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Ask me a question
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haha what's with all these weird questions
You watch porn
thanks for telling me, didn't know I did that
Breasts, I meant breasts
You're pretty and I love you
Thank you, I'm sure I love you too
You have extremely large talons
hahahahahaha whoever said quesedillas and salsa is my nigga
is that supposed to mean something?
quesadillas and salsa
First letter of the guys that you like
you like any guys?
You a virgin?
how does that concern you
You know youre perfect right?
No but thank you:)
I knew it
How big are your boobs?
32 A
Talking to any guys?
Sup bby
you're a quail.
i love you quel!
I love you!
You're soooo pretty :)
Thanks :)
Youre one of my favorite people quel!
back at ya :)
U can be really negative and awkward sometimes
You seem friendly
Yur a hottie
hey thanks
u mad
why do you don't you talk in real life
uhh I've probably just never talked to you in real life.....
You are perfect
aw thanks