Rizal Azhiman Rasid @rizalazhimanmr
hello there
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what you play frisbee ? hi5! HAHAHAH  Hafiz Azmi
but not that often.. just for fun though hehe
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Really? You didn't know? Hahahaha to famous to even know.  Aqyra Rahman
apalah.. i'm not even famous haha
where do you play frisbee ?
outside IGS? haha
pap of u and rafiah sofian
i believe i've posted two times already.. you can scroll down if you don't mind
What do you think about shooting star?
idk never seen one
Hi "UNCLE" Rizal :)  Aqyra Rahman
didn't know you have ask.fm hahaha hello Aqyra!
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current Fav song?
Fill Me in - Pia Mia ft. Austin Mahone
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I wanna stroke your hard dixk one day. Let me
I wanna stroke your hard dixk one day. Let me
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Goodnight Rizal! hehehe  Azearctic
night there! :)
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Are you more interested in guys or girls?
isn't that obvious.. lol
do you play frisbee?
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hi bruh
yo bruhh
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hi Rizal :)  Azearctic
hello :)
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Pap your followers :)
Pap your followers :)
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Liyana Yus or Ibrahim Kamit?
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what app do you use for your picture, "float"? been looking for the paper folding effect
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Did you really EVER cut ur kitten's umbilical cords? How did u do it? Is it safe to do that? do teach me, I think my queen want to deliver her first time kids.. Coz my queen haven't really eat much and start to be noisy like she's in pain all the day.. PS : queen is d nme of my cat. I don't knw who
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kau lahir dimanakah? germany? or brunei?
lol Brunei lah..
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zaal, i love your eyes btw
nawwwwh :)
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Hi. How's your day? :)
hey! good thank you :)
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Where to buy skinny jeans in Brunei?
i believe there's tons of shops that sell skinny jeans here
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Haha it's okay. Aw thanks! And coincidentally, we wore the same colour 2 days in a row hahah. Btw, what was the song that.. like seven something idk. Seriously tho your falsetto the other day... yep majal.
i noticed that too hahaha wait which song? during PA ka? i can't recall lol
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R u smoking?
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heyy Rizal. how are you?
hey i'm fine thank you :)
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Hi rizal,i love your cap :)
that vietnam cap? thanks haha it's just a simple cap though. that was actually from my grandma.. she bought it when she was in Vietnam.
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