Justin Bieber (✔)
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Good morning beliebers <3


Have a nice day :D


Sometimes im stupid too :D


Protecting you beliebers <3


Wanna take a ride in my car with me? :)

foto com os manos *.*


Pensa bem antes de falares ;)


Keep saying that, i don't give a fuck, and dude, i continue judge me but i can make your girlfriend scream louder than you can by hitting her follow button ;)


Girl: Dad, im pregnant!!
Her father: Who was the bastard who did this??!
* I walk through the door in *

i love youu


Wanna be one less lonely girl?


Who want me to be your teacher?


Yeah, do you have a problem with my swagggg?

Its A Photo

Geovana Leite

I'm your angel <3

swag on u

♛I'm Yours♛

me and him :)

luv ya ^^


love you too <3


Don't create fake stories about girls meeting me and then being sad because it wasn't a "special" moment for me. That ain't true. don't believe everything u hear. i love spending time with u all. trust me.


Who know the lollydance?

swag photo *o*

✿ amo-me. s2


show me your shoes :)

✿ amo-me. s2

Who like/love my shoes? :)

photo with your two babys *o*

✿ amo-me. s2

I love them <3


Two lovely monkeys :D


Checking out my figures in the new music video :)


Is the car beautiful with me? :D


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Página oficial: @RealJustinbieber896 - Isto não é um ask oficial dele, nós é qe vamos andar a postar fotos dele, simplesmente estamos a representá-lo, embora algumas pessoas já o façam, mas nao sao portugueses, decidimos representá-lo em portugal.


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