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I'd superman U
gd to know ??
Do you like Coke or Pepsi? Why?
Do u enjoy ripping off scabs and making people bleed?!?!
George is dat u?!!?
Please be my girlfriend your so hot
soz I'm taken :////
The gar is silent
I will now be known as Glinda the good witch
Geography queen
oh u know
Do u follow alex miles on insta he is so #grunge I'm still sad
omg I know! #toogrunge4u
Would YA risk it for a chocolate biscuit
defo xo
Hi I'm no 1 ginger bae tbh
Chloe is dat u???
What do u think of mango
yes yes yes
Do you hate your dog
no Bella's a bae
What do u think of lemons
What do u think of peaches
fave emoji
Before anyone else bæ ily
aw bae?
Wow... You're beautiful
aww thankyouuu
what is ur ig
Do you have some little mix make up? xo
a lipstick x
We finally have MUA make up in the Netherlands, do you have any recommendations on which products and colors are good/nice?
their eyeshadow palette called undress me too is so pretty! and their blushes are quite good for the price x
Do you have tumblr my gal?
guess who loves you loads?????
Would you rather have periods as normal or diarrhoea for the same amount of time?
What are you studying or what you are going to study?
Haven't a clue yet
Do you have any hobbie?
Spinning x
Who's your favorite 1D member?  CARTER AF
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Tickle my anus and call me Samantha!?
Sorry not up for that