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sad to hear that, how did he die?


what happened to hassan jk

He died, may he rest in peace and May Allah have mercy on his soul, please read al Fatiha for him.

Whos layali baghdad is she buff

You're not funny either

Youre not funny bye

Layali Baghdad can you please stop doing this now

Omg hi

Assalamu alaikum warrahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

How do you prefer to travel?

I love trains



Is tht even yours LOOOL

Call it and see

How many hours a day do you spend watching TV?


Would you date yourself if you were someone else?

I would air me if I was someone elseb

If you could buy any car right now, what would you buy?

Audi r8 v12 convertible

Youre still not funny ok byE

Here call me 07460146999 and you'll see just how funny I am

Would you rather be rich and famous or poor and happy?

Poor and happy

What do you think about more than anything else?

Death/the afterlife

Do you have phobias?


Its quite obvs who i am LOOL just came to say HI

It's not obvious at all, I have no clue who you are


I'm confused as to why you couldn't just say hi to me through a personal message rather than be on anonymous. I'm friendlier than I look you know


Hello I'm confused you know


I cracked one

Did my maths youre 18

Well done

Youre not funny

I've heard otherwise

How old r u

Well my username gives you the year I was born in. Do you need any more clues?

I love u then

come lets lips then

Love the Ahlulbayt (as)

I do love the prophets household already lol


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