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i love you
Love you too
if you say yes, i wont jerk off to you anymore
I just want you to have my baby?? I'd buss all in that & just sit in it lmao??
Well damn
you mind if i jerk off to you?
What if I said yes I do mind?
Ever got shot at follies?
Lol there's been shooting but I've never been shot no
Can I just please have a picture of your beautiful ass with I ❤️Booty God written on it? I want nothing more than you to twerk in my face.
Don't think I can do that lol
How you Make it
How I make what?
Honestly...get your money. fuck how you get it cause when it comes down to it, whether you earned your hundred with an actual career or not, it's still valued the same. Don't let any of these dumbass idiots get to you beautiful
Thanks babe
can you add me on your Facebook page or add a couple people??? we want to see more of you, delete the weirdos on your Facebook & make room for real people??
You just gonna have to follow me I can't keep deleting people I don't have time for all that
can you be more active?? please we know you work & busy & have a life but really now??
Be more active how!
you always been a boss bitch fuck what thay yappin bout love? lol frfr
Real shit !!
how often do you have sex???
any feedback on the posters lace ?? we been waiting forever now!!!
Iknooo its pissing me off !!
it's ok to be confident?? but don't overdue it & think your better than everyone else?
Never said that. I get bashed everyday so all I'm doing is defending myself on social media
You have turned into a cocky and rude person. I liked you because you seemed sweet. Now you have no substance whatsoever. All you have is money and that's sad.
That's what happens when people steady talk down to you and shit you become mean and hateful. Sorry you feel like that. I'm sure you know me outside of the Internet. Have a good day
Why are you so judge mental? So what if a bitch has 30kids? Its her life. You are so transparent.
I can't have an opinion? On MY twitter?
Why THE FUCK u think nasty ass Kat stacks is cool? Lmao really...
She's cool. Don't give a fuck if she nasty or not. How would I even know that? I like her ATTITUDE !!
So you're only good for dancing and shaking ass? Good like finding a husband one day. You think 23 is so young, but in reality most 23 year old have a degree and a career. You have a car and a condo to show. Thats it!
Never said 23 was young matter of a fact I just tweeted the other day that I was old sooo are you mad or what? How do you know what I got? How do you know how much money I have in the bank? I'm doing better then most 30 year olds !! What is it to you anyways?
Ur quite attractive but so full of urself. Y is that? It makes u unattractive. Confidence is sexy but being conceited isn't.
Bc people down me n don't believe in me so I have to make it known what it really is. You don't have to like it or me ya know.
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So... Why do you still dance? My god you are slow.
Bc I fukn want to I want money duhhhhh
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What r u on probation 4?
Getting caught with marijuana
Would u ever do me a favor and come to my graduation party to shake that ass and make my night?
I highly doubt it
What's your snapchat?
Don't have one
Sounds like someone got under ur skin
Nope I've had worse believe me I'm just letting them know what it is that's all !!
U mention that u have been 2 college but yet when u post u sound like a hood rat
Lol it's the Internet. Everything has abbreviations. I'm not writing an essay just tweeting !!!