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what would happen if you haven't watched those 2008 tapes ?
i would have lost my mind sooner. they were going to come for me eventually. like a dormant virus.
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Any news on the DarkHarvest crew? They seemed to have dropped off the radar.
theyre best off the radar.
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Time is short. The final way ahead is straight. Will you turn?
time is eternal. our lives are short. i take a few steps forward and want to turn back but theres always a brick wall at my back.
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Have you tried to contact Kevin?
im a pussy.
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Have you opened the fortune cookies that you've been finding? If so what do the fortunes say?
yes. they range from being generically hopeful and giving good advice to ambiguously sinister and obviously meant to freak me out.
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How does surviving 2 years longer than you expected feel?
only parts survived. a lot of me has been decaying since then.
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Did you know that you were born on Veteran's day,Noah?
im a veteran in my own right.
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Dude, fortune cookies are delicious. Why don't you eat them?
i dont eat random food i find hidden around my house. im not that far gone.
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Who do you think left the fortune cookies?
an asshole
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Noah, please. If you have evidence, you've gotta post it.
ill post what i have soon
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do you think firebrand created the vine account and the 2 videos? if yes, why the fuck he want scare you like that?
something tells me hes not entirely my best buddy
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would you rather be killed by THEM, or turned into one of THEM?
would you rather drown or burn.
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Noah, in your "The Manifest" video, you said you'd ask Edward about his dad and if he might be connected to the Order. Are you still thinking about that? Or do you think it's just a wacky coincidence?
still need to call him. its been a long while since weve talked. ive been too apprehensive. i dont think that fucking cult would ever help me with any info anyway. fuck them.
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Do you need a hug?
would you hug a burning cactus.
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I'm so sorry.
so am i. doesnt change jack shit.
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did you see Everymanhybrid's new video?
theyre all lost now.
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When's the update video? You said soon, it's been a month.
really. its felt like a year.
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What is the thing that you found? Is it important to you?  FloatingQuaker
its something i thought i had lost, something people wanted to see again.
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noah, are you alive?
what does death feel like?
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Have you considered uploading a video just to keep yourself sane? just to do something to get your mind off things?
yeah. found something i thought was lost forever. gonna make an update vid soon.
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Are you going fucking insane?
no, just insane.
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It's been 4 months, Noah. Where are you?
i almost forgot about this account
ive been laying low
doing nothing
absolutely nothing
its the safest thing I can do
and also the most torturous
the boredom is eating me alive
you lie to yourself
try to forget the past
but the voices never stop
and the dreams always recur
and you know the journal must be opened
and you fear that any day
theyll come for you again
but its weird you know
i kind of miss them
i think they've broken me
It's been 4 months, Noah. Where are you?
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If you could wish for one thing and one thing only, what would it be?
To stop whatever started all this.
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Thoughts on HABIT?
An evil selfish carapace leech.
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Would being a god/demon be so bad? You get cool powers and maybe that would be the best way to get even with the Observer, it would be pretty badass to be a god that can travel through time and manipulate space if you think about it.
Something tells me that comes at a cost. A cost that I don't want to pay.
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