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Hindi mo ikakaganda dahil maganda ka naman na nagtanong lang naman

Sorry po :'(

Which sandwich topping would you be and why?


idol maputi ka na po ba pagbalik mo ng pinas

BAKET ikagaganda ko ba yon pag pumuti ako

kelan ka babalik sa pinas? sana pagbalik mo dito maggio ka sa route :(

Hi poh. Manggugulat nalang ako hihihi

Can you describe yourself in one word?


Hi Ate Hana

Hi kuya/ate

lakas kasi ng feelings mo hahaha prang feelings ko sayo


do you believe in true love

When I came across it, I did.

you're so cute po ☺☺

Kilala talaga kita eh. hahaha

Diet tipsssss?

10,000 steps a day, eat less than what you burn (calories), cardio. I lost 3.5 lbs in a month ;) Healthy and mabilis na yun.

weeehh? hahha

Hahahaha. Ay baka hindi. Nagfifeeling lang ako. hahahaha

you're so cute po ☺☺

Feeling ko kilala kita hahahaha

How to move on?

Go Adele and write a song about it

Hello ☺

Hey you

@GingerWesson asks, “Are you a cat person or a dog person?"

I hate cats

Are your new songs still about David?

Depende sa mood ko. lol

hi hana!

hi poh!

ano mas ok? afam o pinoy?

Affam in most cases. hahahahahaha. pero pinoy pagdating sa pagiging emotional.

What's your favorite way to express yourself?


Any favorite song(s) for the last few weeks?

I can't seem to get past Justin Bieber's Sorry. :( Sorry

What is your favorite color for a backpack?

pink - this goes for everything actually LUV DAT COLOR

Please come back and teach me how to make edm haha

But I don't make EDM...

Eh you're other song internet boy! Isnt that for someone who had a name Internet Boy?? :))

Is it????? Who is Internet Boy then???

Hi Ate Hana, saan ka pupunta? :(

US of A and I'm never coming back JOKEEEE

Solid set last night. Nice to finally listen to you live. 😁 jam ka naman minsan sa live set ko.

Paincake Patrol

Hi phouz! Haha sure!