Rizal Azhiman Rasid @rizalazhimanmr
hello there
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hi :)  Hannah
hello :)
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How to be famous ?
idk don't ask me i'm not even famous
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Do you follow me page https://twitter.com/WazzupGames ?  Olivia
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Hey zal, where you bought the grey beanie ?
refer below
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rate 10/10 cool :)
i didn't ask for rate lol
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I sketch a picture of you.. how can I show u the sketch since u deleted ur instamessage..?
you can direct message me on instagram?
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The white one and also the blue one. Oh yeah, and the skinny jeans too. Lol
It was grey actually hehe i bought it at ‎@theamsyar on instagram. for the blue one, i can't recall haha
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So sorry for not replying back. um. What did you perform, exactly? were you one of the dancers?
are you talking about the wcopa concert? nope, i'm one of the singer in a group band during that night :)
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its sad that u dont reply my instamessage ;(
I deleted my instamessage long time ago
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I have to admit. You are sooooo COOL!! Hahaha. LOL.
i don't find myself cool :') hahahaha
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Do you like sparkling or still water?
still water.. i don't drink sparkling nor fizzy drinks
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Post a Selfie?
Post a Selfie?
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hi babe.(jk)  Qeel
haha hello
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do you know naimullah ?
Faiz Naimullah? yeap
Dude. Your photo are dope man. Btw, where u bought the beanie ?
thanks! oh which beanie are you referring to?
zal, aku kan masuk igs bah nanti. PASAL ADA PERFORMING ARTS BRO! hahaha nada dih, pasal sana cool bah iatah macam suit bagi ku kalau ku masuk sana. ganyaa takut ku mendangar pasal orientation(sp) tapi batah pulang lagi tu. tunggu ku abis o level tahun aku rasa 2016 kali ku sana. wth batah jua ah.
YOU SHOULD! because i'm in performing arts too hahaha but you can't just simply move to IGS because it's cool or whatsoever.. (but it's true though IGS is soo kewl like i can't even) choose the course you're going to take for the rest of the semesters wisely. you don't want to end up suffering yourself studying the wrong course. but IGS has been treating me great so far.. the orientation are usually the best part *smirk*
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what you play frisbee ? hi5! HAHAHAH  Hafiz Azmi
but not that often.. just for fun though hehe
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Really? You didn't know? Hahahaha to famous to even know.  Aqyra Rahman
apalah.. i'm not even famous haha
where do you play frisbee ?
outside IGS? haha
pap of u and rafiah sofian
i believe i've posted two times already.. you can scroll down if you don't mind
What do you think about shooting star?
idk never seen one
Hi "UNCLE" Rizal :)  Aqyra Rahman
didn't know you have ask.fm hahaha hello Aqyra!
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current Fav song?
Fill Me in - Pia Mia ft. Austin Mahone
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I wanna stroke your hard dixk one day. Let me
I wanna stroke your hard dixk one day. Let me
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Goodnight Rizal! hehehe  Azearctic
night there! :)
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