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Didn't know people used this
Prettiest 8th grader at tantasqua?
Kayla c.
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Rate- 7.5 :)  Athena
Thanks (:
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your cute
love you anon
Prettiest 8th grader and 9th grader from tantasqua?
everyone's ugly lol jk idfk and idfc
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r u dating anyone
Tyler Main?
I haven't talked to him in a while. he was always smart af so he probably president or something haha
Michaela T?
love michaela. #buissnesspartners
shonak? he can be chill. he just annoys me a little. he chill doe
grown to love dan. haha we've had some shit but hes mad funny.
wtf idfk
she hates me. figuredddd id leave it at that.
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gummies so funny.
she can be nice like 80 percent of the time but the 20 other percent she takes out on me lol
lol annoying.
What do you think of Brianna?
What do you think of Cole?
damn. you are going through our whole damb grade but I can't really dislike cole at all haha we've been friends since like 5th grade. I've only talked to him a few times this year but he mad chill.
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love shelby. we barely talk anymore.
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mark is the best. we apposed ta chill sometime so yay
I barely talk to her.
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she's nice. We've never talked.
Opinions on Ashley?
nooooo! lol  Azlynn
dassss goood haha
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I don't have any problems with you! hah  Azlynn
I thought ya did haha
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Do you like her?
we could probs be chill but idfk
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