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Where's your BF, I gotta shake his hand.
I don't have a boyfriend haha
So what are several things you most regret? (Doesn't have to be personal)
Getting involved with people who only wanted one thing..
Don't have any others haha
Dahell are there so Many fake profiles for you, weird...
Yeah I'm kinda used to it now haha
Gawww leee!! your eyes are exquisite, you're even more so.
Awww thankyou
Have you ever been given a wedgie?
Erm I can't say I have
Hey, make a HELLO video on your instagram
No thanks
Oh geez, r u a light or messy sleeper
You mean heavy?
How can you be so beautiful and so bright, in a society as bad as this the world does not deserve you! :) xoxo
That is the sweetest thing ever haha awwww thankyou
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Omg your like sooo insanely pretty like how?!
im not at all haha
whats your insta link? to many fakes man:) x
lucyfairheeadd :-)
lol why would someone b that creepy to ask for your siblings names;D oh wow
i have no idea haha
have you got any siblings? if you have, they should be proud to have such an amazing sister;D and what are their names??:) xxxx
i have two siblings and im not going to release their names on lmao you'll probably put it on a fake account or something.
Got a fav relative?
not really
Hey hey hey whats ur biggest fear
Just add me on Facebook, just search lucy Fairhead it's the one with like a blueish picture :)
let me prove to you my wealth? whats your kik or something
what even is kik haha
you ever date a millionaire? if no can i be ur first :P?
i highly doubt you're a millionaire, and alsooo i have a wonderful boyfriend :-)
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lmao, you guys who r sating lucys fake, just bc she doesnt wanna post a picture with something on paper..u guys probs only want her to do that so you can 'steal' the picture to post it hahahaa lmao,leave her man!btw lucy youre beautsss x
awww thankyou loads ahha xx
post a pic of you with a bit of paper that says hello,btw youre lush :)) xx
sorry i dont do these signs lmao haha thankyou very much! x
Wat u hopin 2 do in da future?
dont knowww
You a fan of arctic monkey's?
Hey lucy just wanted a say HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! XoXoXo
you toooo!!! xxx
Hollyy buh-jesus you are the most prettiest girl i`ve ever seen
haha awww thanks
Wait, ur a waitress?? \:
yeah, and.. haha i dont find that bad at all, atleast i have a job..