Rizal Azhiman Rasid @rizalazhimanmr
hello there
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I'd love it if you do a cover of Try by Colbie
we'll see.. love that song!
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Haloha ✋  Ell ❀
Hello 😁
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I don't know you personally and i know this won't completely rid of your insecurities. But you're an amazing person based on what i see on here and that you are good looking (very, your smile is dreamy btw). All in all, I don't see where your insecurities lie because you're the epitome of perfection
awwwh this just made my night.. but i'm nowhere near perfection.. I still have flaws. it's just that people didn't realised it 😂 but thank you so much for this :)
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I wish you'll do a cover of run by leona lewis on soundcloud
never heard of that song before but i'll try to search it up later 😁
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U look like someone who belongs to the Harries siblings
who dat haha
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Rizal, date me
i don't know who you are lol
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Post your cover on Youtube please?
we'll see about that 😅
Kalau ktani clear data whatsapp yang arah setting, what will happen?Hilang kah chat sama group chat?
not sure lol never tried clearing my whatsapp data before
Cara Delevingne or Kendall Jenner?😏
daaaaang can't pick! 😭😍
Cara Delevingne or Kendall Jenner?😏
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Shake/shaking my head. Okay hahahahhahahahhahahahah thanks other anons
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ok lets be honest now, do u acknowledge that you are goodlooking?
nope hahaha i still feel insecure about myself whenever i go out in public 😂😂
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circumcised or nah?
ofcourse lah hahaha 😂😂
post more videos of u singing arah ur ig pls! 😭🙊
I'll try to post more hehe 😊
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ben conlon is such a fab youtuber omfg.
who's that hahaha
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its "shake my head" 😂
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smh is shaking my head lol :D
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Smh means "shaking my head", anon 😁😁
there ya go hahaha
hahah i see..sorry to said that ..i just want to make sure cuz i found u at grindr..(a chat for the gay people) i know it wasnt really you..they use your pic there..
it's okay.. and yeap i'm aware of that. idk what's up with people nowadays. using my identity and my pictures without my permission and claiming that it's me is just plain rude and very disrespectful. and using it for a gay social site just makes it even more worst.. people might fall for that and thinking that i'm gay which is absolutely false. i was born straight and will always be 😊
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Okay beri malu kn tanya but what's smh?😂😂😂
tbh i don't even know HAHAHAHAHA i'm not an expert when it comes to internet slang 😂
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why u cant date her? or is he a guy? nawhh i wont judge..dont answer this question
Lol! no lah hahahaha i'm straight 😂 i was referring to this girl.. 😍
why u cant date her? or is he a guy? nawhh i wont judge..dont answer this question
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Are you in love?
yes.. i'm in love with someone i can't date 😍😂
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pernah ke indonesia? :3  Alvina Alicia
i went to Bali when i was little 😊
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My god. Some people just don't know the meaning of boundaries. Smh.
tell me about it 😂
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DATE ME PLS. Haha jk jk
Rizal,if ur gf gambar sama lelaki lain because she won't see that guy (and langsund nda apa2,just close friend) - maybe he's migrating to another country or studying etc..will u get mad? Sorry for curhat sini,hope u don't mind :)
Nope i won't.. because i know they won't be seeing each other for a long time so yeah i guess i'm fine with that. Besides it's just gambar though haha