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Ask me a question
RSS answers
What model car u got
14 glk 350
What drugs does katey and u do? Like lean n weed?
I only drink lean once in a while I haven't smoked weed in 8 months. She just smokes.
How often do u get trims?
Every couple of months
How often do you wash your hair ?
Everyday bc the club makes it smell like smoke
Why are you always so defensive?
Bc people always in my business assuming shit.
You ever consider buying a home? The younger the better!
Yeah I'm tried of paying $1770 a month for rent but I love living in a sky rise condo. I'm torn in between
Turkey or ham?
What is your biggest regret?
Letting mfs opinions get to me !!!
Would ur mama ever do a booty photo shoot? That'd be kinda hot
I doubt it lol
Do u like McDonald's or bk better? And don't front like you don't like them.
McDonald's sweet tea and Burger King chicken nuggets... Why would I front about not eating that? Wtf
U know soopedup?
Never heard of him
Subway or jimmy johns. Which one would you pick?
Are yhu jealous of other follies dollies? That's what I hear.
Why would I be jealous lmfao
Why are you rude to people asking about your schedule? You do realize that's all you're good for right? You're not only uneducated, but rude. Might wanna change that. :)
No thanks I'm good :)
To spend a night with you,5000 right?
Is there somewhere I can contact you cause I have the money
Money for what?
How much for private dance with you?
I don't do private dances
Could you let me know when you'll be dancing?
No but I tweet it when I'm going that day
Are there girls at your club that do extras ?
Don't know don't care
You don't wanna tell me when you're dancing? I wanna spend some money on you
I don't have a schedule I go when I feel like it ...
What's your dancing schedule?
No schedule
When can I come see you dance?
When I work
That wasnt me who named Waka lol. Were most of them athletes and rappers?
Come on, why not. You named waka lol
No you did ... It was in the past ...
have you fucked other famous people besides waka?
Yes and I'm not naming them