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How would you like to be remembered?👀

In which context?
As a normal person, just interact DIRECTLY OPENLY FREQUENTLY with me, that's enough.
As a man at work, I want my work to be used / cited widely.

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What would be harder for you, to tell someone you love them or that you donot love them back? ?

I'm an egoist, so should you guess? ;)
However, as I want things to be clear, neither of them is hard for me whem I'm certain.

What holiday gift would make you really happy?

What I can use frequently, and I can feel it’s the gift for me only but not someone else ;)

What magazines do you read?

I often read scientific journals but not magazines. For news I just google some popular sites

Finish the sentences. I will not be...........................? I can be...........................?

Perfect - different :)

What made you smile today? P.S. Don't say nothing, you don't have to wait for anything to make you smile! 😉

Hmmm maybe knowing that someone in somewhere is actually spending time caring about me? ;)

Do you ever feel close to anyone on here, even though you don't know them in a real life?

Not sure how close the feeling you are talking about, but I do have some friends I knew online before meeting them in real life. I'm not the type who trusts any serious feelings without face-to-face contact, however I think it doesn't hurt to do that cause it makes chance for you to know the other better and after all the advancement to real life is your own choice. Of course, unless you really hate that :D

Is education free at universities in your country? For example in my country you need to pay for all years.

Yes. Very expensive in fact :D

What is your type of person you prefer to be your future spouse 🚶

Lol :"> I have my ideal type, and I know she exists. However I'm also a practical person so someone with near-optimal qualifications are more than great to me... By the way, I won't let anyone know about it because (1) it's no fun when a secret is not a secret and (2) I don't want to lose friends (LOL I'm already a hard person to approach you know)


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