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you only date white men?
You should be with a white boy who likes big booty
I know right
nothing i just followed you
Well I ain't block you for no reason
No such thing as too many pics. Da Vinci didn't quit with the Mona lisa
you blocked me on insta ):
Well what did you do wrong?
we gonna fuck one day watch
Well see
when we gonna get another video lol
When I feel like it
Wassup now? What. Do you do today
Just relaxed that's all
Can u tell me y u quit weed
I'm on probation
Sexy as fuck, wanna see more of that big booty ?!
I post enough pics of my ass ugh
would you consider yourself bi or bi curious?
you r bad asf
we've been Waitinnnn???
Are they that big of a deal lol
So I'm guessing we don't get the posters Lacey??? you've been sayiin forever n still haven't that doesn't make ya loook good lace!! tighten up
I never said when I would send them did I? I've already sent out 50+ posters sorry I can't get to everybody as they would like. They were free so atleast you could do is be patient about it !!
I dm her. Im telling u she like u lol why I gotta lie. U KNOW u bad ;)
We'll hook us up then lol
Have you ever been to Vegas?
Yes for my last bday
Lacey, did u ever get with vnasty?
I didn't see where she wanted me lol
Why are you so cocky? It's really off putting and I try to like you, but then you act so ghetto sometimes. It's too bad, sometimes you seem so nice.
I am nice until people try me !! Like I've said before if you don't like it someone else will !! No need to try !! Just unfollow me and forget me !!
U got the new iphone
Waiting on it in the mail
What does the bible say about material things?
They don't matter but unfortunately we have to have material things to survive in this world.. Like a house, car phone ertc
Why brag about your car? You didn't buy it outright. Lmao
Does anybody? I'm still proud to have it !! I worked hard for it !!
Put nudes on Twitter ?
No thanks
What makes you really nervous?
Shawty, do u wanna ride? Let ur hair dewn. Say u wanna thug
Ion want no thug
playstation or xbox?