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How does someone get arrested to prositution? Lol contrary to the ratchets belief police don't just do that. So what was she doing that would make them think she was prostituting?
She meet up with a guy from the Internet they didn't have sex or nothing that's why it was dropped it was just a mistake. They wouldn't have dropped it if it was true !!
Why don't you fuck white guys?
I don't fuck nobody black white blue
ummmm I'm pretty sure there was some arrests for prostitution in there too
Awh yah she was arrested for it but it was dropped that was like 3 years ago lol
Do you fuck white guys?
what all has you and Katey been arrested for?
Content to sell which was dismissed and charged with possession of Marijuana
How often do you poop?
1 every other day lol
u want to be my babe
No thanks
What do u think about incest
I thinks it disgusting wtf
Gold digger hahaha
I have sex at least every other day and I still do it!
Oh wow
What's your fav fast food restaurant?
Why do u lie about never masturbating
Why would I have to masterbate when I can get anybody I want whenever lol
Do u like cats?
Yah I Iike all animals
Are you left handed or right handed?
So what about divorce? If it happened what would you do? You're a cute girl, but pretty naive.
I would get my share of the money. I don't believe in divorce it does not run in my family.
What was the last movie you saw?
22nd jump street
You should sell your clothes u don't want u have great style! -lia
I know I really want too !! There just setting in my closet being useless !!
Your moms hot
Who is the hottest white male celeb to you?
Justin Beiber
How many joints did u ised to smoke a day
Some days more then others
Do u have a po box? I'd love to send you a sexy dance outfit
No I don't
Just asking because no one wants a bump on a log with no brain or anything to show for
Being a housewife doesn't make you uneducated.
Do you really plan to rely on a man and just be a housewife one day? Why not get educated and have a career?
Who want to work their life away. That's what god created women for. To take care of the kids and their man. It's a job as well, cooking cleaning taking care of business and stay looking good for their man
Can I have a threesome with u ur mom and katey
Did u fuck future even tho he married