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hello there
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What websites do you go to everyday?
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Wait what you can do zayn's highnote? Seriously wtf i cant believe it  Zulaikha Afwani ✨
one of ma friend had told me that the teachers arent allowed more students di IGS. well since tchernya sdkit. is that true?
idk.. there have been some rumours circulating among the students but most of the lecturers denied the rumours. There are plenty of lecturers actually in IGS..
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rate for avenger?
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i had to delete the video because there was something wrong with the video.. and you can't even hear me that clearly lol 🙊  Rizal Azhiman Rasid
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What's your Youtube channel?
rizalazhimanrasid, but i haven't post any covers there..
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You have Youtube channel?
i have to re-answer this because i just remember that i have one lol
Do u know how to apply scholarship under JPKE? Cause I'm planning to apply.. and probably I would go for IGS.
just go to JPKE and they'll explain to you all the process and everything :)
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Are you romantic? Why or why not?
am i? hahahahah idk mahn
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friends? but i want ur kik
no kik sorry
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Hey goodnight rizal! Um can you do a new cover tonight or tomorrow? 😁😂
not anytime soon.. but i'll do a new one if i have the time :)
Will you go on a date with me?
idk 🙈
Assalamu'alaikum. Hi 👋
walaikumsalam hi 👋
have u watched avengers?
YES! infact i just got back from the cinema.. it was so good!
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plz like this stay blessed http://ask.fm/Meexo143/answer/126240488182  Kashan
Love from Egypt 💖💖
thank you! ❤️
What major are you taking in college?
Diploma in Animation & Multimedia Design :)
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Why? Your voice is so angelic!
idek hahaha but thank you so much :)
It would be my honor to be your friend.
awwwh :)
You are perfect!
nobody's perfect :')
Can you reach Zayn's high note in You & I, dear Rizal?
ahhhhhh i guess? 😅
Audition for the XFactor/The voice!
in my dreams... hahahaha
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Can we be friends?
awwhh sure :)
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Why so perfect?
nobody's perfect :')
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