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which ones

Most of them lol

have you stayed in contact with any of the teachers from there

Yeah we email all the time

Miss you, can't you come back lol?

No im not allowed now and ill have nowhere to live even if I was allowed back :( I miss it too! Inbox me on fb?

why have you left clw :(

Because I was stupid and moved away with my boss to do horses and it didnt even work out. Well it did but not as I wanted it to. I do regret leaving :(

whats going on , here if u need me

Inbox me on fb?

i will go to mrs cockayne, thanku

Okkk x

are you ok? saw you looking down last week

Yes fine just got stuff going on

who's the best teacher to speak to about feelings at school, i self harm really bad and need advice, but i dont no who to go to, im year 11 by the way

Mra cockayne or one of your teachers, form tutor?

r u dead, u havent been on in ages

No just dont bother being on here

Well you went to the social

Yeah but I was pissed and got there till 9 so I don't know

gossip from the social?

No ideaaa

Ive got chlamydia so you might wanna get yourself checked out..

Already been its fine

Tell me

Why, if you care so much inbox me on fb

Why whats been said


Do u want to be friends, im sure u used to be like besties, its kinda sad

I dont wanna be friends after whats been said tbh

Why what was she sayin lol Will u be friends again

Its too long to explain but I doubt it shes obv not a true friend if she goes off on one at me for no reason, well a reason she hasnt/cant tell me

Why lol

Dunno she went off on one

Whats going off with you and olivia? Cuz you both write statuses? Have you fell out or somethin?

Yeah we fell out lol

How many people have you slept with?x


what u been up to?


who are your closest friends

Ellie t and pauline and clare

How come you posted a photo on Instagram saying new family

Cos they made me part of their family whilst i was living with them in france abd theyre like my new family

when u coming back from france x

Tuesday x

why wat happened 2 days ago?xo

just felt down and stressed

how long ya been clean for

2 days


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