YuKaa @YukaaYuu
YuKaa @YukaaYuu
Faculty Of Arts English Department,Ain Shams University 21 yrs ^^ Mounirian tab3an xD
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Bt7by el btates ?
bt7by el drasa ?
فى ناس كتير بنشوفهم في الشارع بيبقى بوزهم شبرين لدرجه انك ممكن تقف على بوزه تجيب حاجه من فوق :D تنصح/ي الناس دي بإيه؟ :D  ابتسم
Just to smile w ykbro dma8hom mfesh 7aga mesthla el boz dh
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Do you think you're brave?
yes i think
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Is it easier to forgive or forget?
I can forgive but i cant forget
What is your favorite month of the year?
Who do you trust more, your friends or your parents?
My mother
w b3deen nty
Do you remember your first kiss?
Hahahahahaha tesd2 3eeb
Would you like to live in another country?
Yeah in canada
Who is your best friend?
Menna w nahla
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How many hours do you sleep at night?
4 5 hrs
أحلى صدفه حصلت لك ؟؟؟!!!  ♥ (( الفيلسوف المعاصر )) ♥
كيف تصف بلادك في ثلاث كلمات؟  ♥ (( الفيلسوف المعاصر )) ♥
جهل فساد فقر
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Ur fav Pic <33
No pics
leeh p2 :D
W b3den b2a
Status <3
I don't want the fear of failure to stop me from doing what I really care about
Do you smile at strangers? :D
عن الابتسامة اللي بتجيلك علي طول لما تشوف حد بتموووت فييه ^_^
w 3w talt kaman :P
Dh habl b2a
Winter is coming <3
I love winter ❤
tb 3w tany :P
Dh eh y3ni
3w :P
na3m !!
Do you think puppies or kittens are cuter?
kittens <3
artbty kam mara ?
hya lsa fi nas btes2al el as2ela di ! XD