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hello there
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Hi rizal! i wanna thank u for the advice about "voice" thingy, im starting to love my voice but im still trying to throw my insecurities away lol and i brave myself to post vid of me singing on ig tho and the comments makes me feel more confident to sing! thank u & hope to meet ya one day!
that's what i want to hear.. keep it up! ☺️👍🏻
you've been through alot ? or you just dont know what to answer
well everyone have been through alot in their life but we have to take that as a lesson for us to become a better person.
rizal, is it weird if a girl envy u so much? i mean like i envy u so much that u have almost everything and i feel so jealous about it. eventho im a girl but yeah idk why
that's not true at all. i don't have everything.. i even have to work hard for everything that i wanted, but i can say that i'm so blessed with everything that God have given me. There's nothing to be jealous of :)
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Hello there my beloved zauj hahaha
Zauj? what's that haha 😂
Which country did you adore the most ?
I can't decide! basically i really enjoyed travelling to all of the countries that i have visited before
What is your dream car rizal?
Mini cooper & Volkswagen Scirocco/GTI 😍
hey hey hey cover perfect by one direction please like this https://youtu.be/AAsDUIxuPzE
we'll see 😁
where do you usually have lunch during weekdays? is there any place you would recommend? :D
i go to different places every lunchtime because i like trying new places to eat haha but my fav has to be Shabu-Shabu hehe
lmao guys, let him be. gain muscle or not he still handsome af wat hahaha its ok zal just do what u want! if u dont want it u dont have to :)
thank you :)
Hi :) In my opinion, girls dont get enough respect for the things they do. You girls are amazing and deserve to have someone always there to listen to them and offer advice if needed. my opinion was made to do just that so if you want, just ask me anything and i will reply honestly :) From James  Good listener for girls
James is waiting ladies 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻😂
Rizal pap shirtless zal
no haha
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I adore you 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
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Where have u been
nowhere actually haha this month has been very very busy for me that i almost have no time to check my ask.fm. but hey i'm back now! haha
Sibuk apa kau?
assignments (sigh) and preparing for upcoming shows
Because isn't good for paru-paru hihi
really? i didn't know that 😂
Post a picture selfie no filter
no filter and a taco for you 🌮
Post a picture selfie no filter
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You must !! Bagi sikit waktu lah zal buat gain your muscle
i know but Idk it's just so hard 😂
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Gain your muscle Zal.
i've been told to gain some muscle but i just don't have the time to go to the gym and workout 😩
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Your anonim is so funny.
what haha
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A different version of hotline bling http://youtu.be/77MenaZJrNw omg im sending you too much songs i cant help it
i really love this! almost similar to Charlie Puth & Kehlani's version. In fact, I'll be singing this version for RnB Night at Kaleidoscope this Saturday 😁
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Kau sangat macho lah zal. Supersexy
nahh 😂
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Would you go for someone older?
3-4 years older are still okay for me
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Rizal do you always keep your room tidy ?
most of the time, but i have my days where i get so lazy to clean up my room 😂
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Are one of your fam actually a singer? Haha
well all of them sing haha
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Hi jal. Thanks bro for making my friend happy. Eventho shes a bit sad that ia inda dapat jumpa kau yet.Lol. But thanks anw