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Oh geez, r u a light or messy sleeper
You mean heavy?
How can you be so beautiful and so bright, in a society as bad as this the world does not deserve you! :) xoxo
That is the sweetest thing ever haha awwww thankyou
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Omg your like sooo insanely pretty like how?!
im not at all haha
whats your insta link? to many fakes man:) x
lucyfairheeadd :-)
lol why would someone b that creepy to ask for your siblings names;D oh wow
i have no idea haha
have you got any siblings? if you have, they should be proud to have such an amazing sister;D and what are their names??:) xxxx
i have two siblings and im not going to release their names on lmao you'll probably put it on a fake account or something.
Got a fav relative?
not really
Hey hey hey whats ur biggest fear
Just add me on Facebook, just search lucy Fairhead it's the one with like a blueish picture :)
let me prove to you my wealth? whats your kik or something
what even is kik haha
you ever date a millionaire? if no can i be ur first :P?
i highly doubt you're a millionaire, and alsooo i have a wonderful boyfriend :-)
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lmao, you guys who r sating lucys fake, just bc she doesnt wanna post a picture with something on paper..u guys probs only want her to do that so you can 'steal' the picture to post it hahahaa lmao,leave her man!btw lucy youre beautsss x
awww thankyou loads ahha xx
post a pic of you with a bit of paper that says hello,btw youre lush :)) xx
sorry i dont do these signs lmao haha thankyou very much! x
Wat u hopin 2 do in da future?
dont knowww
You a fan of arctic monkey's?
Hey lucy just wanted a say HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! XoXoXo
you toooo!!! xxx
Hollyy buh-jesus you are the most prettiest girl i`ve ever seen
haha awww thanks
Wait, ur a waitress?? \:
yeah, and.. haha i dont find that bad at all, atleast i have a job..
So what u doin for this holiday
spending time with reece and family, yourself?
Hi lucy, age?
17 youhunt?...
Do u believe in slender, why dafuq does everyone say hes real. If hes real he`d smash my face into the keybozjhdjjdpvkvjrdispqsbxcpke
excuse me
You got a boyfriend?.....damn!
yepppy! and i love him loooooooooooooooooooads
YO LUCY! Wats da craziest shit you seen?
whoever you are, you're brilliant lmao keep asking me questions hahahah and ermmmm probably when a guy got out of his car on a super busy road and marched over to my friends car and started threatening him, crazy mannn