. Simply because they're dogs. I love dogs. ❤️
Question of the Day: How many of you have already pre ordered 'Kings of Suburbia'? :-)  T0KI0 H0TEL
We have! So excited! Can't wait to get it!
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What do you expect from this new video ? #LWLYB  Ask aliens - Pensamentos TH
No expectations. I go with the flow.
Yes! Now we know for sure Bill is bi!
I've personally made out with girls, and I have 0 attraction towards them. Soooooooo.......?
Hey guys. How are you all? WM Question: What's your lucky number? ((By the was I just created a new personal account and I'd like you to know that, because when it comes to personal questions, I'd like you to ask me that there, thank you all :-) It's: ‎@paledskin ))
Oh, I don't think I have a lucky number. Most likely 626. It's been my car's number plate for a long time. Cool, will give you a follow!
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Monday is back again. It's a very gray day. MM Question: Which flower represents you?  T0KI0 H0TEL
A rose. I don't really know why, but it somehow does. Haha.
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Hey, I'm sleepless so that's why this question. Sleepless Question: Is there anything on earth that can calm your restless mind?  T0KI0 H0TEL
Good music. :D
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We should be buying it instead of ripping it off for free. Artists make money that way, to put food on their table. You wouldn't like people giving your hard work away for free, now, would you?
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aliens are being rude to the teaser of girl got a gun. what do you think? you like the new teaser?  Ask aliens - Pensamentos TH
I believe we all have our own opinions on it, and it should be respected. There's a difference between being rude and voicing out constructive criticism.
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Hey. FM Question: If you could live in another time/century, which one would you choose and why?  T0KI0 H0TEL
Where dragons existed. :-)
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Question of the Day: Girl got a gun. But we didn't get a video. Besides, it's a new song, in a new style. How do you guys like it?  T0KI0 H0TEL
It's different. I'm sure we'll get used to it. :-)
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hello guys! did you listen to girl got a gun? I loved it! what about you? \ Olá pessoal, vocês ouviram girl got a gun? eu amei! e voces?  Ask aliens - Pensamentos TH
Loved it, too!
if you could, with whom would you spend your day and why? (a TH member of course) / Se você pudesse,com quem passaria o seu dia e por que ? (um membro do TH claro)  Ask aliens - Pensamentos TH
Bill. I would like to get to know him better, the person behind this icon. I think there's a lot more to him than he can tell. I like getting to know people on different levels. From their dreams to their achievements, to their thoughts, their views on life, and how they perceive the world.
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Morning everyone. Have a nice day! WM Question: What thought, what worry or desire is on your mind each day? Something that's starting to annoy you because you can't turn it off.  T0KI0 H0TEL
It always has something to do with cleanliness. I'm a freak when it comes to cleanliness and tidiness.
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Hey Aliens :-) Question of the Day: What is 'beauty'? What makes us beautiful? How much do our looks count and how much counts what's inside, what we show from the inside?  T0KI0 H0TEL
Imperfections, being proud of your flaws makes you beautiful, it shows you're comfortable with yourself. First impressions do count, because that's the first thing people notice about you. It's an automatic reaction for people to form an opinion on you before talking to you, and I believe that's where the way you dress comes into play. Not everyone is gonna take the time to understand everything about you deeply. But beauty is within, if you're rotten on the inside, nothing can help that. You can even eat all the makeup you want, you'll never be beautiful.
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Hey everybody! It's Saturday again! :-) How are you all? Question of the Day: What is your motto for life?  T0KI0 H0TEL
Carpe diem! Seize the day! Heh.
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Late, but: Better late then never! Question of the Day: What is your favourite animal?  T0KI0 H0TEL
A dog. Or a dragon.
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Jojo Wright mentioned Tom in new video (on his instagram). let's follow Tom aliens!
Uh, no. How about we wait for the band to officially announce it on their official website instead? That would sound more logical than blindly following an account that may not be real.
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