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hello there
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hii rizal :)
Hello :)
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sdah ke consumer fair? :)
Emily has 52 points in depression test. And You? http://depressiontest.club
how to let go of someone you love? (bcs u want to avoid sins)
just tell them the truth of how you really feel about them?
OH THAT ANON! Hes/shes just jealous.. Dont think about it :) i'll always be your fan!
nahh i'm not gonna think about it hehe and thank you so much :)
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What was the last movie you watched?
into the woods
Hye Rizal! Idk if you heard of Seeds Brunei, but are you interested in joining it? xD
yeap i've heard of them, but never thought of joining at the time being hehe
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jahat jua anon atu... sabar jal :)  Bilah
nahh it's alright.. thank you :)
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have you ever dissapointed your parents?
so many times :(
what the hell is wrong with that anon? just ignore them, jal. you are who you are :)  Syifaa Hasim
it's okay haha and yeap you're right Syifaa :)
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get a life anon. -.-
nawh, that's not true :) I hope it does not affect you emotionally, it's normal to get hates isn't it? :) chin up and smile! :)  Sabrina Zabar
nahh i'm alright hehe thanks though
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Ko tau kh fans mu bnyk hilang psl kau seek for fame
i never seek for fame........ because i know it's useless. mati pun in the end kain putih jua kitani pakai. nada beza nya pun. and sorry if aku pernah buat something yang menyakitkan hati mu or siapa saja, maybe aku inda realise. i never meant all of that.. sorry again.
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Kau ani perasaan kaya ah
aku inda kaya.. but aku bersyukur saja apa yang aku ada masani.
Napa kn mostly soalan mu ne bnyk kan bahasa english ? Ko andang selalu prasan kh ?
drg yang ask?? how should i know.......
imagine you drive on your way home. suddenly you saw 3 people on the bus stop. person A: a person who have save you from drowning. person B: an old women who are really sick and need to go to hospital asap. person C: a beautiful lady/handsome guy. you can only pick one. which one would you pick? :)
i'll choose B.. you can't say no to an old woman who needs help
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likers get a follow ?
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but payah tu ih garageband ah hahaha right right? :(
haha at first yes, but you'll get used to it sooner or latet
you are so cute
have you ever go to any tahlil this year?
yeap :)
no thanks
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hi sayang 
haha hello
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where u from?
Why you gay as f tho
i know huhu sad life