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What do you do if you can’t sleep at night?
I don't sleep at night :v
que prefieren vivir en una mentira o morir por la verdad?
Morir por la verdad! :/ xd
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429 + los mios ;3  Axel Jiron
xD lml c;
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¿Qué harías hoy si no hubiera mañana?  Ꮆabynarvz...†
Ay haha ... Muuuuchas cosas, son demasiadas, eso si!.. solo si se confirmara un No hay manana lml xD
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Quién* Pues yoo la manga xD *Fresia<3.  Abigail∞
la manga haha shi lml xD :* :v C:
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Quieb más? Xd abandonarás el club o no?
haha xd aun no se :o :v
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Yo te doy*--* y no consejos xD
quien sos? xp
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¿Qué se siente estar tan bueno? xD  Abigail∞
decime vos! c: xD
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ay si ay si ahora el quiere MG q hp jaja  Axel Jiron
hahaha n.n c:
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What do you expect in 2014?
sincerely, now, I don't expect anything :s
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What is your height?
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Go to twitter then hahaha ^.^
yup, i saw your dm haha xD I was thinking on you when you said: I'm Shy lol huhu lml
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You shoul guess hahaha :3
nah you tell me huhuhu n.n :)
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I'm shy lol idk
I think i know who are you,..... nah idk haha, tell me!! :)
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I asked who you were crushing on cuz I neve know what to ask on here lol and I was jokin about the Spanish hahaha xD I figured you were fine with both languages
huhu ok :) ... can I know who are you? lml :)
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What song best describes your life right now?
I think... Seen It All Before By Bring Me The Horizon ! :S
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What do you look like when you wake up in the morning?
Who am I? xD
What do you look like when you wake up in the morning?
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You crushing on anyone?? Sorry couldn't ask in Spanish like those people
nope, I'm not crushing on anyone :s... why?:3
no problem, I can answer all to you perfectly in english (:
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estupido y sensual yisus xD  Luis Obando
hahaha lml
ahora te vais al con el duublo mijo! xD
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How fast do you fall in love?
all depends in what kind of person is!♥
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te acordas de la pregunta que me hiciste de los 20 mg, mirala :c lol  Axel Jiron
hahaha si ya vi .... a mi no me engañas yo se que si eres gay! xD lml
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jaja y yo de inteligente no la contesto :3 jaja  Axel Jiron
hahahaha xD
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La que edite! :)  ∞Coldplayer∞♥
ok shi C:
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cuaaal? xp
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Amooo mas esa, mas que la edite :3 todo pequeñooo :3 Owwns!  ∞Coldplayer∞♥
hahaha, entonces dejo la otra xd <3
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