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Can you provide translation to the latest article either english or malay? Have you done article in malay?
Hi there! Ok, we have asked our friend ‎@SarahK483 to do a translation, so we're just waiting for her email right now. No, we haven't done an article in Malay before - we try to keep everything in English because that way, fans from all over the world can understand. :-)
Hello everybody. How are we these days? Guys, I really hope everyone is doing just fine and if there is anything I can do for you: don't hesitate to message me. Please! Question of the Day: Who gives you hope every day, to carry on? Who makes you smile the most? I love you all.  T0KI0 H0TEL
We love you, too! <3
Well, I can say that I give my own self hope? It's hard to depend on anyone these days. People always say to count on those close to you, but even they will let you down someday, and you won't really expect it. I guess that never really left me a choice but to depend solely on myself. As for who makes me smile the most, my mom does. And also Tokio Hotel. <3
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Have you heard the news about Zayn leaving One Direction? What do you think about it?  Träumer
Yeah, it's all over the news, and all over the radio with girls crying, saying they don't know what to do with their lives anymore. Honestly, it's no big deal for me. It's not something tragic. Maybe that's best for him now, and I think everyone should be happy for him. Yes, it's sad that One Direction won't be the same anymore, but what's more important than that is their happiness. We're not One Direction fans, but we respect them, and we wish Zayn all the best in his future career. I'm sure they're all very talented young lads. :-)
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Let me guess... Y'all are pretending not to care about this award, but you're still secretly voting? Haha. Well, sure! :-)
Define the word "wise":  Träumer
Having enough experience to be able to share your knowledge with others. Someone who sees, not two, but three sides to a coin. :-)
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What kind of questions do you like to get? :o  Träumer
We love all kinds of questions! We like to change things about instead of always having the same stuff. :D
When John Lennon graduated at school, the rector asked him: "What do you want to be?" and John answered "Happy." The rector thought he had misunderstood the question and John answered: "I didn't misunderstand the question, you've misunderstood life." What do you think about this?  Träumer
Well, I guess 'cause such questions are very vague and general, so I don't think his answer is wrong. You can be anything you want in life. I have a friend who was asked the same question and he said he wants to be free. And freedom can mean SO many things. I believe being happy is very, VERY important in life. :D
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Everyone keeps asking the band to make the FIA tour dvd in their country, i just think it's getting so overrated.
Right?! Totally not against them asking, but I believe it's up to the band to decide. It's their show, so it should be their choice. It wouldn't be fair if fans of a certain country want it and the band do it just to please those fans, because what about the rest of the fans in other parts of the world? Everyone just needs to chill and stop spamming them. Let Tokio Hotel decide.
Is global warming real? What do you think will happen?
Of course it's real. Everyone knows how messed up the weather is. What I think will happen is that... The Universe will one day wipe out this whole Earth (hopefully only keep the good and kind hearted around) and restore itself to its original beauty. People don't really have respect for the world they live in anymore, and that's really sad.
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That picture made me laugh so much because I'm too lazy to have a password on my phone x)  Sandra
Right?! Yet people don't dare look through my phone because they actually believe there are things inside there which are "dangerous", as they say. They either think I'm a secret agent or a serial killer. O.o
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Post something cute/funny/interesting?
Just came across this.
Post something cute/funny/interesting?
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Babes! <3 I have a simple request which I hope you won't mind... Can you upload some of the concert pictures onto your site? I mean for those clear ones. :) I really can't keep up with so many being posted here and there :P
Oh, hey! You Tweeted us this question earlier, right? Anyways, yes, we can. I doubt we can upload all, but we'll upload as many as we can and add a link to where you will be able to view more. :-)
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Ha ha. That twitter drama is dumb. Fans don't know the lyrics? That's complete bull I tell ya. Non German speaking fans know their German songs by heart and they expect us to believe that they don't know the English songs?
I guess not everyone does. The issue we have is some of them not respecting the band at all. If you know the English version, then sing along, if you don't, I guess it's fine to sing in the language you're comfortable with, but you don't force them to sing the version you want, and you certainly don't 'boo' them. That is rude, no matter where you're from.
Ha ha. That twitter drama is dumb. Fans don't know the lyrics? That's complete bull I tell ya. Non German speaking fans know their German songs by heart and they expect us to believe that they don't know the English songs?
