Rizal Azhiman Rasid @rizalazhimanmr
hello there
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I guess, u hve no malay tongue in food den.
idk mahn.. not a big fan of those kind of foods
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Oh. i thought you eat all those food.
nope :')
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Who is raudhah?
partner in crime
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assalamualaikum zal! is that ur birthday on september? ♡
walaikumsalam.. yeap :)
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I assume, u don't eat sambil belacan too, then?
nope haha
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I love the way you smile ☺
awwwh :)
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Love you zal! :)
love you too!
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Hi rizal.Have a nice day :")  Qeel
thank you :)
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Are you curious of who I might be? ):
yes! :/
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This wcopa concert I cant make it but I really want to come :-( I want to see you in a real life..
awwh we can meet some other times :)
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As much as I want you to know who I am, I rather not. You might just ignore me and pretend like I never came across in your life and I'll be disappointed ):
i love u rizal x  Wahyu Fitria Ningrum
Awwhh :) x
I mean, tempoyak or petai?
eurghhh neither both
how many siblings do you have?
4, i'm the eldest
Durian or rambutan?
neither both.. i don't eat durian and everytime i eat rambutan, i'd end up hurting my throat
Rizal .. i d falling in love with your red watch .. really capture my eyes .. may i borrow?
watt haha it's just a simple red watch :')
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Do you eat ambuyat? Puuuuunnsia.
nope haha
What can i buy with $91 in brunei?
quite a lot actually haha
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y u have 2 ig acc ?
i feel like making new one.. my 2nd ig is more towards expressing my feelings through pictures idk mahn
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do u hate ppl f thy use too mch of shrtfom lyk i did..?
i don't mind actually.. but please don't use shortform for each words :')
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You're like a pretty flower that everybody take note of and I'm like a stone in this world where nobody actually notice my presence. Well, I don't mind about that, but it's sad that I don't get noticed by you ):
just tell me who you are :(
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what if i wear sock in sandals to cover up my aurat?
well in that case.. ofcourse you have to wear socks :)
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can i borrow your eyebrow? it's nice. :)  Hayana Syamimie
you can have em' haha
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i wear socks and sandals :(  Wana Athirah
omg sorry :') hahahahaha
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