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Haha I bet you are though
Ok :P
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Bet your fingering yourself right now
Omg ... Can you see me ? Shit
Bet you have
Bet all u like :-)
Fingered yourself?
Nope total nun x
In your own words describe how an orgasm feels lol
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If you had to live the rest of your life in a movie which one would you pick?
1 with Johnny depp in
I don't understand the question. Um..they wear black too sometimes but not EVERY day like me. lol They have accepted its my style, clothing with skulls on it lol
Ah okay that's cool :)
I always wear black lol I'm like gothic. I rarely wear colors just to make my parents happy. lol
Do your parents no like colour then?
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Black or blue?
You have a youtube?
No ahahaha
My favorite color is blue. What's yours?
Black or blue
They really don't.
Apples are too hard and bananas are too soft but oranges are just right. There squishy and I like that ((: lol
Bananas don't even taste nice
All the oranges in my house get ate by me.
That's pretti cool
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Apples or bananas? Personally, I prefer oranges.
I can only suck the juice from oranges, I don't like the skin stuff but um ... Apples
Because I say so.
okay babes
You gave google a task. lol
Whys that
... Accepts your answer. Moves on. lol
gd 4 u
"How the heck do I know?" I SAID we do it 3 or 5 times. If you do it more than that, means you do it more. Well? lol
Like I said, how do I know? Some girls do and some girls don't, we're not all the same.
Are you addicted to shopping?
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Do females masturbate more than us males? We do it 3 times at least, 5 if we're lucky. lol
How the heck do i know
Favorite Starbucks drink
Either caramel or vanilla latte
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Read your comment below about masturbation and wow! I liked you before now I love you! Lol i thought you would deny it like all girls do. Dont seem to get a heart attack with the subject like other girls hahaha! A bit silly for society to make a scene about something we all pretty much do.
Aww thanks hahaha! I know it's pathetic, i don't really see the problem with it, all guys do it so why can't girls