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If Gattis is the DH why doesn't he hit?

Good question, I will look into it for a post tonight. The main issue is he is a good bad ball hitter, feasts on pitchers' mistakes. In the playoffs, they typically don't make those mistakes.

Over-under Gattis catching 6 games this year?

I'm going over, but not by much. I could see a situation where the Astros are down, Conger is pinch-hit for, and they need a righty off the bench, so they just slide Gattis over to catcher.

What do you think our lineup will look like on Opening Day?

Working on that article right now. Should be up tomorrow! Great question

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Is Springer healthy and what will our rotation look like without Cosart?

Springer should be good to go in 2015. Currently, the rotation is looking like Keuchel, Feldman, McHugh, Obie and Folty. The bottom two aren't locks, just speculation.

Considering the importance of the minor leagues in the future of the Astros, do you have a recommendation on how a fan can best follow these teams and the players on the farm? (publication, website etc)

The most comprehensive way would be the MiLB app, which is similar to the MLB.tv app. It has bugs, but they stream AA and AAA games live. Sorry, Lancaster. The app costs about 50 bucks for a season I believe. -Jason

What kind of package would it take the Astros to acquire Cole Hamels or Evan Longoria?

There was some speculation that the Astros could be a sleeper candidate to land Hamels, but he has since named the teams he would waive his no-trade clause for, and Houston was not on that list. Longoria on the other hand is an intriguing option. We've written a little about that in recent weeks. A trade for Longo would like start with either Mark Appel or Carlos Correa, and involve some other top prospects. You can read a more in-depth answer here:http://climbingtalshill.com/2014/12/08/evan-longoria-available-make-call-luhnow/
Thanks for the question! Keep 'em coming. -Jason

Who is the better player: Rio Ruiz or Colin Moran?

Working on an article comparing the two now. It'll be up at 8am!

Are the Astros looking to trade for 3b todd frazier with piching prospects and an outfielder? Or would the better question be, any legs on the cole hamels trade rumors?

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe has said that the Astros are a sleeper team on Cole Hamels. They are likely on his no trade list, so he would have to give the go ahead before a deal were to be completed. I haven't seen any rumors about Frazier to the Astros, but a lot of Reds players are rumored to be on the block.

Can the padres back out of deal since finding oit about matt kemps hips?

They can, yes. Whether or not they will is another question. Last offseason the Orioles backed out of a deal they had in place with Grant Balfour but nixed it because of his physical.

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