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what is the student/teacher ratio at SMCM?

The official ratio is 12:1 with an average class of 16.

How does a prospective student arrange for a "Sleepover" experience? I understand it is offered to help the student decide if the campus is for them...

We currently offer "shadow" days, for students to see campus and visit a class. We don't, however, have overnight visits. This may change in the future, stay in touch.

Has the school ever been under enrolled if so does that face a challenge for the school?

Yes- every school has, but not by much. It is a challenge for any school. Nothing that we wont overcome or haven't already.

how do i get accepted?

Send us an application. We will review it and see if you are a good fit for SMCM.

How much does a meal cost with dining dollars? Where can the dining dollars be used? What's the difference between meals and dining dollars?

Dining Dollars (also known as Flex) are included in the plans to allow students to eat and drink at the smaller retail dining venues (The Daily Grind and “Grab-n-Go”) in addition to the Servery of the Great Room. Dining Dollars can only be used for food and beverages. There is no refund or carryover of unused Dining Dollars at the end of a semester. (“Use it or lose it.”)
1. Silver Plan: unlimited access to anytime dining. 12 guest passes per semester and $200 Dining Dollars per
semester. Cost: $2,430/semester; $4,860/year.
2. Gold Plan: Same privileges as Silver Plan plus 20 guest passes and $300 in Dining Dollars per semester.
Cost: $2,530/semester; $5,060/year.
3. Platinum Plan: Same privileges as Silver Plan plus 32 guest passes and $400 in Dining Dollars per
semester. Cost: $2,630/semester; $5,260/year.
Sophomores, juniors, and seniors living in the traditional halls and suites are required to choose one of the “anytime
dining” plans described above or they may select the 125 Meal Credit plan described below.
Meal Credit Plans: A variety of limited access plans described below are available for commuters, residents of the
Townhouses and Waring Commons Apartments, faculty, and staff:
1. 125 Meal Credit: 125 meals per semester plus $300 dining dollars per semester. Cost: $1,675/semester;
2. 75 Meal Credit: 75 meals per semester plus $300 dining dollars per semester. Cost: $1,237.50/semester;
3. Flex Plan: 10 meals per semester plus $400 dining dollars per semester. Cost: $525/semester; $1,050/year

Where can I find information about the meal plans for next year?

Right here:

Can a student with a 3.1 gpa be admitted?

Sure- but the application is not all about the GPA. It is important, but not the only factor when reviewing an application. We take a holistic perspective to every applicant.

Are you folks still accepting any applications for the Fall semester this year?

Yes we are. Please get it submitted as soon as possible.

Do you know the dimensions for an 8 person suite (specifically WC 56) for both the common room and the bedrooms?

I'm afraid I do not know.

What is the Dual Admissions program from Carroll Community College? How do I apply for it?

We don't currently have any dual degree programs with 2 year colleges.

If were to apply now, so late in the year, how long would it take to hear back?

We currently have a very shot turn-around on complete applications. Approx. a week after the file in complete, we will have a decision out to you.

What is the maximum amount of transfer credit accepted? My husband is transferring to Pax River and I will have one year of undergrad left.

The maximum number of credits that can be transferred from a two-year institution is 70 credit hours, and 90 credit hours from a four-year institution.

Do the closets/wardrobes have doors? I can't tell from the dorm videos.thanks! :)

The built-in closets do not have doors, but if you require an armoire in your room, it will have doors on it.

Does the college still do a summer reading program?

We used to have one for the incoming, first-year students, but we are not doing one this year.

Can the beds in Caroline and Prince George halls be lofted?

Yes they can. All of the loft kits are available at no cost to the student.

Good day. It's been two weeks since I was told to expect an answer regarding my admission by Wednesday/Thursday of last week (by email and courier). I still haven't received anything. Is it true you've experienced a setback with all summer applications? Around when will all notifications be sent?

They are being sent on a completed basis- Once the file is complete, it will be reviewed, a decision made, and a final decision letter sent.

hello, Does Saint Mary's college have rolling admissions?

We do not. Our regular decision deadline is January 1.

are you still taking applications

We sure are! This time of year, you do need to print out the application and fill it in by hand. The Common Application has shut down to prepare for next years class. It will re-open on August 1st for those applying for the class of 2018. You can download the entire PDF of the application here:

What are the requirements to be considered for in-state tuition/ Maryland resident tuition?

Simply- graduating from a Maryland high school, holding a Maryland drivers license, and your guardian paying Maryland taxes. You are able to appeal, and have your status changed through the Registrar's Office:

How does one schedule an interview? Are summer interviews available for rising seniors?

We are here all summer. Give us a call 800-492-7181 to set up a visit.

How many credits does the average student take during a semester?

16 credits is a full load for our students. All of our academic coursework is worth 4 credit hours per class. This, of course, means that our students typically only take 4 classes each semester.

I'm confused about dates. There is a lot of old information about orientation on the website. My daughter starts this fall and I'm trying to figure out what days to schedule off to get her moved in. Are their any parent activities or parent weekends that I should schedule in during the fall?

New students will move in on August 29. Parents weekend is typically the first weekend in October.
This calendar will give you all the dates you need:
As a parent, we have a place for you as well:

When will first year applications for the 2014-2015 school year be accepted?

The application opens August 1 via the Common Application.

if we register for the open house, how long is the tour/session?

The full program runs from about 9:45a to 3p or so. The tour will only last about 90 minutes.

Hello Rob- I'm a parent- trying not to be a "helicopter parent" - but did have a couple of questions about our youngest son, a strong candidate most likely- finishing 11th grade in Harford County, MD

Give us a call- 800-491-7181


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