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You like a finger in your butt when you're about to cum?
Hell no I guess you do queer
Ever been in AZ ?;)
rumors say 2chaniz has a small dick confirm or deny
Yes Budapest google it.. It's like Italy at night really nice place I'm Europe would u be interested I can dm u pics on the gram no stalker I think u cute cool I got my own money and etc.. Would u be interested??
Sounds lovely but no thank you
when you gone let me enter that jungle and hit u with that rattle snake
In your dreams
ever squirted before?
Last time you had sex?
A week ago
Do you only follow ppl you think are attractive?
No people who I think are interesting
If I booked u a flight to come to Budapest in Europe would u come
Budapest ?
What's your favorite stores to shop at?
Don't really have any.
Hey lacey! When will the video for wshh be out?
Not sure . As soon as I know something it will be posting it.
no word on that #WSHH video?
Do you help your parents out with money?
Yes I buy them things, gave them my old car and help out any way I can.
Who makes more money, you or katey?
Me I work at night time
How u pronounce flournoy? Is it like floor-nee? Or flower-noy?
It's pronounced like Fla- noy ... It's French the r is silent
You really let a few rappers hit it in the club in front of ppl?
Wow really? That would be prostitution . Ain't nobody touching me in that club. Get real.
When did you get your ghetto voice? Lol
Ghetto? I think not
No hAte at all, did you ever have a speech impediment?
Yes I have a lisp and I love it
We heard your voice!! Yay! You sound like a black girl lol love it
Are you saving for a home / plan to buy one?
Not really. My parents said they would put a down payment on my first house. But I'm not close to thinking about getting one. Not sure where I want one. Just a huge commitment I'm not ready for.
Are you gonna get another car, lol two car swag.
Na I want to trade my in for a Gwagon in prolly less then a year
anytime 2chainz want
Na I had started ignoring his calls after I got into a relationship
Do you have any wild fantasies?
how many times 2 chainz enter it
Roll on with me...???