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how many people have you gone out with?

but why is this even important w0t

will you ever go back on tumblr?

@kaileu pre much runs it now l0l

ohmygod you would make the perfect guy *u* more photos please?

huehue anticipate his next comeback juseyo ♡


i go on at least once a month & I HAVE PERF ATTENDANCE ON THAT SO UM #PLS

Do you like any guys at your school?

uhh not realy olololol there are some but its just the simple crush
i like more of the guys i meet on instagram ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I don't think 2013 was all of exo's year. Their were SO many other groups whose year was in 2013. I feel like exo's popularity is growing too much and it's making me lose interest in them.

tbh i kind of feel the same way? if i have tbh, i think i fell out of the fandom ever since wolf era and they all just became extremely popular and it was hard to keep up w/ everything and idk do i make sense to u

how many followers on ask?

how does this benefit u i rly dont understand

Whats ur instagram id?

das a secret

not really popular kpop groups taht you like?

uhhh 100%/baekpeo ? do they count?

you're tumblr popular, twitter popular, popular, and now facebook popular what is your secret senpai =3=

idk what ur meaning of popular is lol please go check the dictionary

how about me? do you love me?


Thank you ^-^ But gimme chur hair /Kai grabby hands/

ѕσρнιααα~ ♫

all yourssssssss

yes u did bbygurl can you speak tagalog ?

sry for replying late omg but yes yes i can

how did this start omg "about 1 month ago" dyingggggg

do you have a fetish? in that not so dirty way?

idk how to take this as not dirty i'm so sorry omg

how any tumblr follow rs?


hmm just the basic things, your favorites? :)

spicy food cute boys selcas yeyeey iidk

what's one thing you really want right now? xD

boy london sweater pls :((( christmas is only a month away cmon

what you listening to right now?

100% want u back

i've been so hooked into them recently welp ;3;

wow i know my own crush likes me but he's not as open as your first bf :(

is he keeping quiet about it sdjkfhsdkjfh

make the first move qurl (y)

i think i choked after reading chandiggity xp....

r u okay omg

i was thinking of worse ones tbh like swagchan, chanboom, coolyeol, chanswaggy but then that reminded me of like chansaggy which reminded me of like saggy > saggy boobs

then i was like lul no

hehe admin how long did your admin app take?

umm about 2-3 months? haha they eliminate people on the way c:

i mean what school u r from?

pakuranga coll

do you know what the name of that guy on mv is

which mv?

you should apply as kuc model too :3

i don't think i have the qualities they're looking for heuheu


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