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screencapture of phone wallpaper pls
Currently favourite song of yours ?
풋사과 by Hyuna!
who's your favorite in 9muses? what are your other fandoms?
Hyuna~ but kyungri and hyemi are very very close behind. Ummmm i like several girl groups but I only identify as a sone.
Why u didn't take a pic ? I want to see them !!
<<< This question is about the soshi 7th anniversary, I didn't bother replying then. But since I'm free now, here's my reply: Please do your research first. If I could take pics/videos, why do you think I had to take the effort to type away on my phone throughout the whole thing when I could have just spent the time looking at soshi? I know it was a privilege for me to attend the fanmeet. I got in with the help of fellow sone and that's why I decided that I should help other sone who were unable to attend it by live-tweeting it, and hopefully be able to make them feel like they're there.
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Girls' Generation and F(x) bias please.
Soshi: I don't really like to name a bias because I try to love them all but ok Jessica was the first to catch my eye when I first started liking soshi in 2009. F(x): KRYSTAL
Yoona is pretty yet derpy Wendy is pretty yet derpy. Why are the visuals derpy ?
Lmaoooo I guess it runs in the company??
What player do you use to play ts/tp files?
VLC, but sometimes the video appears choppy. My friend says Daum Potplayer doesn't have this problem!
R u working nw or studying or both?
So there's someone else annoying out there? Oooh :(
Yup :(
If your last tweets were about the thing with layers, don't worry, he'll disappear now for a while until the next time he can appear with ~secrets~ that ~nobody knows~.
It's not :(
Thanks a lot ^^
No problem :)
Do you know any compiler (compilator? idk) to follow for Soojung pics?
Hi, I don't really know any compilers, but here are a couple of fans/fansites I follow for soojung pics:
I think I get quite a healthy amount of soojung pics and info from here :) if anyone else happens to see this ask and knows of any other soojung sites/fans to follow, pls share ^^
I can't look straight anymore, the way my eyes have rolled so hard into the back of my skull with those last tweets and the replies sanctifying him.
PMSL I just went to see and I'm like dude. It's like he's on a different planet
Every time the onion tweets something that vague it sounds so attention seeking, even if he already has plenty of everyone's attention. Of course it's his Twitter and he can write whatever he wants but man.
Mte hahahaha
do you know something about seokyu ?
Seokyu? I don't know him.
Who is your bia?S
What's a bia and why are you asking me this.
Do you have any good taeny fics to recommend?
Sorry I'm so out of touch with fics LMAO i haven't read fics in >1 year... I only remember Endless Season lmao #nevergonnaforget
Apasal kamu dalam bahasa?
Saya tak tau cakap bahasa
how do you do the upside down question mark?
No idea, but I guess you could Google that?
¿What is your bra size?
Life is a mystery
¿How old are you? :)
This feels like an interrogation :( I'm a bit younger than soshi but I shamelessly call them "kids"
¿Boy or Girl?
Isn't it obvious LOL I'm not a girl, not yet a woman~~~
¿Where are you from?
¿Are you un hiatus?
Un hiatus? You mean on hiatus? Haha. Yes, I've stopped subbing things by myself, but I'm active on soshified subs.