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Did your mom actually use the word "nigga"?

It says in the caption "my momma didn't say this but ...

You fuck wit NBA players?

I fuck with everybody

What's your goals for next year? How can I have you for one night?

Next years goals is to upgrade vehicles and get my teeth worked on. One night $3500.

Money sent love what's up 4703334635 Text me

Got it.

Evening Lacey? Was wondering if we could talk business for New Years? I'm going to be coming to Atlanta and was hoping to see you for real? $20,000 straight up 4703334635 Text me if you bout your money

If you have $20k for me when you come to ATL then you can send me $100 right now to my PayPal: and I will send back my number and we can discuss furthermore...

Is there anyone special in your life?


What is your goals and dreams for next year? Have any plans for New Years? I know someone got to be getting your beautiful time for real?

No plans for New Years just celebrating. Goals for 2016 travel as much as I can, get my teeth redone and upgrade to a new car

Have you ever or would you ever have see for the $$$

For the right amount yah

I didn't mean no disrespect but I just wanna see more vids thts all I respect ya hustle ma do u

I understand but thanks

Wen u gon start puttin sum real shit on ya connect pal not just pics I mean u look good but u can't charge us money n not show more

Unsubscribe then I've gotten nothing but great feed back. Some people are very appreciative. It's supporting my hustle more than anything. Thanks anyways.

would your ever make a sextape? what the price you would want for a sextape


Is it true you're fucking with @MackWilds ?

Never heard of him before.

Is it possible for normal people to get to know you or have you become so popular that only other famous people have a chance at talking to you?

I don't want to get to know anybody I'm all about my business

how can i contact you privately?

Who is boosie?

Idk why

You look like a pornstar


Would you like to meet Justin bieber? Do yo like his music?

Yes and not really

Have u ever been in love ? Is it possible being a stripper to have a special someone ?

I strip 2 days a week... I have a normal
Life just like any other human being.

So social media will ruin a relationship smh

It can. yes.

So I've followed you for like five years now and I admire you I also follow Haze Malone & girl like you two where my inspiration at one point seriously you guys were it so did people ruin it like with you guys having a big following I'm scared to make my relationship public ?

Thank you but no he's 30 and still wasn't a man. Social media was a big problem for us tho. But it was a very toxic relationship and I'm super happy to be over that and moved on but my advice would be not to make your relationship public .. Nothing but people out here that would want to fuck that up for yall

I will be your boyfriend

No thanks

do you watch sports

Live yes

have you fucked any famous athletes?


Do you still have tanlines?

Not really I'm soooo white

Are you single



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