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I feel you. But when you do private cam shows you'll get to know who's seeing you. I'd pay for a skype show with you
Yah idk maybe one day
You should think about. Alot of cam girls make really good money because they develop a following. Plus you get to do it in your own home and on your own schedule
Yah sounds good I'm just very strict on who can see me naked.
Check oty my free cams. I'd gladly pay for a camshow with you
Yah I wouldn't want people from my hometown checking me out that's why I dance 6 hrs away from there .
How Did your mom react when u told her about working at follies?
She really didn't know about a strip club she just thought it was like dancing in exotic wear lol
When are you gonna smoke again?
Maybe never
How many hours do you sleep at night?
so you gonna be a cam girl?
Maybe one day
I used to be a cam girl. You wouldn't even have to go all nude if you didn't want to. Lol some men are all happy with ass and tits. It's fun too. They pay to watch you do anything. Dead serious.
Sounds good
What is success to you?  Julius Jones
Being happy.
pay site like sell photos or videos or webcam time.
Oh hmm never thought about it
Do u wanna smoke again?
Not really
Do you think you and sis will do a pay site?
What's a pay site?
What's wrong with katey kryptonite? It sounds cool to me:)
Nothing just a name ,..
What holiday gift would make you really happy?
ummmm I've seen Katey refer to herself as Katey Kryptonite before there was a whole introduction video
Oh okay cool
Thought provoking conversation or reading?  Julius Jones
Lol Can I inquire about the posters? I'd gladly pay:)
you and katey should make a website and sell you're pics and videos, that way you ain't gotta worry about them being deleted.
Good idea
Did kaTey used to be called katey kryptonite? And what's her stage name?
Some hater use to call her that yah
You reallY want a g wagon instead of a home? Those cars are like 130,000
Yelp buying a house is a big commitment.
How was it your first day at follies? And did you ever drink to help loosen up?
No I never have a sip. I'm there to get money only
I saw Follies site. it says its an erotic entertainment club, so it aint even a strip club then?
Nope it's strictly a strip club
Would you ever wanna be a nurse?
Would you be interested in moving to myrtle beach?
Nope I love ATL
How did you get into dancing? And how much longer do you plan on doing it?
I got introduced when I went to a strop club and I don't do it very much now
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