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Hey Aliens! How are you? Happy weekend! Question of the Day: If you could marry anyone on earth, who would you pick?  T0KI0 H0TEL
We are good! Hope you are, too. Um... Bill Kaulitz? Haha. He's one hell of a beautiful soul. ❤️
2 people like this I'd like to know ur opinion on this (I know the visibility sucks but hope you'll be able to read it) especially ur thoughts upon what's shown on Bill's wallpaper. Is it true or just a rumor, etc.Thanks
It's hard to tell what's real and what's not anymore. People can make up stories, or maybe mistake it for something else other than what it really is.
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Hey guys! How are you all? Hope your weekend is peaceful and enjoyable. Question of the Day: If you had the chance to rename yourself, what name would you like to have?  T0KI0 H0TEL
I think Renesmee is a beautiful name. However, I am very happy with my own name. It was given to me by my beloved parents who love it, and are proud of it, so I am, too. :-)
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And there I go again: 2 am, and I'm still wide awake... Late night Question: What's your zodiac and your element?  T0KI0 H0TEL
Gemini, and my element is fire!
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Hey hey! Hope you guys are okay. Question of the Day: Imagine that you wake up in a different body each day. What do you think would be the positive and negative parts about it?  T0KI0 H0TEL
I suppose the positive part would be discovering their lives, see what it's like to be them. The downside would probably be discovering their bad habits.
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Can you truly love more than one person?
Well, yes... But you can't be in love with more than one person.
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Hey everybody, how was/is your day? Question of the Day: If you could be someone from a song, which song would you pick? There is always a hidden person behind a certain song. And that's what I mean. Behind which song would you like to be that 'hidden person'?  T0KI0 H0TEL
You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban. He sings about someone who seems so strong, like what a mentor would be. And I would love to have that kind of impact on people.
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Thanks everyone for your reply :-) Question of the Day: What does 'goodbye' mean to you? When you read or hear that word, do you think that it means that someone leaves for good?  T0KI0 H0TEL
Yes, I do think that someone leaves for good when they say goodbye. The word saddens me, sometimes, especially when you don't want that person to leave. Personally, I've said goodbye to many things and people, and I've never looked back ever since.
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Hey everyone! Happy weekend. Hope you're all okay. Question of the Day: Have you guys heard the album yet? Which song is your absolute favorite?  T0KI0 H0TEL
Yes, we have! It's amazing!!! I think my favorite is Invaded. I can relate so well to the lyrics. I feel the pain, the memories, and that it will never be this way again. Honestly, it breaks my heart. Kings Of Suburbia has amazing songs and lyrics to describe exactly what I'm feeling. They did an amazing job!
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Hey Aliens! How are you? :-) Question of the Day: What scares you the most and what is your biggest fear?  T0KI0 H0TEL
Losing the people I care most about. And probably not ending up rich. Haha.
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Hey everybody! How are you? Here I am again. Sorry for being off for so long, but things aren't 'okay' at the moment. Question of the Day: What makes you 'you'? What things make 'you' different from others? What would you never change and give up about yourself?  T0KI0 H0TEL
We are good. Aww! Hope everything gets better soon, love! ❤️
I suppose my personality, the way I think, and all my flaws makes me "me". I can't say what makes me different from others, I think people close to me will be able to answer that. I would never change the way I think. I always try to be as positive and as hardworking as I can be. I believe in chasing after your dreams, and working hard for what you want. I don't believe in the whole "If it's meant to be, it'll be.", that's like waiting for something to happen instead of making it happen. If there is a will, there's a way. I won't want to change that about myself.
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Hey guys. Wow, this time I'm very late! Sorry, but I just had the most beautiful day of my life! :-) Question of the Day: ''Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.'' - do you think that's true? What do you believe about the past, the present and the future?  T0KI0 H0TEL
I do believe in that. Our past does define us, in my opinion, it's either in a good way or a bad way. I believe in cherishing what we have in the present, and making most of what we have. As for the future, things always change, but we work as hard as we can to achieve the things we want in our future. If it doesn't go as planned, take it as a lesson, move on, and do better. Every new day is a gift, a chance to make things right. Even each hour, minute or second, is also a gift.
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Hey everybody! How are you all? Hope you had a nice day :-) Question of the Day: If you could pick to have only one emotion, one feeling of them all, which one would you choose?  T0KI0 H0TEL
To not feel anything at all.
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Hey everyone! LWLYB is out! Finally :-) Question of the Day: What's the nicest and most meaningful thing that you've ever done for someone?  T0KI0 H0TEL
Well, recently, for one of our admins Izzy, she was going through a rough time and just by me being there, listening to her and comforting her, she felt so good about herself because someone was by her side, and I guess that made me feel good about myself.
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Hey guys. Weekend is almost over. Question of the Day: If you could meet your child right now, and you could give him/her 1 advice, what would you tell him/her?  T0KI0 H0TEL
To follow your dreams, and that I will be there for her/him no matter what. I will always have my child's back, and always do good.
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you've watched the new teaser of LWLYB? what do you think about it? you liked it? /Você assistiu ao teaser de Love who loves you back? o que achou? gostou?  Ask aliens
Love it!
Hello guys! Good saturday! QAY (question about you) Do you have any pets? / Olá pessoal, bom sábado! Vocês tem algum animal de estimação?  Ask aliens
A dog.
RRR vs GGAG vs LWLYB  Ask aliens
Torn between Run, Run, Run, and Love Who Loves You Back.
You will buy the super deluxe album? some of you already bought? / Vocês vão comprar o super deluxe de Kings of Suburbia? alguem aqui já comprou na pré venda?  Ask aliens
Already bought!
Tokio Hotel week lol what day of the week you expect more? and why? / Qual dia da semana vocês esperam mais? e por que ?  Ask aliens
Tokio Hotel TV! Nice to see their little adventures every week!
Which is the cutest? Pumba or Buddy? why ? /Qual é o mais fofo? Pumba ou Buddy? e por que ? (falando sobre os cães de Bill e Georg)  Ask aliens
Both. Simply because they're dogs. I love dogs. ❤️
Question of the Day: How many of you have already pre ordered 'Kings of Suburbia'? :-)  T0KI0 H0TEL
We have! So excited! Can't wait to get it!
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What do you expect from this new video ? #LWLYB  Ask aliens
No expectations. I go with the flow.
Yes! Now we know for sure Bill is bi!
I've personally made out with girls, and I have 0 attraction towards them. Soooooooo.......?