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Halting this for now.

So, as a result of me forgetting to check this for a while and only looking every week or so, the questions have slowed down and I feel like the Youtube/Twitch channels sort of handle the point of this website on their own. I may check this again and "re-open" it, but for now, just hit me on Twitter or in streams. Thanks again.

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Still a concern: Yes or no, did you get the impression that Bungie is legitimately finally willing to embrace a meaningful RPG investment design system? I'm not talking about these "takes more time to do [x]" stop-gap solutions. Pretty tired of those tone-deaf conversations. I want the real deal.

I think that Bungie has realized that they need to create a deeper game that caters more to the hobbyists again and as a result, will hopefully be open to creating a more complex game again.

OK when is the weekly reset I just did night for a couple hours ago and it is 135 he OK when is the week we reset I just did night for a couple hours ago and it is 1:35pm Here and all my night for flashpoint all milestones just reset on me

Weekly reset is at 10am US West time on Tuesdays.

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Is everything ok? I didn’t see you stream GoW this weekend and haven’t seen Destiny yet. I assume it’s because you just been rocking out videos these past few days but just wanted to check.

I was out of town, my 4th trip in 5 weeks. I am really tired of travel, but fortunately, I am done with said travel at least for a little while.

Hey datto just wanted to ask your opinion, can i come back to destiny as a solo player? I mean can someone with no friends in the game still can play it and enjoy it?

I would say that it'll be much easier to play with some friends or another group, especially coming into the next expansion, where Bungie is making leveling up a bit more slow if all you do are the solo activities.

ok so i am a solo player and i stopped playing destiny for the past 3 months i have done everything i could given my play style. i am however, only light ~315 so my question is this upon warmind release what is most likely going to be the best way for me to get my light up other than nightfal & raid

The soft cap is 340, so that means you can do whatever you want to get 340. After that, it'll be milestones. Bungie is adjusting a lot of the easy ways to gear up to be not so easy.

Was a new enemy race or getting a new enemy race talked about the summit? I haven’t heard this question asked yet.

Was it brought up? Yeah. Wasn't high on anyone's list of most important things though, anyone being the content creators.

Would you be able to make a video now that talks about all the answers Bungie actually gave at the summit, then release it when the NDA has been lifted? Would be cool for later down the line and may be therapeutic for you to actually make a video where you get to discuss the stuff.

If I'm ever allowed to actually go into nitty-gritty stuff, I absolutely will. I'd rather Bungie talk about it though.

Do you have any ideas as to how deep Activision is controlling Bungie? The gaming community has had a very similar issue with Battlefront 2 and went after EA (the publisher) and got some results from it. Whereas with Destiny the community seems to be latched pretty firmly to Bungie being at fault.

Activision doesn't design the game, they pay for it. This is something where I very much doubt Activision is controlling Bungie to the degree that people might think. I think Bungie has been the one messing up and while Activision might've had some suggestions, it's probably more on Bungie themselves.

Hey datto, just wondering if you know/learnt any other languages before? I'm currently learning German at school and I'm going on exchange soon to Germany. So I was wondering if you have ever been to Germany before? Have a great day man.

I have been to Germany actually, back when I was 12 years old. My dad's mother is from Germany and has some German friends still. I don't remember a ton about the trip though. I "learned" Spanish in high school, but I never took it seriously because I didn't really care. I wish I did though, learning another language is a really nice skill to have.

Datto, which do you think is better for Destiny: Automated Matchmaking, or integrated LFG? Would you be willing to do a video discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the two?

If Bungie is going to do any sort of matchmaking for Destiny, it should be an LFG system, not just queuing into an activity. The reason is because I worry that Bungie will intentionally design content for the people who use LFG stuff instead of already formed groups of friends and players. They might design things thinking, "are people in LFG groups going to be able to handle this," and as a result, might make them easier or less complex, which is something I definitely never want to see ever again given how D2 turned out. I'll be discussing loot/progression soon and so I might make a video on this topic if I have enough to say about it.

Do you think Bungie needs to look at repeat drops of armor more? I liked the class specific infusion at first but now its been 3 weeks of Milestones and I have not gotten one Helm or Leg on my Warlock which are my only non-330 spots I got 3 Ophidians and 4 330 gloves. I have hella 330 legs on Titan

That's RNG for you. You're at the end of a bell curve, you'll get something eventually, but making loot even easier to get would not be on my list.

Hey Datto, You've said in previous videos that on Higher difficulty content that Rifts tend to not be as valuable as they require standing in one spot for more then is safe. Could an idea that a re-work, (more likely an Exotic perk) that turns Rifts instead into mobile Auras? or too hard to balance?

AndrewNSchuveiller’s Profile PhotoAndrew N. Schuveiller
I think you asked this in my chat, but I'll answer again here. I think mobile auras would be very strong, the whole point is that you gain an advantage, but you have to sacrifice your mobility for that advantage. I feel like it might not be as strong as I think for PvE, but for example, imagine a Warlock running around with healing rift just attached to them in PvP for 15 seconds or whatever the duration is. That would get really annoying. So, I think it would be cool, but I also think it would break some things too.

Hallo datto, in short summary what had changed in d2 after CoO? if any at all

Not much, if anything at all. We've gotten some updates very recently that I'd recommend checking out the channel for or just going to the Bungie site and reading patch notes.
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Hey Datto, My friend tells me that to get better at FPS games I first need to get better at positioning. Do you have any tips for me? Love ur videos btw :3

It's all practice and map dependent. It's learning to read the radar and learning to read where your teammates are at all times. It's putting yourself in places where you can retreat. It's putting yourself in places where you get the advantage on a certain angle. Practice, practice.

What are your thoughts on the idea of instead of just having one subclass for each element, we divide into in the element and each can have more than one subclass. Void Titan could be Defender and Sentinel. Arc Hunter would be weird Bungie could word something out

Is the underlying question here: "Do you think Bungie should bring back Destiny 1 subclasses and put them into Destiny 2?"
I'd be more than fine with multiple subclasses of the same element, they would just need to be different enough to warrant creating in the first place.


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