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when you are on your period is it allowed to read quran from your phone?

You cannot read the Quran during those days, even Surah's or Dua's from the Quran that you have memorized, you cannot read those by memory. Reading the Quran or anything from the Quran is not permissible during those days. Looking at the Quran as long as you're not touching, or reading it, is permissible. (Noorul Idhah)

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How many Nasikh and Mansookh Ayaat are there in the Quran?

There are 211 Mansookh ayaat and 80 Nasikh ayaat.
There are 43 Surahs which don't have any Nasikh or Mansookh ayaat.
There are 40 Surahs which include Mansookh ayaat, but don't have any Naasikh ayaats.
There are 6 Surahs which include Nasikh ayaats, but don't have any Mansookh ayaats.
Finally, there are 25 Surahs which include both Nasikh and Mansookh ayaats.

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