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Have you seen 50 shades of grey and what do you think about it?
It's banned in Malaysia, but we have seen it. Well, we don't agree with torturing women and inflicting pain on them out of pleasure. Everyone should be treated with respect, love and kindness. Unfortunately, BDSM kinda humiliates one party. That's just our opinion. The movie was good, overall. I hope they go more in depth with Grey's character in their future movies. I feel like there are many layers of him that have yet to be discovered. Not a fan of the ending, though. But hey, Christian Grey is hot, hot, hot!
Which famous person have you met or been close to?
I've met quite many as I was once in that line of managing them when they come, or being sent to their concerts or to interview them. There are a few whom I still personally keep in contact with till today. Some of the boys of Far East Movement, for example, and also Frankmusik. Tamar Kaprelian, she's really sweet. Tokio Hotel has been our favorite, so far. Really fun, nice guys.
Please help us share and trend a fanaction for today evening!!! The hashtag is #RunRunRunIsATokioHotelSong Thank you !!
Why are the Aliens still attacking Kelly? We've read what you guys had to say about that fan action, and we're not going to get involved in it because it's not right. Firstly, it is wrong to be attacking someone who wasn't aware of something. Kelly did apologize, and it's not her fault that she wasn't aware. What's the point of having a management if you're going to do the research and everything else yourself? Frankly speaking, Kelly has been around longer than Tokio Hotel has, we're not siding anyone, but that's the truth. Perhaps she hasn't heard much of them. She apologized to Tokio Hotel and they accepted it, so what's the issue? Also, it's Tokio Hotel's song, not yours, so why is everyone getting so worked up about it?
You guys attacking her and saying mean things about her makes you a bully. Do you not remember that Tokio Hotel doesn't approve of bullies? And dare you call yourselves their fan? It's so shameful. Learn to have a good word about everyone you cross paths with, even those who aren't nice. It'll make you a better, happier and more peaceful person.
This is a matter involving Tokio Hotel and Kelly Clarkson, not the Aliens, and not her fans. Stop shaming our fandom, no one will ever want to associate themselves with us or Tokio Hotel ever again, if this is the attitude of their fans. Put your egos aside, know when to draw the line and step back. We, humans, are SO flawed, people make mistakes, and if they say they're sorry, accept it. Stop behaving so ruthless and uncouth, it's no wonder the band wanted to stay away from us for a while. Learn to be peaceful and selfless, not arrogant. And this is definitely no way of proving you have the band's back. Having their back means supporting them and standing by them, not act like hooligans and viciously attack other people. Be civilized, we've met animals who behave better than some of you.
Now, please stop spamming us with this hashtag, because we will not support such a negative cause. Stop embarrassing the band. Danke. Much love. <3
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Hello guys! It's Sunday again and we're all upset about the fact that the week is about to start again, I know. But, keep the faith everyone! Question of the Day: Instead of actually asking anything, it's 'free space' now: write, post anything related to Tokio Hotel. Quotes, thoughts etc.  T0KI0 H0TEL
Well, the new week is about to start, so it's a brand new week to start something great and make the most of the week! :D
I really love the interview they recently did. I loved listening to them speak about their music and how they feel about it, and their experiences so far.
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If you could choose one (yes that’s right, one only) of Tokio Hotel’s old songs that they would perform live at the tour, which one would you pick?  Sandra
Wo Sind Eure Hände! Loving that song so much right now.
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Hello aliens <3 How was your day? post your fav song from TH here: (Olá aliens <3 Como foi o dia de vcs? Poste sua musica favorita do TH aqui:)  Ask aliens
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Yesterday, there was no question. Sorry! Duty called! Question of the Day: What makes us eternal? Have you ever felt infinite? How did it feel? I wish you all a wonderful day/night! Love, love, love and pixie dust from Everland!  T0KI0 H0TEL
I once felt that way. It was beautiful and it felt like I could conquer the world.
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Hello people! How is everybody today? I'm here if you need anything, even if we've never really talked before. Keep that in mind! Question of the Day: Which song of which band/singer do you wish you'd have written? And why?  T0KI0 H0TEL
I wish I wrote "Invaded" together with Bill. Story of my life. O.O
Hey guys! How are you all? Anything exciting or new happened? Question of the Day: In which, of all magical worlds that you know, would you like to live and why?  T0KI0 H0TEL
If you watch Once Upon A Time, then I'd love to live in Storybrooke where magic and happy endings exists.
