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What is the thing that you found? Is it important to you?  FloatingQuaker
its something i thought i had lost, something people wanted to see again.
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noah, are you alive?
what does death feel like?
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Have you considered uploading a video just to keep yourself sane? just to do something to get your mind off things?
yeah. found something i thought was lost forever. gonna make an update vid soon.
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Are you going fucking insane?
no, just insane.
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It's been 4 months, Noah. Where are you?
i almost forgot about this account
ive been laying low
doing nothing
absolutely nothing
its the safest thing I can do
and also the most torturous
the boredom is eating me alive
you lie to yourself
try to forget the past
but the voices never stop
and the dreams always recur
and you know the journal must be opened
and you fear that any day
theyll come for you again
but its weird you know
i kind of miss them
i think they've broken me
It's been 4 months, Noah. Where are you?
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If you could wish for one thing and one thing only, what would it be?
To stop whatever started all this.
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Thoughts on HABIT?
An evil selfish carapace leech.
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Would being a god/demon be so bad? You get cool powers and maybe that would be the best way to get even with the Observer, it would be pretty badass to be a god that can travel through time and manipulate space if you think about it.
Something tells me that comes at a cost. A cost that I don't want to pay.
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what's HABIT again?
Some entity that has possessed the body of Evan and apparently countless others over the years.
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Any idea yet who you are supposed to "deliver" that rubber ball too yet?
My past self. The videos are proof. He was fucking with me.
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Do you think you can use Severance against HABIT?
I don't think I need to at this point.
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Do you think HABIT might have actually been trying to help?
Probably, if only for his own benefit. I know he's using me, but if Firebrand is working with him, how bad could it be to receive such helpful knowledge?
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How do I get dumb bitches to stop talking to me about there periods?
Commit seppuku every month.
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Do you trust HABIT?
As much as a dog trusts a mailman.
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How did you get back to Florida from New Jersey?
Part 2 will explain somewhat.
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Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?
Probably turning into a horribly unspeakable God-demon, methinks. So much for trying to live a normal life.
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Due to what HABIT claimed in "Severance", do you think you should change your profile pics on twitter and youtube?
I've said it time and time again, I can't change them. I've tried too many times to count.
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Were you more horrified or relieved to realize the man in HABIT's bathroom wasn't Vinnie?
Death is horrifying. Always.
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is there a god
If there is one, he's surely been blocked from the comments section of life.
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My house just burnt down and I'm kinda bummed out about it, what should I do?
Quit moping and try building a new one.
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hey u are pakistani?
No, I'm Russian and German.
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where is your dick?
in your mom.
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You said on your Twitter about what could possibly be premonitions or a direct contact from Firebrand. Does it have a pattern of when they are happening, or are all or some of them are based on a specific topic?
It seems to range from knowing what people are going to say seconds ahead in news reports to entire scenarios that don't make sense yet, Milo sitting in the chair with a gun was one. It all happens at random and is completely unpredictable.
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Noah, I got told I need to run for president. What should I do?  Wolf
Delete the country.
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So you gave the guys from darkharvest 2k, has anything weird happened yet?
Define weird.
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