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Today's question: what would you do if the band ended today?  Ask aliens
I would listen to all their albums the whole day, and watch all their interviews and live DVDs, and just relive the great moments. :-)
What I really love about this fan club is that they are not judgemental, they don't believe in rumors and drama, they don't assume things and they're always nice. Keep up your work!!
Thank you! ❤️
Why Bill still single? Does he can't find TRUE LOVE?
Maybe he prefers to take his time. Maybe he doesn't want to rush into anything. Maybe it's not his priority. It can be many things. However, only he can give you the correct answer.
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What apps do you mostly use on your phone?
WhatsApp, FaceTime, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Reminders,, etc.
Question of the day: if you could take a costly gift for each member of tokio hotel, what would it be? if you had lots of money of course  Ask aliens
Bill: A beach house.
Tom: An Island.
Georg: A theme park.
Gustav: A luxury yacht.
Question of the day: if you could take a costly gift for each member of tokio hotel, what would it be? if you had lots of money of course
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Today's question: in which month Tokio Hotel will release the new album,in your opinion?  Ask aliens
December, 31st.
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How do you feel about Ukraine now since they shot down your plane MH17?
Our problem isn't with Ukraine or Ukrainians, because you can't stereotype the entire nation based on disgraceful actions done by a handful.
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So sorry for another Malaysia Airlines plane to crash. It must be hard for you all. :(
Indeed, it is. Thank you for your kind message.
Tokio Hotel APP aliens,get it now!  Ask aliens
Is that even an official app by the band?
Re: See T monitors R’s IG to not use #BTK no more, I proved ‘R is from escort service!’ ▷▶ R’s from escor … / anon
Linda, stop being sore and piss off. That's not even Tom's real Instagram. You are filled with lies, and inaccurate information. You are so jealous of Ria that you dedicated your entire life trying to bring her down. You, Linda Park, are a disgusting swine. IF Ria did get plastic surgery, at least she can change the way she looks. You, on the other hand, you can't change your ugly, and disgusting personality. Now, go away, freak.
If you could add just one feature (example: eyes) to yourself from your favorite Tokio Hotel member, what would it be?  Ask aliens
Bill's beautiful face structure. ❤️
If you could add just one feature (example: eyes) to yourself from your favorite Tokio Hotel member, what would it be?
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Today's question: if you had a chance to go to a meet and greet, what would you say to them (Tokio Hotel), in just 1 minute?  Ask aliens
I would tell them how inspiring and how happy their music made me feel and seeing them live, and I'll tell them to never stop doing what they're doing because they're simply amazing.
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Voted many times! :-)
Aliens, have you ever had a dream about Tokio Hotel? What was it about? How did you feel when you woke up and found out it wasn't real?  Ask aliens
I had a dream that I went out with them a day before their concert, and we hung out the whole day, we were having lots of fun. And even fell in love with one of the members and vice versa, but when I woke up, I was still in my bed. I felt like shit. That's all I can say.
When do you expect the album to be released?  Ask aliens
Year end, probably.
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If Tokio Hotel could only sing one old song on their next tour, which song would it be?  Ask aliens
Either Durch Den Monsun or Unendlichkeit.
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If you could, what mystical creature would you be?
A cute dragon. ❤️
If you could, what mystical creature would you be?
If you had the power to remove just one tattoo from any of the guys' bodies, which one would it be? If you could add a tattoo to anyone of them, show us what it would look like and where it would be placed.  Ask aliens
Probably Bill's latest tattoo. Nothing wrong with it, it's nice, but we don't really fancy it. If we could add one to him, it would be a tattoo of a dragon, probably somewhere on his leg or on his back.
who is the one who you care about more in this world?  Devilish nightmare
My mother, my uncle. My family, basically.
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Imagine this: you finally get to go on a date with your favorite Tokio Hotel member, but your parents disapprove and tell you that you can't go. What do you do? Risk losing your family for your dream date, or stay loyal and call it off? Why?  Ask aliens
That would be a bummer. But I suppose my parents will just have to understand and respect my dream, because I will stop at nothing to achieve it and make it happen. They'll love Bill anyway.
If Tokio Hotel could collaborate with one other band, who would it be?  Ask aliens
Black Veil Brides. Both lead singers have incredible vocals.
Hello aliens,how are you? are you happy today because Germany won the game yesterday ? #worldcup #brazil #tokiohotel  Ask aliens
We are really happy.
Does TH have alot of Muslim fans in Malaysia?!
Muslim, I'm not too sure about it. I suppose they do since Malaysia is a Muslim country. However, I didn't realize religion played an important role of being a Tokio Hotel fan. But I can tell you that 2/4 of our admins are Muslims.
question of the day: if you could, what tattoo would you indicate to the Bill ?  Ask aliens
"The Bill"? Did you mean "to Bill"? Well, probably love rune, or a snowflake tattoo.
What do you expect from the new TH album? Do you think it will be worth the wait? If you were to design the perfect album, what would it sound like?  Ask aliens
We don't expect anything, that's for sure. I do believe it will be worth the wait as they always know how to surprise us. As for the sound of the new album, I would like it to sound more rock, but with a little bit of electronic music. Something like Humanoid, but more rock. Or something with killer beats would be great.