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Kung niligawan ka ni sawal, sasagutin mo ba? -F
No comment haha
musta si salawal? -F
Ask him instead ^^ ‎@akosijlsawal
On a scale of 1 to 10, how well do you sing?
Pogi ba si Ian?
Drop dead gorgeous pls
How often do you go to parties?
I haven't even tried to go to a party </3
Depende sa situation? kanino?
Mom :)
Anong book na binabasa mo ngayon?
I haven't bought a new book yet.
ste and ste
SteSte :))
japan? wow :(
Matagal na siya naplano actually, sana matuloy lang :)
whats year phone?
Iphone po ;n; that spelling though XD
kanino ka mas spoiled? mom or dad?
Depende sa sitwasyon :))
Kailangan po ba lahat ng third yr mag review center?
Hindi naman pero it's better if magrereview center ka :) Dagdag kaalaman din yon hahaha
What is better than chocolate?
Pizza tbh. I'm not fond of chocolates kasi :))
yeah May for the post its :>
Saan po yung expert guides?
Sa Katips!
San ka mag review center? :)
Experts guides :)
annyeong nangyere seye
hahahahahaha annyeong
magkikita naman tayo sa review center e :(
May pa :P
Hello poo :)) I just want to say that you got the BEAUTY and the BRAINS :'))) Goodluck sa Senior Year and God bless :))
Waaa thank you po *virtual hug*
HAHA be the good girl you always have to be lol
conceal dont feel HAHAHA
*kpop sorry
Ohhh :) Yep probably :))) As long as SNSD's still there, I'll forever be a kpop fan. MEHEHE
What's your feeling rn? ^^
Bored + hungry + confused
When did you start reading books?
Since I was a child. I'm a bookworm lol
yep for my planner <3
sa pasukan na HAHAH
You're forever kpoo fan lol
Dunno if that's just a typo or you really typed kPOO um