Jay lewis @YourCreator
Jay lewis @YourCreator
somewhere in essex
I'm a fucking unicorn, your all a bunch of fucking perverts. If your gonna chat shit you might aswell sit on a lamp post. Cunts.
I'm a green unicorn bitch
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Where are you from?  megan
East london, wbu?
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What do you do to entertain yourself?
Watch porn
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my nigga  hotbxtchesandpizza
My m****r f*****g nigga
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What is the best news you could hear right now?
Sony replied to my application
Happy Birthdaay Jay! X  Lucia
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Happy Birthday Spice *,*  FEISTY ✌
Thanks, you should get at me more often
how old are you?
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Your so fucking sexy  Teambreezyparis
Thanks, back at you ;)
hmm yhh why not
Whats yo favourite colour?
What scares you more than anything else?
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Whos the one person you would love to fuck (no1 famous)
I dunno I would like to fuck alot of people
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Girl with the nicest ass ??
All of them are nice
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whats your sexuality?
What's with all the statuses mate?
What ones?
What's your favorite party game?
Do you prefer to answer questions or ask them?
Ask them, some of the questions I get just kill me lol
If you could print any phrase on a T-shirt, what would it say?
Can I take a dump on your chest?
What do you like to do on the weekends?
Ride to different parts of the country lool
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why not grow your hair into a a we fro that would be so cute ???  Joanne Green
Hmm tempting
Will you ask me a question? :)  Believedream
What's your favorite colour? x
Do you like oreo?
Not as much as milk
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xmmmmmmmmm opinion for Pikachu in Pokemon
Best pokemon you can start with :D I wish I had one
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Ummm okay but get one thing straight I ain't ur Hun k :/
Loool whatever
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Hello, u look cute ;)
Hey, thanks hun :*
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