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Name:______ Age:_______Birthday:_______ Eye color:________Nickname:________Best friend:__________Favorite Color:______ Hair Color_______ Favorite day______ favorite name of boy _______ favorite name of girl ______ u like play _________ single_______where r u from _____ ???

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1. Liza
2. 14 years old
3. 30.03
4. Gray
5. Liz
6. -
7. Black
8. Brown
9. Wednesday
10. -
11. -
12. ?
13. Russia, Belgorod
Name AgeBirthday Eye colorNicknameBest friendFavorite Color Hair Color Favorite

Hello, i'm an italian girl, from Roma, i'm happened in you profile, you're Russian? I would like go to Russia but i don't know where i can go. Can you help me? You speak English true? :) Bye

Hello) Oh, I don't know where you can go because all town in Russia very nice. You can visit Moscow. I think it's the best of the cities in our country. Maybe you want to visit St. Petersburg or Belgorod ;) Welcome ☺️

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