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hello there
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to that anon, i know ure just trying to remind him but atleast can u show some respect a lil bit? u dont even know him that well so dont act like one
nahh it's okay.. i may be no one in this world but atleast i tried to make everyone happy and that's already enough for me 😊
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Hi rizal. I just listen your cover(s) on soundcloud and to be very very very honest I love your voice so damn much 😍😍 lolβ€Ž  β€
hey thank you so much 😁
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pls tell me u'll do it .. the cover of young - Mike Dignam
i need atleast a week or two to memorize the melody of the song haha
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I really want to see you in personπŸ˜‚ dan take a pict with youπŸ˜…πŸ˜…
awwwh ☺️
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please please please do a cover on jet black heart by 5sos. πŸ™ŠπŸ™Š
we'll see about that πŸ˜‚
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where can I watch your full song cover? and, if you dont mind, what is your 2nd ig account? Thanks ^^
most of my covers are on soundcloud hehe oh it's ‎@rizalazhimanmr
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I srsly adore your voices🌸 Make more covers on sc please ! Count me as a fan hehe x
awwh thank you so much ☺️
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Is your country (Brunei) you always use the English language? Why is not the melayu language? Actually what your national language? If it melayu, you should apply it more !! cus I like melayu language. hihi
Yes our national language is malay but english is our 2nd most important language and it's very useful to know atleast some basic english to find jobs here in Brunei or to further your study abroad to other countries without having trouble communicating with people. so i don't think it's wrong to use english on a daily basis (though i speak malay most of the time) i'm actually still in the process of improvising my english because i was raised surrounded by malay speakers and never had a proper english teacher until i was in form 1. I got really interested in learning english since then (yes my english was soo bad back then haha) well i can't say that i'm a good english speaker now but atleast i know how to respond to questions in english without any problem. i learn english by heart but malay is in my blood 😁😌
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Cause he/she majal kik banyak kli and at the end, he/she send the sc and said 'famous dh ni' kna crop without the ig's name. And yeah thanks for helping in someway
Ah i see.. i'm not sure which part of my text was 'helping' but sure no problem lol thanks for telling though
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have you ever thought about marriage?
nope it's still too early for me to discuss about that topic lol
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have you ever been to indonesia?btw apakah kau directioners?bcs 1d had a concert in indonesia last march
i went to Bali when i was little. well i don't consider myself a directioner but i like all of their songs.
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You painted the galaxy one? Paint one for me. Untuk hantaran nikah kita nanti.
i see what you did there πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
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i want to meet and take a picture with you !
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so wht do u think? of the song?
wait which song again? πŸ˜‚
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i assumed this was during the tanglong at Tutong haha
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Hi Rizal.
Hello 😁
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Zal. why you want to delete your instagram?
had trouble of logging in and it kept signing me out again and again and it occured repeatedly everytime i tried to log in. I actually deactivated that account instead of deleting it so i can activate that account anytime i want but i don't think i'll be using that ig again since i'm using my 2nd ig atm
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Yesterday when I asked what do you think about the song "drag me down" you say haven't heard that song. But when you cover that song. And it was very good. Thank you Rizal
uhmm are you sure because i believe this was the question that i received haha πŸ˜‚ but thank you hehe
Yesterday when I asked what do you think about the song "drag me down" you say haven't heard that song. But when you cover that song. And it was very good. Thank you Rizal
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Are you a celebrity? Hey you are not aware of anything. Do not feel high. The world does not even know who you are.
nope i'm not a celebrity lol as i've mentioned on my previous answer i'm just an ordinary guy. and yeah agree with you, the world doesn't even know who i am haha so thanks for the reminder πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ» p.s i never feel high about myself though hehe
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Can you please subscribe to this channel and check out some of the videos. It'd be really appreciated:) https://www.youtube.com/watch?
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make more covers please suggestion: young- Mike Dignam
i'll try to give it a listen.. never heard of this song before hehe
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bebayar kah if arah igs?
You can apply for scholarships too.. but i'm not sure if they still give out scholarships though for the upcoming batch.
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lmao what would it eat
Humans.. including you too. jk hahaha πŸ˜‚
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*cover of
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