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You Can Ask Me Anything Make Sure its not ignorant it can be any type of questions ! ;)
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would u mess wit a girl from delran?
Have you ever messed with a girl from mount holly ?
Na why
girl or boy?
Did you mess with anyone from rv before ?
Don't really know anybody from there o don't think
Your so cute 😍😫
Thank you πŸ’•
How many kids do you want?
When's your birthday?
October 21
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Would u date a girl that's 5'8?
I'm obsessed with u and ur music
Thanks πŸ’•
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I love you
I love you to
Why are you so cute ?
Im ugly lol
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Are you a virgin
Do you play any sports?
i use to play ball
Can you bone break?
you can say that
I hope you can put your d.i.c on my e.y.e ;)
Lmao "boyifyoudontget"
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do u know anyone named Imara
u fw malena?
as a friend yea
Drop A Selfie And Who Ever Likes it Thinks ur cute <3
Im ugly lol but here i guess lol
Drop A Selfie And Who Ever Likes it Thinks ur cute <3
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Who ever likes this gets a rate
Like it up i guess lol
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If I gave random snapchats would you snap em dey cute
i guess.
You cute or whatever
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Where can I get your music from
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Mikey ! Hmjβ€Ž  γ€½οΈichael Green
whats ya number?
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Can you put a link to a tutorial please ?
Search it up on youtube
Did you buy fl studio or do you use demo version ?
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