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I cant call you out i live in newark thats like 2hrs away but its w.e maybe
whats ya name
Is it okay if I post dance videos using your music ? I at least wanted to ask.
Do you do long distance relationships
Im a girl and i wanna dance battle you so bad bruh
Lmao then if yoyu see me then call me out
Any exes you would go back with ?
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Lightskins girls or darkskin girls?
Um idk lmao lightskins
Skinny girls or thick girls?
Thick lol i cant have a skinny girl
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Tall girls or short girls?
Short girls
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I love yo music ! Like YASSSSSS. I live in Florida soo nobody know how people do it up north ! But FR IF I lived in yo city u think I could join yo group ? I know the dance moves. Keep up the good work.
Thanks for the love out there in Florida ! Means alot
Who What's her name start with ?
Lol dont worry
You like anyone ?
Yea i guess you can say that
tbh u like frfr cutee
Thankyou lol
Cdfu .you remember me ?  Eh .
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You seem like you would be a great boyfriend
lol yup
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Meeee?  Eh .
me what lol?
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Idc about your reputation if I had the chance to date you I would
thats cute lol
u sound dumb im nice asf in both lol goofy a producer and checks a philly dancer u sucking they dick hella hard
Yu not better dancer than Dj checkz or Dj Goofy
in what dancing or producing ?
You know what I meant and that's rude
Lol no i really didnt and so what lol
Never that I wouldn't be talking to the one and only Mikey may if I was ugly
:O lol ur not talking to me ur on my ask ur prolly ugly i stg lol
when the last time u had sex
personal lol
y'all was cute
i know right lol
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Since you single I can have ya freaky self to my self now
Hopefully u not ugly lmao ;)
Sex story
na im good lol just know im a freak
Prove you a freak then
how tf am i suppose to prove that on a website ..
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