There's always so much drama in this fandom lol. What you said was true tho .. I think its fine if fans don't know the lyrics but maybe just hum it or just don't force the boys to sing what they want. but I'm shocked they would take it to the extend of booing them tho, that's nuts!! O_O
Fans may have meant it as a joke, but it's obvious common sense that you do not do such a thing at anybody, but of course, some fans think they can do no wrong and they think distasteful actions such as this is amusing and funny.
" Money can't buy you a good attitude. Respect is worth far more than money. " Srsly guys, that is so true. Glad you spoke up about it
Money is completely worthless if you have a bad attitude. It will only buy you false friends, and true enemies. It's like some successful artists like Justin Bieber; I'm sure he's quite talented, and he has a big fan-base. However, his attitude and behavior was rather distasteful, which gave him a bad reputation, but I suppose he is trying to be better now, which is good for him.
It is the same for Tokio Hotel, I believe the reason why they didn't know their annoyance was because it's their fans, and they are professionals, and unlike most, they are very good-natured. :-)
Would you ever get a piercing? Where?
Probably a septum piercing. I already have a few piercings.
Hey Aliens (non Aliens too, of course)! How are we today? Since Ask is free, you all should take advantage of it and write me if anything goes wrong or if you just need someone to talk to. Today's Question: If someone gave you a book and you realized it was about your entire life, would you read it?  T0KI0 H0TEL
We will. And just know that we're always here for a chat, too. You can always contact us and if you wish to speak privately instead of here, we'll be more than willing. :-)
I would eventually read it, but I would like to experience it as my life evolves. However, I do strongly believe that it is written so that I will succeed. :-)
Hello everyone! Here it's Sunday evening, so I'm kind of losing my temper because I hate tomorrow (not just because it's Monday). How is everyone else? Today's Question: What is one thing you can't tolerate?  T0KI0 H0TEL
Aww. Cheer up, sweetie! We hope your Monday will be fabulous. <3
I can't tolerate people who don't know how to respect the opinions of others, people who are sometimes far too ignorant to think clearly before acting upon a certain situation. Also, rude and disrespectful people who don't know their boundaries. I believe you can see that happening in the Alien fandom a lot. Heh. Some may have just matured physically, but not mentally.
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Omg some of these fans tho lol. They get so pissed off whenever their opinions don't match another person's opinion.
The fact that they constantly feel the need to defend their opinions to us just shows how small-minded they are when it comes to respecting opinions. They forget that it's our account and we have every right to say what (we) feel. Then again, it also makes us feel that we're all the more correct because they spend hours spamming us with their opinions which never seemed to make sense to what we initially said. Haha. We have 99 problems, but these fans being butthurt over what we said is far from one of them. ;-)
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I think he just doesn't mind singing it in German in some places and others in English right?
That's what we've been saying. I believe he also knows which version is suited best for each place.
Do you think Bill meant it that he'll walk off the stage? I understand why he would say it and lightly joke about it.
Of course he wouldn't do that. They are professional entertainers.
Hello everybody! The last question was a pretty long time ago, so here we go again. How is everyone doing these days? *Khm* is the weather only here that shitty? Well... Question of the Day: To your opinion, are words or actions stronger? Why? Take care everyone! The sun will shine again soon...  T0KI0 H0TEL
I've missed your questions, love! Hope you've been well. <3
I believe actions are stronger. Words are just words if there are no actions to it. There's a difference between saying something and actually doing it. I have more trust and respect for people who practice what they preach. :-)
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Why aren't you helping Peru fans to trend for TH to come to Peru? Pls help!
We support the effort of Peruvian fans wanting the band to go to their country, but we're Malaysians, not Peruvians. Only said fans from that country should propose it. Furthermore, every fan wants the band in their country or a particular state, so do we. We'd rather just let the band announce where they're gonna tour. :D
Hey guys/girls? I wanted to ask you about the ads on your website, are they ok to be clicked on? I seen some that interest me but I'm afraid it's a spam.
Go ahead and check them out. Clicking on our ads actually help promote the band, that's the only reason why we have those ads there. We're trying to reach out to as many people as possible to promote Tokio Hotel. :-)
What's your biggest phobia?
Not getting a selfie with Tokio Hotel. LOL.
Okay, no, really... Probably not wildly succeeding in life.