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Haha fair enough dude! I'm shiny hunting too!😃✌ Oh wow, i remember watching Michael from AchievementHunter playing Goat Simulator! I believe he was trying to play flappy goat and torturing himself lmao😅😂😂

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Yeah it's literally the very last achievement in Goat Simulator that I need, then the Plat will open up ugh it's such a freaking Nightmare!!! I am absolutely crap at games like that on my cell phone (hence why I never play them!) let alone in actual games meh....
It's driving me insane!!! >_>" ...
Meh, I give up for now, I'll try again later when I'm in the mood to as I'm getting too frustrated at it!!!
Yeah, it's torture, some people seem to find it really easy but I'm not one of these people lmfao...
+9 answers in: “Heyyy dude! Just saw that you have a shiny Groudon now! Very niceee!😃😎😊✌Was that a trade or research breakthrough?😊”

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