Noah Maxwell
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I think FireBrand just made your move for you

glad he did honestly. snapped me out of it. i learned what i was too blind to see initially and i made some progress.

What was it like?

Josh L Jaeger

it wasnt like hell. it was hell. thats where they live.

Is everything alright Noah? We haven't heard from you in a while


rereading and rereading and rereading this tomb. in a deep state of thought. will post findings when ive found all there is to find.

Do You Fear The pain anymore? Do you fear the thought of dead?

The Trail Will Lead The Way

ive become the pain. death and fear are my friends now.

Do you think you know the creature you're facing? Their true nature still hasn't been revealed, the more you do the more they slip. Go fearless and see.

i tried
it hurt

What has happened?

i've learned

How did the journal react when you were opening it?

i dont want to talk about it

If you could scot-free send a message to the version of you who was about to upload the first Tribe Twelve video, what would you say?

nothing that would prevented my fate

when are you going to update your youtube channel?

when is it going to update me

can you help me

i cannot help anyone anymore

Do you think you could end this?

i know i get far

so what are you going to do next ?

release information

hows life

this isnt a life

So what's in the journal?


After god knows how much inactivity, why the fuck are you answering questions now? Just to fill in the time?


What did the fortunes mean?


where have you been?


They are watching.

so am i

Don't give up Noah. I believe in you.


How did it feel to open milo's journal?

he died again

Why haven't you talked to us?


havent done anything

You Can't Die? Why So?

i have seen what i turn into

The journal continued talking after you opened ?

quiet now

What lesson did you learn in the crawl space?

how its used

where is your happiness?

what happiness