Rizal Azhiman Rasid @rizalazhimanmr
hello there
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ai luv u to de mun en bek <3
translation please? :')
Marry me rizal
ask me again in 4-5 years
duhhh who doesn't haha
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hey, when will you perform another live concert? I want to see you sing again :( -N
not sure.. but i'll update if there's any :)
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abang ijal, apa apps abg ijal pakai masa dkubur...the font abg ijal pakai arah arah ig?? bulih share :(
tsup with the 'abang' haha it's phonto
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Rizal tell me what is 'lawa' ? :/
i'm assumming you're not Bruneian.. haha 'lawa' is pretty/beautiful
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rizal, its my birthday (:  Lyss Idris
Happy Birthday! x
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Zal .. kamu ingat tak orang yang selalu kacau kamu di instagram dan twitter?
mmm can't recall
yeeeah me too. but i'll be happy if you're come to Indonesiaa, i always wait that time  Viera H Latuconsina
hmm i wish.. someday :)
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i saw u at bandar. wanted to take a picture w u but im too shy :c
earlier today? haha
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digging the newest cover. U did a good justice to it  safarah
awwh glad you liked it :)
how are youu zal? how's your day? hehe. almost Hari Raya zal, kapan ke Indo?:(  Viera H Latuconsina
my day just started so yeah haha yeap, i know.. excited for raya!
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What will you do If a girls want to be your friends :) ? why not.. i have quite a lot of girl friends haha is that not a sign a guy is gay when he has a lot of girl friends ?  Liam Pemberton
not that all of my friends are girls.. what i meant was my friends are equally boys and girls. doesn't mean that the person is gay when he have more girl friends than guys..
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Send me friend request please :) , I accept everyone .. https://www.facebook.com/melissa.hart.547386
Hello Rizal! I'm fans! adore your voice so damn much haha. could you please check out my soundcloud anyway? if not well that's okay. love ya! xoxo.  Aisyah Humairo
awwwh thank you so much x
What apps do you mostly use on your phone?
definitely not ask.fm
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I'm not that tall haha. But whats your height?
haha i'm 5'7
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What will you do If a girls want to be your friends :) ?
why not.. i have quite a lot of girl friends haha
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Hello ! Just released my brand new video-clip ! Could you please take a look at it and share if you like it ? The link is in my profile ! Thank you !  Skyërn Aklea (✔)
Have you seen anything weird lately?
me.. getting weirder and weirder day by day
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the way you sing :'D
awwwwh thank you :)
the picture that u uploaded 6 days ago
Call me creepy but I saw this two guys asking you to take a picture of them with a trolley (or maybe not with the trolley). *smirks*
wat when is that haha
you inspire me alot..... hahaha jk :P
haha in what way? :')