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U tink u r all cool wit ur fukn fish..stupid ginger cunt! Id kik da shit out of u
Lol ur fair cool do it so you stupid cunt
Good looking second years
u girl x
S/p bronagh condon emily mulvhill aisling mullany caoimhe burke andrea geary
ill tell u in chat girlllllll
Hope your keeping fit sham big few weeks ahead of us!
training away sham uno yourself !
S/p - boner conom , Clodagh dwyer , Noreen Butler , Nimah Campbell . Jill mulchahy, Shauna clancy
i dont no have of them and clodaghs my cuzin :P
what second years are goodlookin?
ill tell u in chat
3rd years from ard scoil that are good looking
u babe
Well sexyyyyyyy
wellll buireeeee
Well sxc
well babe
Who wuld those people be? :)
text me in chat and ill tell u :)
Who have u gotten close to over the last year?
alot of people :)
ur fair sad with this
ur fair sad sayin dis
are you texting anyone
its just that loads of people say u like me and that you'd meet me u prob no who i am
1st year
In case ye think I'm a faggot lmao
wat year are u in
Why dju think its the lads?
rite so tel me who it is
You and yer crew seem fair sound but I'm scared ta talk to ye lmao
why are u scared :p
u mother ;)
this has to be jack or 1 of d lads
will u meet emily mulvihill ?
whos dis
meet me
yea nb
name some gud lookin girls in second year.. not on chat just say names here
lads that are sound in the cbs?
ah der all sound
soundest 2nd year girls.
my cuzin clodagh :)