Yousef @yousif1997
Yousef @yousif1997
West London
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What is your favorite charity?
manchester united
get yo ass on chat
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nah soz
your vile.
i like to think otherwise
What's one thing everyone should do in their lifetime?
visit mecca
selfies are old now
The iraqi one at preston manor. Omaimas cousin. U linked her alie
i dont know who you are talking about
Oh right hela beek, ngl though you actually look kinda paki :/
Nah it's just that I have darker skin colour, there are also black Iraqis but that doesn't make them nigerian so yh
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Who makes you laugh?
I'm actually soo confused, are you paki or iraqi????
Mate idgaf whether ur Paki/Indian/bangoli. All I'm sayin is ur not iraqi so just sit down n stop beggin it.
I'm mixed breed acc. My dads iraqi and my mums Punjabi
LOOOL about iraqi citizenship tht proves nothin u cud be a paki workin in Iraq u wasteman.
So how would you like me to prove it to you, what other form of evidence is there? And why does it bother you what country I'm from?
U paki
You stinky bangooli
You linked with Ola?
Which ola
Y u bere beggin to be iraqi wen ur clearly a paki?
I'll have you know I can prove my iraqi citizenship with ease
What fruit do you eat the most often?
Grape, berry and mint flavour
How many messages do you send per day?
Akh I heard you have a hairy arse is that true
Why you baiting man out
كسر الضلع
كسر القفل
Parents? Lol isit not when you find the right girl and you're at the right age man said parents uno
Ofcourse it's parents lol what your parents have done for you, you will never ever be able to pay back equally in your whole life. So this marriage thing is the least you should be worrying about lol
Which is the best age to marry?
Whenever your parents tell you to
Babe? Dnt call me that
Sorry, is the term too misogynistic and patriarchal?
Do I care
Why are you asking me that question? You should know the answer already babe
Suck ur mum bruv
Don't say that didn't you hear on the news how someone actually did that? Not good.