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Thanks doll :) text me sometime :))  Jorden
Okie dokie
Thoughts?  Jorden
Heyyyo stranger aha
We have quite a few interesting memories from elementary school & you are a really funny guy. I'll never forget when I pulled a chair out from under you & you practically gotta concussion from hittin your head off a table tho thankfully u laughed it off. We haven't talked in a longgg time! Hope highschool is treating ya well
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What was the last YouTube video you saw?
Lol 'Stay with Me' by Sam Smith
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Happy birthday !!  Ryan Gratton
Thankyouu aha!
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Favourite song?
idk I've got quite a few
Why do you have ask again
never got rid of it aha
Best guy friend
he knows who he is
I don't understand what's wrong with just being good friends...
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pap of Un answered questions?
cant take screen shots
Are you missing anyone?
do you not answer a lot of your questions?
basically yeah aha✌
do you like anyone? like a "good" friend?
youre such a good singer luvvvvv ur smile  bernie
D'awwe Bernie luv youuu!
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To be honest I hope high schools treated you well! I miss you ! It's been so long  Jill Streef
awwwe miss you too b! :* heard you're going to wci now, hope everything's going well<3
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do u have any classes with the guy you like?
who do you like?
What do you like to do on a rainy day?
watch the rain fall
have you ever fallen for someone?
yepp...pretty hard
Tbh- your so beautiful<3 Awee your such a good singer and I love your curls too! We should hangout somtimesss (:  mabel ❁
Awwwe <3 thank you Mabel & for sure hangout soon :)
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who are you missing right now?
quite a few people...
who ever is saying that stuff just stop shay is so nice she would never try to hurt anyone!
thanks anon
its called ask so dont say "text me"
calm down...
your kinda leading someone on........ poor guy
ummm no I'm not thank very much
yeah from Blenheim
ummm Bronte, Tori, Jake & Nash sorry if I forgot you i don't really talk to any of them that much anymore :(
perks of dating shay: she beautiful she sooo funny she can make you smile a lot she so kind she a sweet heart and she will never hurt you So who ever asked what the perks are its those
awwwwe! :')