Rizal Azhiman Rasid @rizalazhimanmr
hello there
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Rizal how are you? :D  Nora
i'm fine, thank you :)
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Do you consider yourself as a Zayn Malik wannabe?
i look nothing like him
Assalamualaikum... heyy Rizal good morning ... how to audition you? whether successful? yeaah whatever happens I will support you .. do not give up and I hope you succeed.. Allah bless you. I Love You More :)  Deby Ashari
heyy the audition went well.. still waiting for the result though. They will announce it on wednesday. awww i feel blessed. appreciate everything.. thank you so much :)
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So you're gay?
can you not... i've said this so many times that I'M STRAIGHT AND ONLY AVAILABLE FOR GIRLS OKAY woman, women, she not he, men, man.. geddit?
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Assalamualaikum rizal. Awhh i love to hear you speak in malay and when you sing Januari song. Love you! Hahaha
awwh thank you so much... i love you too! x
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Goodmorning Rizal ❤️
morning love x
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I wish that you can be mine someday :'(
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Goodluck in whatever you do rizal.. i'll support you
awwwwh thank you so much :)
hey, do you have blogger?
Love YOU
love you more!
I think Michelle is beautiful :) What say you? I hope Michelle will read this someday because I want her to know that she is beautiful
she is beautiful, indeed :)
is qilah with farid? <3
tsup with the heart
Rizaaal im short i know :') ur so talllll  Minda Azamie
hahaha it was nice meeting you the other day :)
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rizal brp lama lagi di igs?
3 long years huhu
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Goodluck Rizal !! x
thank you :)
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You and fiqah, ikut audisi nyanyi kah ?
Yours All of me! ;) Osem.  Hannah Lee
thank you :)
rizal what the title of the song that you've sing on your audition? thanks rizal
Sweet Dream - Beyonce :)
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Why do you grow a moustache, when it looks like your putting you're own pubes on top of your mouth? I just find it annoying that you try to look good or mature in your pictures
that's what you called growing up dear.. your opinion is nonsense and irrelevant just like your pubes.. oh wait, you don't have any. oh well.. have a nice day
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bc half of my heart is broken
sorry to hear that :/
You Sixpack tak?
what is sixpack.. i am Rizal
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Have we ever met before? Seriously? Hahahaha.
wait.. don't tell me this is....
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rizal, help me!
what's wrong?
pap of you right now c:
pap of you right now c:
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im so jealous if anyone says" i love you" to you haha i dont know whyyyyy omg
nawwwwh haha ;)
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