YV 'Yousef       X @yousif1997
YV 'Yousef X @yousif1997
iraqi and proud' west london insta: @_youngvito_ get at meeee
go on, get brave
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need to tickle that beard
Come anywhere near it and ill cripple your bruk up fingers
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You live in East London?
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Show us your eid clothes then?
bmt your really old fix up
Show us your eid cloths
lol your old
Do you already have Ask.fm app for iPhone?
i don't even own a mobile device fam
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What's one thing everyone should do in their lifetime?
study pumpumology
Opinion on me? (I got asked to ask this to everyone I follow, if that makes sense..) :$ x  Deleted.
I don't know you so I cannot hold an opinion on you
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Which movie do you think is overrated?
The dictator
Did u go carnival
Yea yea
u finished yr 11 ?
You should already know that
y do yu ber lie 2 ppl bout ur age doe?
Lol I give everyone my real age but no one believes me, wat do u want me to do
LOOOOL man said buy her a gift with real money no fuckin way hahahahaha
Loooool you get me
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your vile.
Fuck off
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Hey! Ask me 3 questions for 60 likes?
Exit the earths atmosphere
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send me a gift and i'll do you a fansign or i'll like as many answers as you want?  ♕ prinny kp
Fuck you and fuck your mum
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dats wat I'm tinking
Lol truss
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get yo ass on chat
Lool sn whatsapp or kik me, I'm heree. Btw I duno wat dumb pussyboy is tryna be me and drop u 'ay it's yousef' lol wtf
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dont beg it wih zinah L O L
Lol I heard having a normal human conversation with someone is called 'begging'. Please re-examine your life
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Like-rate on personality
Okay x
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Like-rate on looks?
Okay x
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Lol chill man I'm not all that
What habit that others have annoys you most?
people who sniff their noses, people who chew/crunch loudly, people with uncontrollable laughs
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What would be the perfect gift for you?
if i could speak to my little brother for one last time. alhamdulillah he is in a better place now and i will join him one day, god willing.
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reply on vatsapp
i didn't get a whatsapp from you? kik me b
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