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Aren't you and your sister suppose to be doing so good but you bitches swapping stripper outfits a day after you wore it? Fronting ass hoes. That's nasty. You and her will always be those nasty bitches from ky. You better enjoy what "fake" fame you got now. It won't last long. Hahaha
We're sisters we can't share clothes? Wow why by the same outfit they we both like when we can just share? You never wore your friends clothes before wow. I do have a washing machine I don't know about you. Your a stalker real shit. Who even cares. Nobody but you lmao
Ewww what is wrong with that pic of you in the purple!? That pose, that face, the outfit, and GOOD GOD don't get me started on your legs/thighs and that gut. You can be pretty but Jesus delete that shit before I vomit!
If you don't like it why are you following me? I'm not perfect and I will never be. If you don't like it somebody else will. Your opinion does not matter and never will. Plz unfollow me. Thanks
How much sleep do you get?
Not enough
Favorite color to wear?
Red or black
They still tryna act like they young too and think they fine af. Most celebs in general are overhyped anyway
He old af too. Already a damn grandpa lol.
Yelp everybody famous is so old
Yep...he wanted that ass
Lol he ugly af
What he said to him?
Asking who I was and if I was with him
Where u see them at?
Everywhere clubs my club restaurants
Stevie tried to holla at you too?
Na he said something to my dude bout me tho
Have you seen Jocelyn and Stevie J?
Yelp all the time
That stuff making you laugh at all?
I'm always laughing
Your feet fat?
Not at all
Every time you dance I would request the DJ play Mediocre
What's your shoe size?
That's the biggest insult ever lol. Every time you walked in the room I would've played Fancy
You're not sleepy?
No I wish
Lol people call you Iggy :). I know I would've had a field day with you
Yes it's not a compliment lol
Just to talk and get to know you
I'm not interested thanks anyways
How about emailing you then or something?
For what?
Thank you, so how can I potentially do that with you?
Don't know what to tell you
Are there any other things you are interested doing for a career?
Not really something with animals or babies maybe
What I gotta do to potentially wife you?
Good question
Certain areas are fat yes lol. But I think the cheeks are a little chubby in a cute way
Lol thanks
These days you don't have to be an aspiring anything to make it in the industry smh