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What is your favorite meme? Show us!
What is your favorite meme? Show us!
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Do I need to buy a physical MIDI controller or is Garageband enough? :)
GarageBand is enough! That's all I use :)
Really? Do I need to be good at recognizing tones when using a MIDI? :)
Not really, You'll be good at it in the long run! :)
omg ate san nakakabili nun?
Actually kahit sa mga bangketa meron nun pero they're super dangerous coz now I have noodle hair
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Let's make #LolasOfCEBU happen!
Ano gamit mo pang dye ng buhok?
Those dangerous 20 peso chinese hair dyes. Forrealz
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Kailan kayo mag gi-gig dito sa cebu with your bffs?
Lemme ask ‎@cabreezzah
When it comes to making music, does taste matter over talent?? Whyyy??? ( I just heard my friend's band for the first time and boy do they fucking suck. They handle instruments really well, but the quality of their lyrics and the arrangement are just sub par. :-/ )
If they have good taste then that would develop their talent down the line - If they suck now it's just because they don't know how to write together yet. It's like putting a bunch of talented basketball players together - they won't be a great team right away - because it takes time to find chemistry. <3
I want to know how a sampler / midi controller works. Do you teach? (I'm not musically inclined btw)
Hi! I can but I need to teach you in person. It's super easy
when will be your next gig?
Tonight!!! 9pm at Route 196!!!
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What would your DJ name be?
DJ Katol
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Hello hanuuuuuu, guess who #muchwow
Don't know p0h...
Ikamusta mo nalang ako kay joyce pring pagbalik nya :)
Hu u
What is the one thing everyone is looking for?
I lurve u
Thank u
Pwede magpa autograph?
Sa kilikili
I was too shy to say hi! Haha. Papapicture rin sana ako.
Aww sayang naman :(
I went to Gateway food park kanina to watch you sing! Kinikilig ako masyado nung nakita kita huhu
Why didn't you say hi :(
are you seeing someone?
Not ready for that shiatsu
Kamukha mo si Hana WYXZ
Thank u po
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kamuka mo si elsa, except hot na elsa
Hu is elsa
Ate hannnn! ano yung app ba yun or software na ginagamit mo dun sa nasa video mo na nag papiano ka den yung dun sa laptop mo hehehe
Hiiii I'm using Garageband :)
Can u recommend local indie bands that don't sound like the usual "indie" bands? Lol P.s. Labyu ❤️
SUD iz good. Labyu 2
magkano yung arturia minilab?
It is a gift from heaven
looking at you is such a piece of heaven.. aaahhhh..
I'm scared