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H.o? xx
Might need to say who wants it xx
So I herd you broke Ayla and William up?
No way... it had nothing to do with me. I feel bad for her. She deserves better x
h.o? x  ⭐️hannah⭐️
I love you... I love your name! Your stunning so nice and a close friend of mine xx
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H.o on me z:)
Your a real sweetie, your beautiful inside and out. Don't no you that well but you always talk to me and its lovely xxx
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What do you look like right now?
a goddess, you jealous! ahahahah xx
Who will go to hell?
Personally, all the haters that hide behind a computer screen slagging people off. They shall go to hell no doubt about that xx
Swag first question ;)
Not that swag anon :) xx ily2