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have you ever, at any time in your life, thought about doing porn?
Never. not a huge sex person.
every email I've ever found for either of you.
Only email I have is and it's for business inquiries only !! My manager has full control of that.
so how come I never hear back from you or your sister when I email you guys?
My sister doesn't have an email? What email are you emailing? My manager controls my booking email
How did u become so popular on social media
I'm really not ...
I'm from Brazil and I have the Biggest crush on you...I have a spot in Miami and ive never seen women with your type of body..most its implant, but you're a one of a kind.
Thank you
You're ass is a work of art lol. like it has to be molded and put in a museum.
Lol good one
I know music. I had to google him. He's a nobody. lol don't be mad you suck. All you have is ass and a little bit of money. Get some fucking substance. Glad I don't follow your wannabe ghetto ass anymore.
You don't follow me but your on here asking me questions anonymously ?? Lol okay I have thousands of followers you won't be missed !!
ur hated
What you mean?
Who's Kevin gates?
Really? You must not know music
do you watch porn?
I have before
Yall rap was not good. Too much auto tune and.tacky. props doe
It was our first song lol Kevin Gates engineer thought it was good enough to release
Who has been the most important person in your life?
My mother
Smile, you're beautiful :) Remember, tough times don't last, tough people do. Just some motivation, we all need it at times lol.
Well that's nice
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I'm not a millionaire but my bank account can handle your ass ;)
You think so ??
Why don't you fuck white guys?
I don't fuck nobody period !!
Lacey, is your sister single? If so, can you hook me up lol :) Just an admirer, can you blame me? lol
I don't blame you but who doesn't want to be with her lol
I don't mean this in a weird way but I want to hear your voice. Just curious to know what you sound like lol. Do you have a ghetto accent, or a complete white chick accent? :)
I wanna take you to Dubai on vacation with me, so we can cuddle
Oh my
If I were to buy you a Bentley, would you be mine for a night?
Um yes lol
I definitely feel u, I'm the same way but some ppl just are ignorant on here and care WAY too much. Keep doing u love. :-P  CrowderSMASH
Thanks !!
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What kind of bookings do you do? Dancing? Modeling? etc?
Yes also hosting and promoting music videos movies etc
Pleeease tell ne where u got ur you can't trap with us shirt
I made it they don't sell them anywhere that I kno of
You are the DREAM, I don't know you personally, but looks wise I wanna bring you home to my mother :)
Well thank you
What does your boyfriend do for a living?
Hes a r&b singer
I want my wife to look just like you one day :)
Awh that's nice