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U should make a kik
I'm not a talker
Are looks or personality number one for you ma
Got to have both
Ever been with a bisexual guy?
Team all races
What are your background countries??
France & Germany
Would you ever have a "casual encounter" for money?
Not sure what that means
Does someone who has money impress you?
Money is just a plus
You saw my dm on Instagram but never replied! lol, I'm sure you get a whole lot but that would make my month! lol Your beautiful :)
Thank you it's hard to reply to everybody and keep a conversation going
If my pockets are deep and I'm a cool guy, would I be able to "buy your time"?
Depends on what we would be doing
So are you single or naww?
Would you ever have sex with someone shorter than you?
If I liked him yes
Bitch do what I say lol
Fuck you
If I told you I'm from the royal family of a certain country, what would you think? Because I am, keep in mind the royal family I'm from is huge. But we are all blessed with a lot of wealth.
Lucky you
What do you find attractive about a guy? Intelligence, kindness, looks, money etc?
All the above
Did you know if you done glamour modelling or poem you'd be a millionaire?
Hmm interesting
Why does everyone like Atlanta
Cuz it's the shit !!!
How hard is it to fuck you
Pretty much impossible these days
Got a twerk video?
Yelp on Instagram
If I pay your ticket to fly you out to me would you slide
No that is very dangerous I am not that desperate
I want to get know you if that ok with you ill mention u who this is
I have a man thanks anyways
Why did you end it
Cuz it wasn't working
How come you never reply to DM's on Instagram? I'm sure you get many, but incase there is someone who seems cool?
Impossible to reply to everybody
Would you ever mess around with someone who is younger than you?
Prolly not I'm only 23
Take your instagram off of private
Fuck no
do you have a facebook page are a instagram
IG: DaRealLaceyJ