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I really like this boy but I don't exactly know how to make him like me back, I have a small feeling that he might because he said I was hot and mentioned me first out off all his friends on a question I want him toast ME out but I need help how to get him to? Tips please?:) ps I'm 13 next month!xx

Well, invite him round to your house, or lark out, because if he really likes you, he'll make a move:)<3

Every time I think of me and my ex French kissing I get this painful thing inside me and it makes me want to be with him more and more everytime I get it:( what does this show? Will I ever get over him? Are we meant to be together?

Your probably not over him yet, it will take time, mabye you just miss the memories you had with him?<3

I like this guy a lot, and he flirts with me and everything but he doesn't like me in the way I like him! What should I do?x

Stick friends, because in my opinion, most relationships end, but friendship hardly does <3

Why does it feel like I'm never gunna have a boyfriend?

Mabye because your self conscious and you think that you'll never have a boyfriend?<3

I have girlfriend but some girl i used to like still likes me and i stil like her but i really dont know what to do about it please help me??

If you loved the girlfriend you have that much, you will stick with her, if you don't like your girlfriend as much as the girl you like, and who likes you, then go for the girl you actually like, but most of the time, if you like someone, you get over it eventually, go for whatever you thinks right?<3

I am 13, and Iam certain that I'm gay, I always fantasize about this girl who i like, do you think this is normal? And how do i tell my friends and family that I'm gay, I'm scared that my parents will disown me, and that i will get bullied!?! HELP ME PLEASE! :'(

Well you could be bi if you find both attractive, you won't get bullied , trust me, but even of you did you should stick up for yourself !! You're parents should be proud of who you are, they won't disown you , don't worry about it , tell you're friends in person and then there likely to believe you more ,make it sound said you're serious and everything will be ok <3


It's ok <3

I'm 13 and I haven't started my peroid, pretty much all my friends have, but yeah I'm pretty much fully developed though I'm 5'7, hairy, spotty, smelly, a c cup and a bundle of horrible moods, do you think I'll start soon? I really don't want to be the last person in my friendship group! Thanks xx

Ahah, you will start when you are ready, some people start even when their 15, some people start at 8 years old. You will just start when you're body is ready, and by the sounds of it, you're nearly there;) It's nothing to worry about <3 look down her wall she gets way to much hate

I agree, but she should delete the hate questions instead of answering them <3

Demi Lovato + Joe Jonas = #Jemiforlife = Perfection... :) Basic knowledge ;)


i need help, i am a girl and i like another girl in a gay way, but she is going out with a guy, but i can't get over her, and i can't stop thinking about her, what should i do?

Try and be friends or close friends and in that way, you will always make plans and see each other without getting all loved up ?<3

I need to go shopping, what stores do you recommend? *for a 14 year old girl *online

Topshop new look maybe primark?<3

I'm drifting apart from so many people that i used to be really close with and talk to all the time. I miss them all and it's making me feel depressed thinking about them. What should I do?

Make plans with them?! do something, lark out, if you really want them back, you must try you're best efforts! ok? I had the same situation, but if you make plans, try to talk more, everything should be coming back together?<3

What does it me when boys 'wank' ?

It's masturbating ahahah. erm,

Like I need advice on telling people I'm gay!

You're friends, if they are true friends, they will support you, and give you advice, im a girl, so i can't really tell you what to do, but thats what i would do?<3

HELP ME! im not over my ex. okay? but i just pretend to everyone who says im not that i hate him, but i dont! we never talk anymore but my feeling are still as strong as fuck for him. We went out for 4 months, Its been 3 months now since we split and im still not over him! How do i get over him????

Well everyones diffrent, but i would mabye suggest talking to someone/ or even you're ex about it, or mabye try and get into another boy, or just mabye think of all the bad things he has done to you (if he has), If you're that not over him, then i would probably suggest taking another shot at asking him out, or just stay friends, at leats that way, nothing would be awkward for eachother, and it's harder to break friendship than reletionships,I have never had a situation like that, when i'm 'not over my ex' because i can just get over it quickly, but hm, try my adice, or ask someone else what they think you should do, hope it helps <3

What does it mean by getting you cherry popped?

Most people are born with one (some people aren't), and when you have sex, you lose you're virginity, which means you're cherry popps,it just stretches a layer of skin inside you, and it bleeds, once thats happened, you are now 'not a virgin' and it wont happen again <3

I need advice on coming out!

Sorry i don't know what you mean?<3

Me and my two best friends used to always hang around with each other, but now it seems like they're just drifting away from me and I'm starting to feel alone, and like I have no one there, what should I do?

Hm, Why don't you tell you're bestfriend how you feel, and she may feel the same way, plan something for both of you, try you're best efforts to start talking to them again, try and be friends with as many people as you can, because you never know when you might need them?;) <3

Well I had sex with this guy (I'm a boy too) and now he won't stop talking to me and he said he wants to do it again but I don't cause I have a girl friend I loved having sex with the guy but I don't want my girl friend to find out cause she will tell everyone what should I do (I really want to have

Is it an actual Girlfriend, or a girl- friend? if you have a Girlfriend, do not cheat on her, if you love her that much,you would never hurt her like that?
If it's a Girl-friend, She wont tell everyone if she's a friend who you could trust with anything. Or tell that guy you have been having sex with to not tell anyone, because if he does, that could get risky. Or just simply say no, Don't start having sex with every person who asks you, only do that if you're actually in a serious reletionship? Hope this helps<3

Well I'm gay but I have brothers what will make fun of me if I say I'm gay and my dad does not like gays I don't know how I'm going to tell my family I'm gay how do you think I should tell them?

This is a tough one, isn't it! Hm, Whatever you do, don't ask him why he doesn't like gays, that will put you and him in loads of pressure if you do, Do you have a mother? If you do, tell her first, Women can usally handle things more than men when it comes to secrets, she would eventually tell you're Dad over-time. If you don't, well things could get tough, but you're brothers are supposed to be there for you and support you through everything, because they are you're brothers! You're Dad will also support you, because you're his son, he should be proud of what you will/have become, I'm a girl, so i haven't had a situation like this, Hope this helps?<3

im in love with my friend and the other day he asked me to prom, he knows i like him and i think he likes me but how do i now for definate??

You don't need to know for definate, but, if you really want to make sure, you can rather;
1- Ask him
2- Ask one of his friends
3- wait untill he kisses you at prom?
4- Make you're move and go to kiss him
Thats all i can think of?<3

Thank-you that's helped :) <3

It's ok <3

Well me and my old best friend made up but all my other friends don't like it and saying I shouldn't be friends with her! What should I do :(?<3

Ask them why you shouldn't be friends with her, if she's a nice person then there's nothing wrong with being friends with her, unless you're other friends think that because they might of had a. Argument in the past, sort it out, be friends with as many people as you can, you never know when you might need them <3

cant stop eating fatty stuff and im not fat but im pretty sure if i cary on i am going to be really fat when im an adult but i went on a sweet/chocolate/crisps ect free diet and it olny lasted 2 hours idk how to stop:( <3

Tell you're mum to stop buying un-healthy foods, or buy weightwatchers, they make a diffrence, if you start craving for them,have them, but think to yourself 'im only going to get fat, so theres no point' ?<3


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