Lyana Fermin
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hi, musta na lyan :)

hi :) ayos pa naman :))

elow powhxzc j3j3j3 xD

Christian M. Albano

Hahahahaha albano ha. HAHA😂😂😂

What would you prefer? Ebook or Books?


What would be your BEST line to own somebody?

I love you and you are mine.. ? haha XD

Don't you find it worrying that doctors call treating you their "practice" ?

What most people do not realize is, it is so hard to sue and collect for damages from doctors for malpractice due to this exact thing.
You can't hardly collect from a doctor who has a shingle out that says "Practicing Physician" and they all do.

Nung nakaraan pa xD Follow na

Christian M. Albano

hahaha XD okiiee sensya na XD

Would you change the world by ______?

Christian M. Albano

what?! XD

Who do you miss in your 8th Grade life?

Christian M. Albano

mga centaurus classmates ko!♥♥ haha LOL