Please post a picture of you Marcy? :)


Day 4 ----> Група Изгубено парче усмивка.


Излейте си мъката.

четох това:

this is the most heartbreaking thing i've ever read

Изразете мнение (да не е 300 изречения, опитайте се да не сте много дълбоки този път) за популярната фраза "Яж ми к*ра, Георги". За или против обидни шеги като тази?

обичам вулгарни шеги, стига да не се взимат мн насериозно

Ако животът е дар, то смъртта какво е? RomasantA

цената на дара

Отворете YouTube и поставете в отговора си линка на първия клип, който видите в "Препоръчани".

Убиец влиза в жилището ви. Входната врата е залостена, живеете на 12-ти етаж и нямате телефон. Какво бихте направили?

сядаме на чаша чай и говорим за всички хора, които сме убили

ЙАССС АЙ НУ ИТ АЙ НУ ИТ ватс гоинг он Джейсъне


ду ю ноу ху ем ай


ю р вери бютифул меро

дора ве

i have something to tell you


Nay, you aren't, and if you like English accent, Time travelling, Sci-fi Fantasy awesomeness you're gonna Love it, and probably get horrified of the aliens later on.. DON'T EVER BLINK, JUST ONE BLINK AND YOU'RE DEAD *weeping angels* Викторчу

i love aliens
*oikawa tooru influence on me* aliens are cool
gotta get my shit this weekend and watch it xD

You heard of Doctor who? Викторчу

i have
never watched it--i have some kind of problem with tv shows & movies
i just can't sit my ass and watch smth for 40 minutes
i get distracted and then i get confused

i am a disappointment

DOGEEEE <3333333333 Викторчу

doge is a way of life

exactly what I meant Викторчу

even doge believes in arceus
we all do

well, you can't contain a God's power in a pokeball right? :D I'm an atheist tho Викторчу

the only god i believe in is arceus
our lord and savior

its pretty dope either that i haven't played diamond that much :D Викторчу

what i hate the most is that
arceus can't be met in either game without an event
and gamefreak revealed that it's impossible to catch arceus bc of zero catch rate
except if you cheat but cheats are not that trustworthy

still meh xD Викторчу

the theme tho

dai go xd

има ми го в описанието лелел



meh, looks cool :D Викторчу

created the fkn pkmn universe
the pokémon god
*bows down to arceus*

Tru :Д Викторчу

i love arceus a lot
just saying

you're brilliant :D Викторчу

but not as brilliant as articuno
articuno is goals

Sounds like a Hella good idea Викторчу

cubone is fucking adorable and needs all the happiness the universe can offer

So Fckin tru The Story of Cubone fckin brought me to cry.... Викторчу

oh noooo
anything but that
this makes me wanna rip my eyes off just so i don't start pathetically crying
whenever i am i cry about cubone

and i still pretend to be chill & punk

but i actually just want to adopt a cubone & cuddle it forever


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