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have fun at the swingers club?
Fun? Not sure how I felt lol
Want that booty smacked?
No thanks
Do you really like your ass ate or were you just playing?
Um yah wtf
How does it feel when you get your ass ate?
Like gettin head
You know how much a g wagon is right? Better start saving. Or do you lease like the ghetto bitch hooker you are
Damn are you mad or na
Why the fuck do you block people on ig that stand up for you? Some punk asked you for nudes and I said that it was not gonna happen, yet I'm blocked. I know you're just a stripper but wow. Your reading comprehension sucks.
Not sure why I blocked you must have been a mistake but this was no way to come at me. Have a nice day
what city was your mom born in
Mounds Illinois
Sorry, you'll let niggas eat your ass?
I love my ass ate fuck you mean
You'd really sell your pussy for 1,000$
Who said anything about selling pussy for $1000??
so I can eat for $1000 next time you're here
You're very sexy
Thank you
Will you post a pic of you now?
Damn you're thick!
How tall are you and how much do you weigh?
5"8 150
All that ass and you dont like anal....Is your ass still the size in your avi? pap
No I shrunk it smdh
You like anal sex?
Come to dallas, and I will worship the ground you walk on! We don't have women as perfect as you are here.
Well damn
$1000 to let me eat your ass next time your in tha Ro.
Do you beat up on men?
Lol of course not I'm not a fighter
Are you nonchalant?
Pretty much
Lol I bet you felt like you were dying inside too. Did he say anything to you?
No he just pulled his out but he prolly didn't care as much as I did lol
Can you do the Shmoney dance?
What was your most embarrassing moment?
When my credit card declined if front of my crush lmao
u got a kik?
What's for dinner?
Good question