Tyler Murray @TyMurray
Clayton, NC
Don't believe me just watch ♔
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Where do you go to school?
Clayton high
what's up
How old is ur bro?
Lol 8.
Wus gud?
Who was your idol when you were growing up?
Derek Jeter
I think this is a joke but if it's not then text me aha
Ok...me and some girls will pick you up!
Nah, funny.
Go to the Ke$ha concert wid meeeee
I'm down
My house....tomorrow....be there.
You found the "right one" yet? If not I'll dm youuu (;
Yess I have !
Your type?
Cute, athletic, fun
I'd kiss you
Good to know
If i told you who i was you probably be like. Ohhh. Because i gighly doubt that you think im cute. Lol
What's gud for this sat?
chilling with my girl
What’s the best way to learn a new language?
Rosetta Stone
But yet you probably dont think the same
what, lol ?
Fuck Garner!! Once a Comet, ALWAYS a Comet. You cant just go to another school we dont like. lol
Willy lol i'm not
Are you going to Garner next year ?
don't think so
You got some crushes on a few people?
just one
Who are you talking to?
no onereally
Good weekend?
yeah saturday nighttt, real good
Who will go to hell?
those who don't believe
Who's been on ur mind lately?
my cousin colt