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How often do the thirsty ones hit on you?
Every second of every day
Lacey you're a very smart intelligent woman. Don't let nobody take that from you! My question tho is why are you so damn fine?!! You're that woman I dream about in my sleep. Miss Perfect
Well thank you so much !!
I cut my dick
Tell ur mom and dad I want to bang them
That's weird go fuck yourself
Make a career as a teacher
Lmao hell no I wanted to kill my teachers
I'm brian I didn't mean no harm with the questions just wanna c u succeed
Oh well you should see me trying to succeed all the things I have going on.
I wanna fuxk u fo a career
Lol I bet
Make another video talking it's so hot
One day
Does it feel like your a black lady in a white ladi body
Lol no I feel foreign if anything
They tell you that because all you are is ass. That's all I want with you.
Lol it was girls who told me to get verified lol what does that have anything to do with my ass wtf
Come visit other cities! We would love you in cali
I'll be there soon thanks !!
No offense but you have to be really well known/have a wiki page or done thing to be verified.
Why everybody telling me to get verified them? I didn't know but everybody telling me to do that so people will stop stealing my pics and acting like me
Why do you watch teen mom? U need to watch sports with me
You act like 23 is so young. You should get educated and think about a career girl.
So acting hosting modeling and promoting is not a career? Pretty sure I went to school for it and everything.
Do you have a plan after you get too old to strip
I'm 23 lol and I trip 2 days a week you mean after I get done modeling hosting promoting and acting?
How does someone get arrested to prositution? Lol contrary to the ratchets belief police don't just do that. So what was she doing that would make them think she was prostituting?
She meet up with a guy from the Internet they didn't have sex or nothing that's why it was dropped it was just a mistake. They wouldn't have dropped it if it was true !!
Why don't you fuck white guys?
I don't fuck nobody black white blue
ummmm I'm pretty sure there was some arrests for prostitution in there too
Awh yah she was arrested for it but it was dropped that was like 3 years ago lol
Do you fuck white guys?
what all has you and Katey been arrested for?
Content to sell which was dismissed and charged with possession of Marijuana
How often do you poop?
1 every other day lol
u want to be my babe
No thanks
What do u think about incest
I thinks it disgusting wtf
Gold digger hahaha
I have sex at least every other day and I still do it!
Oh wow