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#IceBucketChallengeAliens let's do it ???  Ask aliens
Nope! I personally feel it's a waste of water. If people wanna donate, just donate. If they feel they wanna give away water that they don't want, please just give it to those who are in desperate need of it.
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Hey, do you mind deleting that ask from crazy Linda with the email address? That's mine. She thinks I'm banging Tom and is posting my info everywhere.
Removed, dear. How did she even get your info in the first place?
Have any of you done the Ice Bucket Challenge?
If you consider ‎@SarahK483's (on Twitter) friends who threw a bucket of ice water on her without her consent, then yes. XD
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Later I suggest R said BTK's / anon
If it's not announced on, then...
Later I suggest R said BTK's / anon - is ignoring you supposed to be something bad? Finally, I'd say :D  Whisper Me ~
There should be a brain camp for all these stupid people. Haha.
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What's for I lie? Bye, ignore you!! / anon
Yeah, keep ignoring us.
What's for I lie? Bye, ignore you!! / anon
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I'm not L as she's in cafe! / anon
"Even if the stars and moon collide..."
"You can take your words and all your lies..."
Oh, oh, oh!
I'm not L as she's in cafe! / anon
Ask it to B's official IG, then..
Bill's official Instagram was announced on An official of theirs would be announced on their official site, too. If it's not, don't waste your time talking to us. We'll never believe you, Linda Park. Now, go away.
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Real R confirmed, poor~
Oh, oh, oh...
Real R confirmed, poor~
You like kids' murders!!
And you never made sense. Everyone knows Bill and Tom are not on, and if they were, it would have been announced on, and it would be managed by their management, not some lifeless "fans". Go away, Linda Park. God doesn't like you - he grew you in a Petri dish.
I only tell true, pathetic!!
Don't bother defending yourself, Linda Park. No one cares.
I only tell true, pathetic!!
ask BTK or R!! or /realsommerfeld
We're still not stupid to believe that. Go try that with someone else, crybaby.
I'm here to remove your sat*n, poor / Another anon
Our response remain the same, kid.
I'm here to remove your sat*n, poor / Another anon
I'm not her, prove me? / the anon
We're not fools like you. And AGAIN...
I'm not her, prove me? / the anon
From 2nd is T, others are T’s hook*r m*id E.. (+ 19 age to read, dank!) Re: R’s kid is from T, not A.. B … / anon
News flash, Linda Park...
From 2nd is T, others are T’s hook*r m*id E..  (+ 19 age to read, dank!) Re: R’s kid is from T, not A.. B … / anon
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So , what is your races in Malaysia ? *sorry for asking , I'm just curious*
No worries. I'm of very mixed heritage, so I fall under the "Others" category.
Are you Chinese ?
No, but I have Chinese ancestry.
Which part of the new THTV is the best? xD  Ask aliens
do you think Bill is gay and he can come out of the closet this year?
I don't think Bill is gay, and I personally feel that it's none of our business to know about this. If he's happy the way he is, sexuality doesn't matter.
Funny thing is, I know a man whom I work with, who is exactly like Bill. Everything about him and Bill are alike, except the looks, of course. And he's been happily married for 27 years with 6 children, and he's still madly in love with his wife. He's a make-up artist and a stylist who has outrageous dressing, and when he's with the ladies, he's so feminine, anyone would mistake him as a homosexual. So, if there are people like my friend out there, Bill could be one of them, too. Just saying.
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who's the cutest person you've met on chatous lol
Chat what? We've never used that so we don't know what it is.
Omg I can't believe I found someone who loves this franchise too! It's so amazing did you know that there's a 3rd one coming next year? I'm so excited!
Yeah, I heard. But I also heard that they're gonna separate Toothless and Hiccup permanently, so I hope that part isn't true. That would be a real put off. D;
Honestly I think there will be only English version of the new album…what do you think?
Probably. I would love a dual language, though. Just saying.
I always love your instagram pictures!! Please post more often? (:
Thanks! We'll try. Glad you're enjoying it. :-)
What do you think of fans who comment on Bill/Georg's Instagram or tweet Tokio Hotel in a language they don't understand? I personally don't like it.
Meh. I don't really like it either. I personally find it quite rude. And they are usually the ones who spam their comments on the band members' IG's to get noticed/a reply. Furthermore, it's not like they are going to take the time to translate what their comments meant. I understand that some don't speak English or German, but the boys don't speak their language either. If I had people posting in a language I don't understand on my page, I would ignore them.
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Hey girls! Can you recommend me a good and inspirational animation movie? And why is it inspirational? :)
Love your question!
We recommend the 'How To Train Your Dragon' series. The first one is the How To Train Your Dragon movie, then followed by the mini series that they had; Gift Of The Night Fury & Book Of Dragons, Dragons: Riders Of Berk (Season 1), Dragons: Defenders Of Berk (Season 2), and then the recently released How To Train Your Dragon 2!
I'm a big fan of the show. The main character, Hiccup is an amazing character - so kind hearted and so inquisitive. While he couldn't be like the other Vikings around, and even when he had the chance to kill Toothless, he didn't - and it was a choice he made. What made it inspiring is that he did what no Viking has ever done; he trained and and rode a dragon. He changed the views of his entire village on dragons, and he showed them how remarkable dragons can be. He showed that any dragon can be trained, and that their kind nature can bring people together.
I think that reflects on our daily lives as well. You'll always have a choice in life, and we're all destined to do something great and offer something to the world. It's not necessarily something that we'll find overnight, and it's most likely not something easy, but it will be something worth it. :-)
Hey girls! Can you recommend me a good and inspirational animation movie? And why is it inspirational? :)
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