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What's the thing you say the most?
What's the thing you say the most?
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10. How would your dream video for "Feel it All" be?  So So Frosch
The band performing on top of a mountain, with a huge crowd cheering below as the sun rises behind the band. It has to be dark and edgy.
Hey guys! Hope everyone's okay. If you need anything, feel welcome to write me. Either anonymously or with your name. Question of the Day: What comes to your mind when you read the word "clean" ?  T0KI0 H0TEL
Coming from someone who's super OCD, everything has to be neat, tidy and not even a speck of dust around, but it can also mean something pure, to me.
9. When Bill likes a photo on Instagram, it happens that fans spam the comments with eager opinions. Often anger with other fans, or love for Bill. Is this bad or good for Bill and Tokio Hotel?  So So Frosch
I think it's cute when they send him nice and sweet messages. But when they start sending silly nonsense, especially telling him that they're his "soulmate". No, he doesn't know you exist, no, he is definitely not going to take your word for it. And when fans start spreading anything negative to him, or among other fans, that's obviously a bad impression for the band.
Hey there, my lovely Aliens! How is everyone? Question of the Day: What has been your best experience in this fandom so far? And what's been the worst? Take care you guys!  T0KI0 H0TEL
When we all unite together for a good cause. That's just amazing.
The worst is when Aliens start attacking other people, so immature.
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8. Have you heard the remixes of Love Who Loves You Back? If so, what do you think about them?  So So Frosch
I love it! <3
7. Why are some Aliens better than others?  So So Frosch
Nope, I don't think any Alien are better than others. We're all equal, unless you start spreading negativity and hate, then no, it doesn't make that person better than anyone else.
Hey guys! Hope you're okay. The week is almost over again. Question of the Day: Have you ever thought about it or considered (to) write/ing a book about your life (your experiences, your personality and identity etc.)  T0KI0 H0TEL
I am actually working on that right now, but it's more of a business-related book, which also relates to my life and my achievements.
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If you had to pick one Tokio Hotel song to never have been written, one song that simply wouldn’t exist. Which one would you pick, and why?  Sandra
Oh, no... I don't think I can actually pick one. I love all their songs, I might pass out trying to figure out which one I don't want. O.O Haha.
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Hello everyone! How are we today?It's pretty late over here, but I just can't sleep (as usual). Question of the Day: Do you play or, at least, know any video games? If you play any, which one and which one is your favorite? I have no idea how I came up with this question. But there you have it.  T0KI0 H0TEL
I play The Sims, mostly. Hahaha
I'm gonna start sending Alien questions again, but since I don't know who I used to have on my list it will be a mix between old questions and new ones. If you've already answered it once feel free to delete it, or answer again. I'll ask one question every week, if you don't want them let me know :)  Sandra
Yay, questions from our dear Sandra! :D
We look forward to it! <3
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5. You wake up and check social media. Something's happened, and you soon learn that a sex tape with your favorite Tokio Hotel member has leaked. He has made a public plea on their Facebook page for Aliens NOT to look at the film. You find a link. Will you click it, and watch the film anyway?  So So Frosch
No, definitely not. First of all, I don't watch porn, nor do I find it amusing in any way. I think sex should be something private. And I think it's only respectful that I do not watch their sex tape. It's disgusting enough to have it leaked, because people clearly don't know how to respect people's privacy. The least I could do is to not watch it.
4. In the recent interview, Bill said "I love Kate Winslet a lot. She’s kind of old for me, but there’s something about her, I just think she’s sexy. And she’s an amazing actress". What do you think when you read this? Can you imagine them together?  So So Frosch
Nope, definitely not. But I just think he finds her attractive and very talented, that's about it.
Good evening everyone! Or afternoon, or morning... how is my lovely fandom today? Question of the Day: What made you deeply think lately? How often do you over think and how often do you stand still at things (little things especially!)?  T0KI0 H0TEL
I believe it works both ways for me. I either overthink every detail, or I take things very lightly.
I wish you all a very happy and beautiful year, full with joy and laughter and happiness! May many of your dreams come true! :-)  T0KI0 H0TEL
And we sincerely wish the same for you, too! <3
Good Saturday evening everyone! How are you all? :-) How was your week? Question of the Day: What's the most beautiful property of the human kind, according to you? Why?  T0KI0 H0TEL
The mind. It has the ability to control everything, your thoughts, and sometimes even your heart and its feelings.
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