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This may sound dumb at first, but do you honestly know what your goal is anymore?
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would you rather stay broken, or be fixed again.
i was always broken
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They may have you backed into a corner. but they cant break you unless you let them. fight.
no fight left in me
only apathy and emptiness
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Observer still hacking your accounts?
hacked my life
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I know this is a stupid question, but can you actually talk to the journal? like communicate with it without the journal being such a complete douche?
not sure
its motives are ambiguous
it drives me to drink
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Thoughts on the content of Firebrand's three vines?  Wolf
i dont care
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Have you been in touch with Edward lately?
i dont want him to die
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Watching your Valentine's Day livestream, what did Mary try to do to your father? Any idea why? What'd your mom say she tried to do to you when you were younger?  Wolf
i think she tried to hurt him
thought he was trying to get her or some shit
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How do you feel knowing so many people watch you without doing anything to try to help?
living dead
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Living of over alcohol I see...well that disspoints me. Noah I have a question why don't you burn the book?
i cant burn him again
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Have you thought about trying to pick the lock on the journal? It doesn't look like a complicated lock.
it hurts
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Open the damned book already.
its trying to open me
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Noah, how are you coping with all of the madness around you? Do you plan on dropping the drink and moving on?
hope is a mistake
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Noah, are you still alive?
what is that supposed to feel like
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Do you regret being alive?
i regret not being able to die.
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Oh Noah... You will be back to normal i just know you will
you cannot reassemble burnt paper.
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If life is a dream, do you want to wake up?  FloatingQuaker
i wake up from the dream every day. but i am still in the nightmare. can one ever truly wake up. perhaps ill find out the day i wake in a different body.
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What gives you the strength to get up and continue with this?
it is not strength. it is cowardice. that coward creature in the mirror that was once myself. i am but a witness to his destruction. his slow decay.
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What's keeping you from killing yourself?
im afraid i wont die. im afraid ill wake up in a dark place. i cannot see in the dark.
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Burn the book
how can i burn my only friend.
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Are you running yet?
in my mind i run miles every day. trying to escape this life. but when i wake up i realize i havent moved at all.
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what would happen if you haven't watched those 2008 tapes ?
i would have lost my mind sooner. they were going to come for me eventually. like a dormant virus.
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Any news on the DarkHarvest crew? They seemed to have dropped off the radar.
theyre best off the radar.
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Time is short. The final way ahead is straight. Will you turn?
time is eternal. our lives are short. i take a few steps forward and want to turn back but theres always a brick wall at my back.
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Have you tried to contact Kevin?
im a pussy.
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