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liking any1 lately ?
i guess aha
thoughts- shay you are so cute! ur really smart, funny and so nice and pretty! im glad we have careers together:)  sophie
awehh thankyou Sophie :)
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Tbh Shay, weve had a few classes together and those have been really fun :) And im glad we sit close in math, so you can help me ;)  Mack Fergus
Pfffft aha :)
favorite alto sacs playr in ur klass
definitely Cooper not Joel
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classes next semester
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tbh~shay you're so happy bright and pretty. it's so fun to be around you! we should hang out more though! love you❤️❤️  naomi nolson
Thankyouu :) & yess for sure!
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Tbh awe ily and I love having you in my art class. Your so much fun to be around and I love your voice! I wish I could sing like you (: your beautiful! Text me sometime! Rate 10  Jaime Telfer
Awehhh thankyouu Jamie :)
you going to tight n' bright?
Post a picture of your favorite movie!
Post a picture of your favorite movie!
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One regret from this year?
Turning down an opportunity
please post a video of you singing! people say you are amazing!
Idk maybe...tho I've got no idea what I'd sing
& whooo said that ?
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thigh gap pic
I don't have one & I'm all good without one
Everyone's gotta different body shape, don't change your outlook of a person whether they've got a thigh gap or not
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Do you think people would be petrified if all anonymous questions were not anonymous anymore?
Yeahhh & it would be really interesting to find out who anon is
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How many people have you dated?
Wow where do I even start! Big ol' zerooo :')
Friends is the way to goo rn for me
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how many questions have you not answered?!?!
83 to be exact...
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Pap of unanswered questions
Pap of unanswered questions
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what's your fav song of the week?
come on Shay do you think people are dumb...its sooooo obvious who you like!
I don't have a problem with that....I'm not embarrassed about it
what colour are your eyes?
Cute ap boys?
Yeppers there's a couple
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Paragraph on your crush
Okayyy so he has made me smile countless number of times. We've shared many amazing times together thooo some a little rough... I'm grateful we've always managed to make up & practically our friendship becomes stronger. I can honestly say he is one of the most respectful guys I've ever met. I'll never forget all the little & big things he's done for me...
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tbh shay where do I start your just all around amazing and we need to chill more your like the sweetest person in the whole world you are super funny and I feel like I can tell you literally anything. your like the most beautiful girl in the world. love you
Youu just melted my heart, thankyouuu & for sure we dooo :)
Current TV addiction?
Don't really have one, thoo I do like watching Survivor
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Awee I feel SOOO bad for haylee. Brooklyn and haylee used to be such good friends and then you stepped in and haylees left with nothing
What are you even talking about? There's no "use to be", Haylee & Brooklyn are still great friends. Honestly if "stepping in" is considered leaving her with nothing as you said that isn't true friendship
Be thankful for every single friend you have because you never know what life will bring
Have a lovely Thanksgiving Weekend
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that sure is gonna be a show!
...hopefully you meant that in a positive way
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